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Self Service Podcast for Girlboss. Jessica gives you your Weekly Horoscope and answers listener questions.

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lanyadoo talks to the Self Care Club Podcast  about the difference between self-care and survival, how to deal with emotions & spiraling thoughts, and so much more. 

 Lanyadoo joins nicole j. georges To give advice on distance, boundaries, consent and love.  

In episode 139 of The Astrology Podcast astrologers Jessica Lanyadoo, Chris Brennan, and Dayna Lynn Nuckolls discuss greater diversity in astrology.

Lanyadoo talks to Kent Bye about the astrological signatures of intimacy  in the birth chart. based on her talk at the Queer Astrology Conference in San Francisco.

Lanyadoo shares her perspective as a Medical Astrologer on how to cope with chronic health problems on Living with Chronic Health Conditions.

Jessica joins the ladies at Astral Projection Radio Hour on BFF Radio! They talk astrology and enjoy the musical playlist that Jessica made especially for you.