Love Lanyadoo Astrology 5.27-6.2.2015

Herkimer diamond realness.

Herkimer diamond realness.

Mercury remains Retrograde till the 11th. Keep your sense of humor at the ready for the inevitable comedy of errors it brings.



March 21-April 19

Acceptance doesn’t mean that you’re gonna get stuck with the stuff you don’t like; it only means that you’re being real with yourself about where you and your circumstances are at the present moment. Instead of shaking in your booties and making things worse by freaking out about them, focus your energy on getting real with where you’re at. That place is the only one you’ll be able to make those needed changes from.

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April 20-May 20

It’s time to do you, Taurus. Slow down so you can check in with what you’re feeling this week, even if it’s kind of a shit show. The most important thing for you to avoid is value judgments. If things aren’t where you want them to be, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed; and it certainly doesn’t mean they won’t ever get there. Deal patiently and compassionately with your sad, mad, and bad feelings; so you can see things differently and honor your authentic needs. 

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May 21-June 21

What you start now will have meaningful repercussions in early 2016, so bring great intention to what you take on these days. The trick is to get aligned with your most central hopes and dreams so that everything you do is pointing you in their direction. To that end your task this week is to decisively follow through on your goals, and balance it out with some fun loving play. You’re on the way to what you want, so don’t stop now, Gem.

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June 22-July 22

The beautiful thing about being such an emo sign is that your instincts demand to be heard. Sure, that may feel like a curse sometimes, but in truth it stops you from going too far in the wrong direction for too long ‘cause it hurts too bad. This is the week to honor your heart and your guts, even if it’s hard or forces you to see things differently than you wish they were. Your senses are true, so make sure your aim is guided by them, Moonchild.

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July 23-Aug. 22

You’ve got to change, Leo, and it may not be easy to pull off. The most important transitions taking place within you may be the hardest ones to come to terms with. If you are fixated on what could go wrong, what you don’t have, or your fear of pain and disappointment, then it’s time to take a time-out and nurse your worries until you feel more solid. Sometimes it’s what seems like imperfections that bring you to the best stuff. Honor your emotions this week, and you’ll be set up for success.

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Aug. 23-Sept. 22

If you’ve got the sads, it’s unlikely to be mysterious why you’ve got ‘em. Heed the call of your heart this week, and you'll hear it telling you that you need some time spent in a little place called you. I’m not encouraging you to take a step away from people as much as towards yourself. Take the time to catch up with yourself, to make sure you’re on board with all the changes that are happening in your life. Share your good vibes with the situations and folks that are most creative for you, Virgo.

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Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Stress and fear feed on each other, and while it seems like they’re trying to keep you safe, what they’re really doing is keeping you limited. Separate the overreactions from your legit concerns, Libra. If there’s something wrong, you can fix it; and if you can’t figure out how to do that this week, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to come up with something good in time. Be patient if you hit some speed bumps, and keep on keeping on, my friend.

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Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your relationships are so totally important that it’d be a huge error in judgment to take advantage of them, Scorpio. Spend time talking (and listening) to your friends this week. Connect without ambition or strategy. Enjoy the people who know you, and if you can’t do that, put yourself out there to make new homies. The work of being a person is so much more enjoyable when you share the highs and lows with others.

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Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You can apply love and TLC to everything, but that doesn’t mean that things will magically go your way. It’s easy enough to be generous and kind when you feel safe and confident, but when fear kicks in is when most of us feel entitled to be the biggest dick. Don’t let your fears get the better of you, Sagittarius. Be your best self because it’s the right thing to do and not for what it’ll get you. Act in ways that reflect the kind of person you want to be, even when the going gets scary or rough.

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Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You are hereby challenged by the Universe to be powerful and fabulous and to not let your ego get in the way. You are moving towards big growth, success, and even love, Cappy, even if things have been looking hecka bleak lately. Don’t hold yourself back or move too quickly in some sort of weird power grab, though. Act in integrity with your values and there’s no need to rush. Open your heart to healthy connection, and there’s no need to settle for anything less.

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Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’re unlikely to be seeing the whole picture this week, and that’s not because you’re not seeing clearly per se. It’s more ‘cause of how you interpret what you perceive. Get grounded, Aquarius. Don’t forget that these are the days of Mercury Retrograde, and that means that linear communication and analysis are not as trustworthy as we may expect. Listen closely and take time to reflect on your assessments this week.

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Feb. 19-March 20

If you let things happen on their own without your interference or excessive hand-wringing, you may find that they work themselves out, sweet stuff. Get grounded and stay that way, Pisces, because if you show up with all those nerves hopping around in you, you’ll color all you touch with it. Say what you need to say and then let other people handle their own reactions after that. This week all you need to do is you, and let others do themselves in their own ways.

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