Cultivating emotional intelligence with astrology webinar

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In case you missed my first-ever live webinar in June 2019, Cultivating Emotional Intelligence with Astrology, you can purchase it here!

There’s so much to learn about astrology, whether you’re using it as a tool for self-care or for studying birth charts. That said, if you don’t pair what you’re learning with compassion, kindness, or a willingness to sit with what’s uncomfortable, all of that great information could go untapped.

In this pre-recorded webinar, I bring my passion for teaching others how to be emotionally present through both difficult and wonderful situations. I offer advice and practical tools so that you, too, can have a practice for finding peace, and building your emotional intelligence.

You will learn about the fundamentals of each planet and deepen your knowledge and curiosity from there. You’ll be able to leverage this information to find more success, creativity, happiness and more. And the best part is that you can download a copy of the webinar and reference it over and over again as your own knowledge grows.

Suitable for all levels.


This is a large file, so please leave up to 10 minutes for the download to complete. Make sure you have a strong internet connection when you download the file.