❤️ September 2015

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photo cred @michellenorrisphoto


March 21-April 19

There’s a rumor going around that you’re the baddest bitch in town, but it’s both true and false. You’re fierce and fabulous for true my fiery one, but just because you boldly rush towards answers doesn’t mean you feel certain of what to do. To be HBC you’ve got to have clear vision, and right now yours is hecka shaky. Move away from thinking reactively, especially before Mercury goes retrograde in your opposing Libra mid-September and screws with your forward momentum. Strive to come up with a clear sense of your short and long-term goals, even if you have make an old school ‘Pros and Cons’ list. Whenever you feel sidetracked this month, try to remember that it’s a test of how clear you are about your end game, Aries. You may even find that what you thought was a detour is really a shortcut. Take well-considered risks that support you in tightening up your plans. Opportunities are coming your way - just make sure you’re savvy enough to receive them.

Venus finally goes direct on the 6th and that’ll help your relationships to smooth out. Don’t try to be a hero before then; if things are shitty let them sit for a minute, and try to improve matters with a little TLC in the second week of the month. You may need to move fast though because Mercury’s moonwalk has a funny way of fouling up communications and leaving butt-hurt feelings in its wake, especially at the end of the month when the Lunar eclipse happens in your sign. Try compromise instead of waiting and wishing for others come around to your way of thinking, my love. Be kind, be patient, and true to your word, and you’ll be just fine.

Power Animal: 🌴

Power Ballad: Adieu – Coeur de Pirate



April 20-May 20

When you get all freaked out, it’s easy for you to feel defensive and act a fool without even realizing it. This month you may find that you’re struggling through a thick veil of nervousness that’s messing with your head. If you act all wiggly, you’re gonna freak people out, and they’ll assume the worst because that’s just what people do. Save yourself some drama and be a straight shooter, Taurus. Embody the most genuineness possible so that at the end of the day you can lay down the truth and feel confident about what you’ve done. While you can’t avoid consequences, you should choose to commit to creating ones that you can live with, bae. When Mercury goes retrograde mid-month, it’s not a great time for processing; but that’s just because it increases the risk of misunderstandings, not because you shouldn’t be communicative. Go out of your way to say what you mean and mean what you say, even if that means you talk, drink, or socialize slower than you would otherwise. This month is Saturn’s last pass in your opposite sign; and it’s a big, heavy, final heave-ho. Honor your existential meltdown (if you’re still having one), and take care of you. The good news of all this me-management is that you’re just around the corner from your own personal Spring, where things heat up and start to bloom. Think of this as the time to get yourself ready for the kinds of relationships that support you in the next phase of your life, ‘cause they’re on their way, love. For now you should just do you and let romance and friendship flow your way when they’re ready. The only exception to this is around work connections; if you have the chance to network this month, do it up. If you share your good vibes, they’ll double for you this autumn.

Power Animal:  💼

Power Ballad: Tranquila – J Balvin



May 21-June 21

It’s all about your relationships, Twin Star. The people in your life and the dynamics that you consent to participating in say more about you than the words coming out of your mouth does. How you show up, and what you require of others is a really big deal. If you’re always saying ‘yes’, even when you hella mean ‘no’ ,that’s just an energy suck for you, and it creates a confusing exchange for others. Be straightforward, gurl. Don’t act like you’re into the latest fad if you actually think it sucks. If you speak out of both sides of your mouth, nobody is gonna trust you but bitches who do the same BS. Even if you think you’re being nice, being disingenuous is a weak move. So toughen up and take the risk to be more yourself. Speak your mind and accept the consequences of the truth. Your relationships will be better off for it now, but maybe more importantly, they’ll be way better off in the future. This month can be all about beginnings if you play your cards right, but with your ruling planet, Mercury, going retrograde mid-month, it’d be easy to jump the gun, so take ‘er slow and steady, my friend. September is a great time to invest in your home life, Gem Star. That means spend time with your family of origin or your chosen clan to reconnect and fill up on love. Dig deep into home improvements, including the ever-popular Autumn cleaning (which I just made up), where you get rid of old shit in order to make immediate room for new stuff. It’s a good time to just chill in your comfiest spot with Netflix too. The point is to do mellow stuff that’s warm and cozy. Power up and so that you play your best game this month.

