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It isn’t a sign of wisdom to be perfect and have it all figured out – it’s a sign of wisdom to be inquisitive. The more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know. On the 7th Mercury forms a sextile to inventive Uranus, and this is an excellent transit for figuring things out, looking at old situations from a new vantage point, or exploring ideas. This energy is furthered on the 8th, as relationship-oriented Venus moves into the sociable sign of Gemini. Making connections can happen alone in your room, but it's more fun when done with friends. You don’t have to go it alone, and this week marks a shift in the positive potential of collaboration, exploration, and experimentation.

On the 9th the fun ends for a bit as we will be graced with a challenging Sun square to Neptune. This transit is likely to kick up lots of unpleasant questions but not a whole lot of answers. What you don’t know may feel ominous; you're likely to see it as a sign of something negative instead of simply TBD. Strive to pace yourself around this date. That will look like simplifying, honoring your own limits and boundaries, and keeping your eyes on your own homework. Fixing or healing other people’s problems, fixating on what generates the most stress, or starving yourself of the basics (breath, water, food, and moments of pause) will turn your molehills into mountains and your mountains into earthquakes. 

This is especially likely on the 10th, when the Sun will form an opposition to imprudent Jupiter, and the effects of that transit overlap with the Sun/Neptune transit. This is a time when you may feel self-righteous, restless, and downright arrogant if you’re not careful. Being right doesn’t entitle you to be mean, and it doesn’t entitle you to stop listening to others. This time is also an opportunity for bravery or expressing something that you truly believe in. Just beware of the impulse to point fingers or to run yourself ragged.

Ultimately, this week is a good one to continue the work of practicing self care at exactly the moment when it's most tempting not to. Offer yourself and others grace as you learn more. You’re unlikely to have all of the answers now, so sit with uncertainty, and honor what you do know. This moment is all that you have to manage. Don’t allow the unknowable future to hurt you here and now.

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March 21-April 19

What other people think about you is often a bigger reflection of them than it is of you. Instead of allowing strangers and acquaintances to lift you up or smash you down, strive to be the centering force of your self-esteem, Aries. It’s time to put down some roots, and that requires that you know what you want to invest in and what you only enjoy in a passing way. Tune out distractions and detractors so you can remember who you are this week.

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April 20-May 20

It’s vulnerable to pick a side. When you align yourself with what you really, really want, all of a sudden you have something to lose. This isn’t the time to let that stop you though. Get grounded into your desires and preferences so that you can act in deference to them, or at least make conscious compromises. You’re on the verge of something really important, and part of that is about taking a stand for something. Show up passionately, even if that makes you a bit shy, Taurus.

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May 21-June 21

You’re doing great, Twin Star! The problem isn’t you; the problem is your impatience. Don’t ruin all of your great progress by trying to force your circumstances or relationships to catch up with you too quickly. You’re on the way, but there’s much that still has to play itself out. Strive to be interested in the events around you instead of trying to direct them this week. For now, all you need to know is where you stand. Let things develop from there.

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June 22-July 22

When you truly accept where things are at, you can actually move on — whatever that means. This week will bring up some challenging feelings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that things are bad. Strive to uncover the difference between what feels sad or bad and the thing that caused it. If you’re projecting or making upsetting assumptions, that’s a problem that will follow you into any relationship. Get clear about where you’re at, and strategize from there, Moonchild.

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July 23-Aug. 22

If you don’t like what’s happening, it’s on you to do something about it, Leo. To find what you need to focus on this week, look to the very things that are upsetting you. You’re in a unique place where you can influence real change, but it won’t happen without some effort. Allow yourself to act from the vulnerable place of love, with the force of your passions, and with the openness characteristic of independence. You don’t need to get it right; you only have to earnestly try.

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Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You are ready to confront your fears, Virgo. The thing to remember is that this moment will not define you — it’s what you do with it that will. If you allow yourself to get caught up in cycles of blame or shame, you’re missing out on the growth opportunities in front of you. Strive to find balance this week, not just in what you do on the outside, but also with how you speak to yourself on the inside. Forgiveness and fairness starts within, my love.

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Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Obsessing on negative thoughts, what ifs, and things you can’t and don’t know will only succeed in upsetting you, Libra. If this isn’t the time to get answers, try to get some peace. Ask yourself if you can be OK with not knowing the answer right now, and if you can’t, do your best to get there. There is so much that your life requires of you; don’t waste your precious energy on what’s totally out of your control. Find where you have agency here and now, and act from that place.

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Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’re at your limit. You’ve pushed yourself too far and taken yourself a little further out on a limb than you can sustain, Scorpio. This week you’re likely to need a serious time-out, or at the very least, to take an evening away from your devices and your responsibilities for a few hours. When you’ve reached your limit and you don’t tap out, you start making things worse. Knowing yourself is cool, but honoring that knowledge is straight up wise.

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Nov. 22-Dec. 21

It’s time for a change, but the call is coming from inside the house, ‘Tarius. Instead of changing your relationships or your situations, consider changing your expectations or your choices this week. The way in which you approach the dynamics in your life is now meant to mature to the next level. Don’t get so caught up in the story that you forget the power of your own agency. Instead of talking about it, embody the very change you wish to see, my love.

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Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Change is in the air this week. As you shift how you do what you do, there’s going to be lots of adjustments for you to make — some obvious and others more subtle. The key to handling yourself with grace is simple (though not easy): act with emotional integrity, Cappy mon Capitan. This means honoring the principals that you believe in, even with people you don’t like or situations that seem unfair. Act in ways that reflect who you are, not just your situation.

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Jan. 20-Feb. 18

It’s important to evaluate the role that fear plays in your life, Aquarius. Instead of getting tied up in knots, get boundaried, because if you react emotionally to your fears, you’ll find that you make things worse this week. You’re in a place that will only be improved by a healthy dose of self-knowledge, followed by some clear communication. Embody that clarity by honoring what you can offer in a healthy way and within your limits, even if it’s scary.

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Feb. 19-March 20

If you assert yourself with either too much or not enough entitlement, the end result is likely to be very similar: defensive. Get grounded before you get going, Pisces. Your fear of being egotistical is getting in the way of you taking care of business. Remember that you have the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else. Strive to find ways of looking at things objectively; look for evidence based on the past and present, and honor what needs to get done.

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