Love Lanyadoo Astrology 06.26-07.02.2019


This week starts off with a Sun sextile to Uranus, which is exact on the 27th. This is an innovative time. You may find yourself busy with the unexpected but lovely, or you may simply feel energized to figure things out. Leverage the energy around this date by seeking solutions, finding lost objects, or trying something new.

The big news of the week is the first Eclipse of the season. Solar Eclipses happen on New Moons, and this one will occur at 12:16pmPDT on July 2nd, at 10° of Cancer. With the Sun and Moon both in the sign of Cancer, the themes of childhood issues, family, and emotional health are up. You're likely to feel these themes play out in your personal life, but you can also see them at a crisis point in the world around us.

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This Eclipse finds Saturn conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, widely opposite to the Sun and Moon conjunction in Cancer. The American government (a Saturnian structure) has been perpetrating atrocities against children and their families. These children have, in many cases, been stolen from their relatives, forced to sleep on concrete floors, and housed in filthy conditions without medical care or enough food or water.

When we look at how we as a people got here, we need to look at the hierarchies that governs us.

A sustained culture of white supremacy, systematic oppression, and mass incarceration has paved the way. Now is the time for change — starting from our hearts and reverberating up through the corporations and governments that rule us.

Eclipses take about six months to have their full influence felt, and that coincides with the Pluto Return of the United States of America (something I will write more about later). These influences indicate that none of this will go away on its own. We as a people must reconcile the foundation of our national abundance — genocide, slavery, and systemic oppression — with our vision of ourselves as a nation of the free.

Corporate evil requires your financial support to thrive.

In order for governmental evil to thrive, it requires our silence and complacency.

Real change is uncomfortable and scary, but it's absolutely within our grasp if enough of us act in material ways (Capricorn) that reflect the contents of our hearts (Cancer).

Stand up with a full heart for the vulnerable amongst us. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are concerned with punishment and condemnation, but you don’t have to be.

Whenever you can, however is healthiest and most impactful, practice choosing love over fear.

♡ For more on the Eclipse and for a spiritual pep talk for these harrowing times, listen to this week’s episode of Ghost of a Podcast. To read along, watch it with closed captioning on YouTube 📺.


March 21-April 19

Don’t evade what hurts you – what isn’t working in your life is the very stuff that needs your caring attention, Aries. The Eclipse this week is likely to kick up some deep feelings about something you thought you had let go of. The thing about loss, hope, love, and fear is that they all have tentacles that reach out and touch so many parts of you. Explore your emotions before you rush to conclusions. Be willing to grow, even if it’s into the unknown, my love.

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April 20-May 20

Neither living in the past nor trying to prepare for the unknowable future are paths to having a healthy and joyous present. There are parts of your current reality that need your heartfelt attention, but in order to actually give it, you need to let go of control. Be here now so that you can accept what that means and where you’re at. It’s only from there that you can wisely determine what your true position is and what your next actions should be.

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May 21-June 21

What do you love? No matter what you fear, what you’re obsessing on, or what’s got you down, now is the time to align with what you care about most deeply. When you let your heartfelt values drive you, you can’t lose. The Eclipse this week is an opportunity to get present with your feelings and act in ways that honor the healthiest and most true of them. You’re on the precipice of something big, Twin Star. What you do from here is really important, my love.

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June 22-July 22

On the 2nd there's a powerful Solar Eclipse in your sign, and it’s a doorway that you can walk through if you’re willing. This isn’t the time to seek validation from others instead of sitting with yourself to determine what is real and right for you. Learn from the patterns of your own past by attempting to unpack your own assumptions, attitudes, and actions. You aren’t doomed to repeat anything — if you make the effort to change. Honor your heart in the here and now, Moonchild.

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July 23-Aug. 22

When your heart is open, you can feel it all — not just the easy and lovely stuff. This week is likely to kick up some mixed emotions, and I urge you to be here for all of it. As some things bloom for you, others may wither. Both of these conditions are temporary, Leo. The truth is that you are growing, and if you don’t get attached to whatever phase of development you're in, you'll have an easier time doing what needs to be done.

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Aug. 23-Sept. 22

How you manage your stress and anxiety is more important than you think, Virgo. You can phone it in or fake it till you make it, but while those strategies have their time and place, it’s not now. Prioritize your own felt experience this week. Honor where you’re at before you go trying to power through your life. Find ways of being present that empower you to make sustainable choices — choices that are true to you, my love.

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Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You can’t please everyone (not even yourself) all of the time. If you’re going to make compromises, strive to make the kinds that don’t compromise you, Libra. Acknowledge the role that fear is playing in your evaluations, and decide whether or not that fear is coming from a place of wisdom or if it’s just raw emotion. You may have to make hard choices this week, but they’re your choices to make. Act in ways that reflect what you care about, even when it’s hard.

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Oct. 23-Nov. 21

It’s hard to live and let live when you feel like you’re being actively attacked. The key here is to determine if you are in fact being attacked, or if it’s only that the other person is in a bad mood or maybe just sees things differently than you do. In other words, pick your battles very wisely, Scorpio. Don’t let your passions and defenses run you; determine the difference between which confrontations will facilitate growth and which will tear it down.

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Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Commit to the process, and seek the kernel of truth at the root of things. The key this week is not to be overly fixated on the outcome or strictly in search of “the answer”. There are all too many details to distract yourself with, but if you want real and lasting improvements, you need to start at the heart of things. Change can be scary — even when it’s an improvement. Remember that this isn’t a race. Proceed slowly and steadily so that you can stay in your feels, Sagittarius.

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Dec. 22-Jan. 19

As you grow, so much in your life changes with you. In some very real way, the Solar Eclipse in your relationship house on the 2nd will reveal the accumulative impact of how you’ve been conducting yourself with others. Take responsibility for what you find – whether it’s lovely or low-key harsh. You’re ready to realize your strength in new ways, and it’s a beautiful and full-bodied thing. Don’t let fear stop you now, Cappy mon Capitan.

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Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Don’t confuse your thoughts for feelings, Aquarius. They’re both provocative, but at their core, they're very different things. They also thrive with different forms of self-care. Approach your mental obsessions with caution and your heartaches with tenderness this week. As you confront your fears, they’re likely to get worse before they get better, but that’s just healing for you. Stay with the process instead of numbing out; before you can get free, you’ve gotta get real, my love.

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Feb. 19-March 20

When your fears are clearer to you than your hopes, you know you’re not in a good place, Pisces. Here's a tip to help you through this week: focus on the positive of your negatives. If you're feeling bad in your body, can you align yourself with the desire to prioritize finding healthy habits? There is a positive version of all your worries and negative obsessions. It’s on you to find them and cultivate the habit of giving as much energy as you give your stresses.

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