Love Lanyadoo Astrology 8.19-25.2015

Lapis Lazuli for my lovers!

Lapis Lazuli for my lovers!


March 21-April 19

The space in between knowing what’s up and the guesswork an impatient mind may do is a treacherous one if you’re not careful, Aries. How you handle the stuff that hasn’t taken shape or played out yet will seriously impact you this week, so dare to be optimistic; and when that isn’t possible, try to be neutral. If you expect the worst, you’re likely to find yourself looking for it, and that’ll make it easy to find. Let matters develop in their own time.

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April 20-May 20

It’s easy to see what could go wrong; the world is all but falling apart these days. What takes more finesse and innovation is finding a moderate, creative, and plausible approach to your problems. This week is all about cutting through the crap and coming up with a way forward that gets you where you want to go. Things may move slower than you’d like, but that’s not a sign of failure. Be patient and hold strong, Taurus.

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May 21-June 2

There are things that need tending to in your life that no one can do but you, Twin Star. There are some big picture plans that need to be laid. It’s on you to go within and figure out what you most need for your life to thrive and then to get on it, STAT. You are changing in some deep ways, and if you want these changes to last, you’re going to need to make your life open up to better fit the you that you’re becoming. Don’t let fear stop you now, pal.

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June 22-July 22

There’s something that you thought was going to be the worst that has the potential to bring out the very best in you, Moonchild. This week is all about using the potential in your situation instead of succumbing to your old habits in the face of your fears. Take the time to figure out what you want, and maybe more important that that, consider why you want it. It’s time to deepen your intention by getting clearer about what you’re calling in and what you’re gonna do with it.

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July 23-Aug. 22

What doesn’t bend, breaks, Leo. If you’re looking for peace, it’s not a destination but a mindset. If you’re looking for answers, you’re likely to find that they only bring you more questions. This week, it’s change or be changed for you. You’re dealing with intense themes and while you can totally handle them, you’re unlikely to love dealing with the painful parts. Rise to the occasion, following through with self-care and doing what needs to get done.

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Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Go on a fact-finding mission this week. Slowly but surely collect the data you need to better asses your situation, even if you need helluv patience to get it all. You need to better understand what’s driving you and to be able to honor your needs through your choices and actions, Virgo. If you can’t be kind, then rewind and try it again. Treat yourself like you’d treat a friend, and try not to pressure or berate yourself as you strive to get it right.

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Sept. 23-Oct. 22

All things are done in stages, Libra. No matter what stage of development you’re in, this week it’s time to reconnect with what motivates you and to reinvigorate your passion. If you can’t do that then I encourage you to slow your roll, and take stock of your situation. It’s OK to change your mind, but it sucks to be caught in so much indecision that you don’t have a strategy for moving forward. Start from wherever you’re at, but keep on moving on, my friend.

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Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Either someone is laying down the law with you, or you’re the one who’s got to assert your needs; but either way, it’s time to process without getting caught up in power plays, pal. You have every right to be unapologetic about your needs and limits, but if you pair that with a touch too much aggression, you’re likely to generate problems. Diplomatic honesty and straightforward follow-through will be the ace up your sleeve this month, so pace yourself and do it right, Scorpio.

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Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Freedom is gorgeous and we all deserve it, but you most certainly hunger for it, Sag. The trouble you may run into in your quest for autonomy is that you have to deal with people and circumstances that are out of your control and have their own free will to tend to. You may need a minute to figure out what your best move is, but don’t forget to communicate while you’re diving within for answers. Don’t sabotage your path of self-determination by alienating others in the process this week.

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Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You alone are responsible for your choices, Cappy. What you do, how you get ‘er done, and why you (really) do it incur consequences that you alone must live with. That’s why it’s especially important that you take the time and energy you need to make sure that you believe in what you’re doing. Participate in your life in a way that’s consistent with your heartfelt goals. Be honest with yourself, even if it’s a total inconvenience this week.

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Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Yeah, you’re so not in control of what’s coming your way. Life is throwing you curveballs, Aquarius, and while it may not be your favorite pitch, you’re still knocking them out of the park. This week it’s time to make some big picture decisions about the direction you want to take your life, not only where you want to go, but how you wanna get there. You’re just about ready to let some old, outworn ways of being go; so let what’s got you all riled up inspire you to the next level, Aquarius.

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Feb. 19-March 20

If you trusted in your awesomeness like I trust in your awesomeness, you’d be out there getting shit done this week. Ask for help if you need or want it, but don’t forget who you are or dilute your fierceness to get it, Pisces. Other people can be a support. If you put them on a pedestal, you won’t be able to help but look up to them and feel like you’re looking down at yourself. Honor the differences between you and others without needing them to be indicators of inequality.

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