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From L.F. Los Gatos, CA:
"I met with Jessica late last year when I was lost and just wallowing in a funk that would just not go away.  As an entrepreneur, I always had ideas & projects and fearless in my endeavors, but for whatever reason, maybe it was my age or circumstance, whatever it was, I was lost and desperate to find my way.  I felt uninspired, jaded, confused and scared to make a wrong move.  Truth be told, I finally went to see Jessica when I was at my wits end.  I heard about Jessica through a friend a long time ago and thought about going many times, but could not justify spend money on a 'non-essential' when I didn't have a steady income.   However, when I finally admitted that this was the reason for my not going, a close friend simply said, "But can you afford NOT to see her?".  I made an appointment the next day.

First of all, Jessica does more than astrology- she's educated in many areas of counseling, and has an arsenal of tools at her disposal so whatever may be ailing you, she knows what will ease your pain.  She has a warm, quirky personality and I felt comfortable immediately.   I won't bore you with the details of my reading, but she talked to me about a lot of different aspects of my life, which in retrospect was very smart because she knew that my funk was not from just one thing.  When I left her office, I felt a little lighter- not because she said anything earth shattering, but because she gave me tools to work with and I was excited to try them out.  

Over the next month, friends and family began to notice a positive change in me and I did, too, but the funny thing was, no aspect of my life had really changed.  Armed with my new tools and the desire to find my way, the only thing that changed was my attitude and a slightly different way of processing things in my mind.  It turns out the bulk of my funk was self-inflicted and with a few small adjustments and a nudge in the right direction, I got back on track.  It was easy to stick to my new 'diet', because I wanted my progress to continue.  Update:  I have been working steadily all year, and for the first time in my life, I am really enjoying what I do and get immense satisfaction from the fruits of my labor.  Jessica didn't tell me what to do (to my immediate chagrin) instead, she eliminated some options and gave me a rule of thumb to consider before undertaking new projects.  This simple mantra has helped me to make smart strong decisions and I finally figured out what I want to do for the rest of my life.

It will be almost a year now since I talked with Jessica and I have never been more happy,  content and LOVING MY WORK!   I think back to the fact that I originally couldn't justify spending the money for a reading because deep down I considered it to be a gamble, but now I realize It was the best money I have ever spent and I advise others that are in the same predicament as I was, MAKE THE CALL.  It's only a gamble if you don't listen and try.   I thank Jessica every day for helping me gain control over my life and finding my happy again.

P.S.  For those of you that are going to see Jessica, just to basically 'test' her on her abilities - Go play your, "Guess what I'm thinking" game with someone else!  If you don't believe, then you truly don't want to be helped so don't waste her time or yours.

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Psychic Realities

YES YES YES Psychic Realities by Jessica Lanyadoo It wasn’t until about 8 months after my reading with Jessica Lanyadoo that I realized just how precise it had actually been. As I flipped through a recently-filled moleskin, all packed up for its trip to the notebook graveyard that is my bookshelf, I came across my notes from my meeting with Ms. Lanyadoo. During our session I had been earnestly shocked that her questions and comments were so specific to my life (for instance, she abruptly interrupted our conversation at one point to ask me to be honest about something I had totally concealed, which really got the ball rolling in a amazingly helpful direction) and I left feeling much more capable of dealing with the end of the bizarre anxiety-fest that is one’s Saturn Return. Yet, as time wore on, and being who I am, I didn’t bother looking through my notes much. Instead I just functioned off the big take-away from one of the most therapeutic and insightful conversations of my life: pick a path, work for it, stand your ground and, most importantly, don’t sweat the cosmically small stuff. Now, before you go saying that those ideas, however beneficial and true, apply to everyone, I’d like to say that when I went over my notes, it appeared that Jessica had given me not only a timeline, but a fortune-telling. A life itinerary with pitfalls and accomplishments scheduled down to the month. A new job, a breakup, harsh and not-so-harsh realities, replete with a timetable and a compass to direct me towards what has happily unfolded as my life today. Anyway, I’m a believer. And if you need to do some psychic dusting, I suggest booking an appointment. As dedicated to your belief systems or skepticism as you may be, Jessica’s sessions are a restorative, thoughtful and curative tonic. I asked Jessica a few questions about her work as a psychic here in San Francisco because what, I ask you, is cooler than being a psychic? -Jen Snyder

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Ashley Parrish interviews Jessica Lanyadoo at the first ever Daily Candy Bazaar in New York, November 2013

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Jessica voted Best Psychic in San Francisco 2012 by The Psychic Directory!



Jessica was honored to receive this award as voted by the board of directors of

You can also check out Jessica's directory listing on  TPD's website.

