• Astrology Reading

•  Intuitive or Psychic Counsel

• Medium Communication

• Animal Communication

• Tarot Reading

You don't need to schedule a "type" of reading for your appointment - it is not necessary to choose in advance. Lanyadoo works fluidly between all modalities and would like to properly prepare for a reading by studying your birth chart. 

You will be required to provide your birth data in advance of your reading.

This includes:
• Date of birth
• Exact Time of birth*
• City and State of birth

(i.e. Jenny Jones February 1.1921 1:03am New York City, NY)

*An exact time and location (city and state/province) are needed for the accurate casting of your astrological chart. This can generally be found on your birth certificate or in a baby book.


Intuitive or Psychic Counsel

Just like using a telephone or the Internet, a psychic does not need to be sitting close to a person to have contact with them on an intuitive level. Psychic intuition is not in anyway dependent on your body language or proximity, so phone sessions from across the world are just as accurate as in-person readings.  

As a psychic intuitive Lanyadoo is able to see, know, or understand things that she has not been told; this information is 'out there' in the ether, just like telephone or Internet signals that we cannot see, but all rely on. Lanyadoo has the ability to communicate with animals, do medical intuitive work, energetically look at real estate or inside your home, and see information about people and situations from an intuitive or psychic plane.

Jessica is not a fortune teller and will not tell you what is going to happen to you! Life is not a movie with the beginning, middle and end all plotted out. She wants to help you help yourself, and she is more likely to counsel you on how to make good choices than tell you what you should choose. As an example: every morning when you get dressed, you have many choices about what to put on and how to wear it; your choices are only limited by what is in your closet, your own tastes, and your creativity. As an Intuitive, Lanyadoo might be able to see what's in your closet and what you are inclined to choose, but she is most interested in why you make the choices you do, and how to help you understand whether or not those choices are going to bring you the outcomes you are after. Her aim is to help you create the life you want from your own free will and effort. Lanyadoo strives for her work to be constructive, insightful, direct and inspiring.  

Jessica Lanyadoo does not predict death.



As a Medium Jessica Lanyadoo is able to communicate with people and animals who have died and are in Spirit. 

Lanyadoo is able to feel the presence and hear the voices of the deceased. Sometimes they tell her what they look like and sometimes they don't. Communication with the dead can never be guaranteed, as those in Spirit are in charge of the conversation. Communication with the deceased can be incredibly helpful for both for the bereaved, and those in Spirit. Jessica Lanyadoo does not offer this service for entertainment; it is meant for people who have lost loved ones and want some connection with them. If a Spirit shows up in session she will ask permission from you before she looks into who they are and what they have to say.



Astrology can be understood as the psychological application of astronomy, and reveals countless details about a persons nature, gifts and problems. Astrology provides all the tools for best coping with our lives and bringing about successes. An accurate time of birth must be provided in order to draw and interpret your astrological birth chart. Some of the many things that can be read from your birth chart are:

• health issues; both mental, emotional and physical

• personal finances; your inclinations with money and best strategies

• conflict management and resolution

• reputation, focused life goals

• friendship and community

• deep inner world and internal psyche

• fertility, family planning

• identity issues

• values

• sex and sexuality issues

• real estate

• business planning

• travel

• early childhood issues

• parenting

• communication issues; your inclinations and needs

• play, creativity, the arts and adventure

• work, career, exercise, nutritional needs

• intimacy & relationship issues

• death, fears, phobias

• education

• home and family issues

(Note to parents: Jessica Lanyadoo will read the chart of your children, but she will always respect the privacy of an adult child ( 16 and older ) and not look at their charts without their expressed consent. 

When it comes to reading for young children Lanyadoo will not predict their futures- let them become themselves! Instead she will focus on parenting tips that will help you to best provide and care for them. The Birth Chart can be read to identify your child’s needs in a wide range of issues, anywhere from health and nutritional needs to emotional development, anger management, or social needs, learning styles, and appropriate developmental trends)

Event based charts can be used either to gain deeper understanding into an event that has already transpired ( things like falling ill, a death, a major windfall, a business opportunity, etc.) or for timing a major life event that has yet to occur (commonly done for planning weddings, business events, major medical interventions or acquiring real estate). 

Lanyadoo teaches astrology to individuals and small groups upon request.



Tarot cards are a wonderful tool for divination! Jessica Lanyadoo will use them to get information from hard to reach places or in conjunction with her intuitive or psychic gifts. The cards are a useful way for her to communicate with her Guides. They can be used in person and on the phone with equal accuracy.