Love Lanyadoo Astrology 1.21-27.2015

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Mercury goes Retrograde on the 21st through the 11th of February. Don’t take it personally when miscommunications arise, and be humble when you're the one who screws up.



March 21-April 19

You don’t need to know, and furthermore, you just can’t, Aries. Your life is a dynamic exchange of possibilities, choices, and circumstances. You choose what you focus your energies on, and you get out what you put into things. This is all to say that you have more control than it appears right now, and the best way to yield it is through focusing your attention. Reinforce what’s working and try to not feed your painful bits this week.

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April 20-May 20

There’s a tension this week between your need to be on your own and to really drop into who you are, and your desire for connection and intimacy. These things are not in any way exclusive of each other, but they may feel that way to you for a minute, Taurus. The antidote is to spend intentional and moderate amount of time with others, but only the people that you can truly be yourself with. Everyone else can go on ice until after you’ve had some solid me time, pal.

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May 21-June 21

This week may be one of those ‘it’s darker before the dawn’ kind of times. You are in a richly fertile place, but you may be clogged up thinking about all the things that aren’t happening, should be coming your way, or might go wrong. Make sure that you don’t create crappy conditions out of fear instead of using it as instruction for what to do or to avoid. Remember what your goals and hopes are, and keep your actions constructively pointed in that direction.

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June 22-July 22

You’re moving forward, Moonchild, and are well on your way to realizing your goals. The trick this week is to realign with those goals so that you don’t act out of emotional impulse and create a lovely set of circumstances that aren’t actually what you want. Dare to think bigger than you have before, and to ask the Universe for what will make you happy, even if you can’t see the path to get you there from your current vantage point.

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July 23-Aug. 22

Shake it off, Leo! It’s time to cut through the crap and stop participating in things that aren’t working for you and are bumming you out in the process. Write two priority lists -- one personal, and the other professional, and then shave both down to the top three. Focus your attention on the stuff you can actually achieve and be successful with this week, and you will reset your sweet self and enjoy more flow in your life as a result.

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Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Uncertainty and confusion are no friends to a Virgo, but that’s just what you’re dealing with, dear. Be patient and even a bit self-protective this week as your ruling planet Mercury goes Retrograde, and everything gets a wee bit more destabilized than it already was. The key is to love yourself through your blahs this week. This wonkiness will pass, so be kind and supportive to yourself as you struggle to orient your thinking.

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Sept. 23-Oct. 22

No matter how much you love your family and friends, a Libra needs a break sometimes. This week you need some durn space. The more you do, the greater the risk of degenerating into a stress puddle, my friend. So take a break! Turn off your phone (gasp!), shut down your computer, and totally unplug for an evening. Let your feelings rise to the surface without any distractions, so you can connect with what you’re feeling and take better care of yourself.

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Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your relationships deserve your attention this week, Scorpio. There are some major choices for you to make about who you’re going to prioritize and why. The folks and dynamics that you prioritize say more about you than you may like to think, so choose your comrades wisely. The Universe will give you carte blanche to make any and all manner of bad choices this week without any immediate consequences; align with your values and all will be well.

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Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You’ve got to confront the truth, Sag. The weird thing is that the truth might not even be so bad, but you’re in a weird holding pattern trying to avoid looking at it. This week is an excellent time for some good ‘ol Dear Diary times, where you just get on paper (or word document -- whatevs) every little thing that’s been kicking around in that head of yours. You are in a deeply creative place, so don’t edit yourself. Let your ideas flow and see where they take you.

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Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your vulnerability is also your strength if you can own it, Capricorn. Your theme this week is being real; and when you can’t do that, may I suggest just recognizing the facade, my goaty friend. The changes that are happening with you are slow moving but deep; and if you can be brave enough to admit what you do and don’t know about yourself, it will accelerate your development. Be where you’re at and let things unfold this week.

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Jan. 20-Feb. 18

What you choose to focus on and how you react to things will shape you, Water Bearer. I know it doesn’t feel like you have much of a choice when you’re feeling crappy about something or worrying over some very real problems, but the truth is that we always have a choice. Mind your mind this week. Inspire yourself with positive role models, best-case scenarios, and visions for a brighter tomorrow. It doesn’t turn you into a Pollyanna when you choose optimism.

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Feb. 19-March 20

You just have to let go if you want to be free. For you right now, fighting injustice can keep the conflict alive. This week you need to take stock of what you choose to participate in. The struggles you’re engaging in hurt, but do they also heal? Move toward restorative measures instead of fighting fire with fire. You are powerful, but remember that your greatest strength is in your intense ability to love and accept; so love yourself enough to engage in a way that heals, Pisces.

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