Congrats Jessica!

Astrologer & Intuitive Counselor Jessica Lanyadoo Profiled on CBS5 "Eye On The Bay"

 Astrologer and Psychic Medium Jessica Lanyadoo is featured in a segment of CBS5 "Eye On The Bay", originally aired on 2/5/2010.


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SF Weekly Best of the Bay Awards 2010: Best Soothsayer Jessica Lanyadoo

If a newspaper horoscope or Magic 8 Ball doesn't quite cut it when it comes to getting answers about major life decisions, consider an intuitive reading with Jessica Lanyadoo. She has mended broken hearts and cleared foggy minds with her metaphysical know-how and uncanny forecasting abilities. A reading will probably contain a smattering of astrology, Tarot, medium work, and straight-arrow counseling; clients attest that an hour with her is better than therapy. Whether you want to vent about your deadbeat lover or get the scoop on your upcoming Saturn's Return, expect to be bowled over by small but significant details. Read SF Weekly article here.

Jessica Lanyadoo Intuitive Counseling has been Rated Among the Best in San Francisco

2010 CMUS Talk of the Town Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Awarded to: Jessica Lanyadoo Intuitive Counseling
Among the Best in Region:  San Francisco, CA

Star Rating:  5 stars!!


Intuitive Counseling Not Your Typical Fortune-teller 

By N. N. (May 21, 2010 )
There’s a special place on Valencia Street where hundreds of

 diehard clients go to dish about their personal lives, get some much-needed validation, and, while they’re at it, see what the stars have in store for them. This is the atelier of intuitive counselor and astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo.

Don’t let the moniker fool you. A smattering of crystals might festoon Lanyadoo’s colorful lair — whose ambience is more playground for adults, full of fun tchotchkes and baubles, than chamber of esoterica — but even those of us chary of new-age accoutrements will want to have their tape recorders readied as they hang on to every word of what’s sure to be an informative, hilarious, maybe even transformational hour-long session.

Skeptics who’ve had one too many run-ins with street-corner charlatans will find Lanyadoo’s no-nonsense approach refreshing. A modern-day oracle who’s more likely to explain the various pieces of artwork on her wall than scatter the runes, Lanyadoo boasts a virtual Rolodex of clients who tend to seek her counsel before making any major decisions.

Lanyadoo discovered her calling as an astrologer the age of 17, while studying Jungian psychology and astrology at an alternative college in her native Montreal. After moving to San Francisco in 1995, she embarked on a rigorous apprenticeship for eight years, during which she learned the tricks of the trade — not to mention all the minutiae and complex planetary knowledge that generally helps distinguish amateur horoscope buffs from the real deal.

Lanyadoo integrated psychic and medium skills into her practice as an astrologer in 2005. She gradually discovered her intuitive skills as a regular tarot reader at the Lexington bar, but until that point, she typically focused on astrology in her sessions with clients.

“It took a long time for me to out myself as being a psychic, because there is a terrible misconception about what that means,” says Lanyadoo.

In fact, Lanyadoo probably scores points among the non-woo-woo set because a session with her is more like a visit to a highly empathetic therapist (with an extra dose of humor and effervescent wit thrown in for good measure) than a soothsayer.

While a reading will probably consist of a bit of astrology, tarot, counseling and medium work (in case your late great-uncle Chester has a burning message from beyond for you), it’s Lanyadoo’s practical synthesis of complex information that impresses even the most vigilant of disbelievers.

This is clearly evidenced in Lanyadoo’s diverse roster of clients, who run the gamut from teenagers to grandmothers, from agnostics to born-again Christians, and from people who come in for annual birthday forecasts to those who find themselves in need of Lanyadoo’s sixth sense on a more regular basis.

“I have an intensely thorough knowledge of astrology, but I recognize that most readings can either feel like they’re robbing someone of their free will or are simply too piece-mealy and don’t integrate various aspects of a persons’ life,” she says. “I don’t see any merit in those approaches; they don’t allow someone to walk away with skills on how to help themselves, which is ultimately what I’d like to do.”

Lanyadoo’s approach is also much more descriptive than predictive. Rather than plying clients with winning lottery numbers, her work is about getting people more deeply in touch with themselves and enabling them to recognize the choices that are at their disposal.

As I discovered in a particularly intense and illuminating session with Lanyadoo, irreverence is something that helps mitigate the goose bumps you’re likely to get when she picks up on something she couldn’t possibly know about you.

“I firmly believe in humor,” she says. “My readings tend to be dense and I am very, very direct. It’s difficult for people to integrate that level of information when they are overwhelmed, so I like to keep things as light as I can — and also tailor my readings to what I think someone can handle.”

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