Love Lanyadoo Astrology 05.22-28.2019


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March 21-April 19

This is the time for inspired action, but you don’t have to go it alone, Aries. Collaboration will not diminish your authority or your value; only alienating others will do that. True leadership is inclusive of the needs and will of others, and true power is generous and kind. Lead the way by modeling how you want things to go, and then be flexible when you get input from others that points you in other directions. This is the time to say yes, my love.  

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April 20-May 20

You’re coming to the end of a situation that has taken you a long time to get to. Instead of looking outside of yourself for answers or validation, it’s time for you to take a pause and look within, Taurus. If you got what you want, would you be happy? Are you sure of it? Because while you’re likely to get what you set out for, it will come at a price. Make sure that it’s worth it and that you act with integrity with whatever you involve yourself in this week.

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May 21-June 21

Things may be overwhelming, but the good news is that you don’t have to do something about everything, Twin Star. You only have to do these three things: 1) Get present and centered in this moment. 2) Identify the most real and pressing of your concerns, and choose to focus on that for now. 3) Follow through. Take off some of the (mainly self-imposed) pressure that has you twisted in knots, and invest your attention with intention.

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June 22-July 22

When you’re struggling with something or someone, it’s important that you take a step back and clarify what you’re truly grappling with. There’s your first and most emo reactions to consider, but if you’re able to go deeper within, you may find that part of what you’re truly upset with is yourself. Look at how your participation, both in the past and right now, has contributed to your situation. Seek concrete solutions instead of just pointing fingers this week.

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July 23-Aug. 22

It’s hard to stay present when you know that there is so much to be done. This week will challenge you to stay present in the face of excitements – both the fun and the stressful kinds. Here’s a pro tip to help you through: what happens in the end is utterly out of your control. What you do, how you do it, and what values and motives drive you are the only things that you can or should worry about. Find your truth, and honor it day by day, Leo.

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Aug. 23-Sept. 22

It’s not your job to take on other people’s pain or drama, or even to fix the future. Your only job is to live in accordance with your values and to do your best, Virgo. You are likely to find yourself in an introspective state of mind this week. Prioritize staying grounded in your body, so you don't get too distracted by what’s out of your control. Here and now demands your attention. You’ll have time to deal with tomorrow when it comes, my love.

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Sept. 23-Oct. 22

If you take on too much, you will exhaust yourself this week, and then you’re no good to yourself or the people who rely upon you. Finding balance requires being present – even when you would rather check out. Find ways of considering the impact of your choices before you're forced to do so. Indecision is a result of not having a clear and consistent grasp on what your goal is, or where your North Star is, in a given situation. Take the time to align with your goals this week, Libra.

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Oct. 23-Nov. 21

It’s time to see the opportunity inherent in the challenges that you're facing, Scorpio. Growth is a complicated thing, and in life, often what looks like a setback is the foundation to something so much greater than you would actually choose for yourself. You now have the opportunity to enact healthy boundaries in the face of your old compulsions. You can actualize the wisdom you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. Rise to the occasion, my love.

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Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Gather your strength, and focus your intentions. This week is all about reigning yourself in so that when you have to go, you have all the energy you need to hit the ground running. Without a plan, you will get caught up in a cycle of reactiveness, which will undermine your ability to be effective in what you do. When you don’t feel hopeful, find a way to feel determined. Act in the pursuit of that which generates more love in the world, or sit this one out.

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Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Taking a pause is not necessarily inactivity, and inactivity is not always a bad thing. Look at your relationship to productivity, and make sure that it actually serves the work, my dear Capricorn. When you lose sight of your big picture goals, you end up prioritizing the wrong things. Proof, results, and validation are cool, but when you place the acquisition of those things over your own wellness, how does that actually improve your life? And how does it support your goals? Reorient this week.

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Jan. 20-Feb. 18

There’s no way out that doesn’t take you in, Aquarius. In other words, at the end of the day there’s nothing you can do to avoid dealing with your own self. Don’t look externally for answers this week, because you not only won't find them, but it will also generate anxiety within you. Remember what you’re in it for, what your goals and your guiding principles are, and defer to that data. Letting go of trying to please others will help you please yourself this week.

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Feb. 19-March 20

There’s so much stress in the world around you that you’re more than likely to pick up on it one way or another this week. Instead of buckling under the pressure, prioritize self-care, Pisces. You can’t manage or even address everything, so strive to prioritize where you devote your time and energies. Don’t allow yourself to get so distracted by all the things you're not doing that you end up dissatisfied with the results of what you are doing. Strive to do only one or two things, and to do them well, my love.

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