Power Animal:  🏡

Power Ballad: Sister of Pearl – Baio



June 22-July 22

Your attitude is everything this month. It’s not a power struggle if you don’t fight, Moon Mama. If you see other people’s shit as a personal attack instead of just their own blind spots and weirdness, then you’ll be miserable. There’s a big difference between standing up for yourself and picking fights, but it’s likely to be a subtle and confusing one this month. Every time fools get in your way make a ‘How I Feel’ and then a ‘What She Did/No She Didn’t’ list. The point of this exercise is to keep the difference clear between how you’re emotionally reacting versus what’s actually going down. You may still need to stand up for your self or fix some things, but you need it to be productive instead of defensive. The Stars want you to learn how to be more powerful, and that may require you to have to assert yourself more, even when it’s uncomfortable. Confrontation doesn’t have to be a bad thing as long as you  do it in a way that is compassionate and generous to all involved without watering down your position. When it comes to your career, it’s a big time of expansion. You have so much work to do, but it’ll all pay off if you do it right. Put the pedal to the metal and take on that extra project, study extra hard for that test, and follow through with what you know you need to get did. The work in front of you is totally worth doing because of where it’ll get you down the road. You’re capable of creating opportunities for more freedom, but it’ll take first leveraging from where you’re at. Don’t cut corners or alienate your allies and you’ll be all good, bae.

Power Animal:  👓

Power Ballad: Water Water – Empress Of



July 23-Aug. 22

The woo is deep within you, Leo, and you need to follow it’s inspiration so you can have a healthy, happy life. When shit that is out of your control tugs at you and makes you feel stressed, strive to have faith. When you get the sads or encounter hardship is when you need extra an helping of vision and hope. This month you may need to put the people that bring worry to you on ice so that you can recover from the emo mess that you’re in. The worst thing you could do is to act all nicey-nice when your head is screaming and you’re irritated as hell. A girl’s gotta be diplomatic, but don’t confuse that with being fake. When Venus finally goes direct on the 6th, you may have some serious messes to clean up that have been stewing the past month or so, but luckily you’ll have the clarity to make sense of things. the only question left to answer is whether you have the chops to be forthright and emotionally vulnerable with people?  I have confidence in you, gurl, and now it’s time for you to have greater trust in yourself too. If you could take a trip, that’d be awesome. Even if all you can manage is a little day in a part of town that you never go, pretending to be tourist. It’d really help you to get the kind of perspective that only comes from being out of your routines. Mid-month Mercury goes retrograde, but that’s nothing compared to Saturn’s heavy step into your fifth house of love and play. Get real about what’s fun and who makes you happy. You may have to make some edits but it’ll be well worth it, my love.

Power Animal:  🍱

Power Ballad: White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You deserve a damn break, and the stars are here to help you make that happen. Take more chances to make your life more free and fun this month, Virgo. You’re on the verge of something huge, so dare to make it wonderful by striving in the face of your fears, and being grateful in the face of opposition. Yes, you are likely to have a lot of work to do, but no, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The first half of the month is the perfect time to get shit dealt with. File your damn taxes, finish the stuff that you’ve been procrastinating, and do it before the double hit of your ruling sign, Mercury, going retrograde and Saturn making it’s certain shift into Sagittarius (which will feel pretty annoying to you, sowwee) mid-month. you’re gonna be in a place that’s excellent for setting the stage, so do it by getting your ducks in a row, my love. In the second half of the month you’ll find the energy there to make you thrive. Whatever you feed will bloom, so let your happiest thoughts and big dreams be the seeds that you’re propagating, lover. If you’re gonna work hard, work hard on love; and if you’re gonna move on, move on from the limitations you once accepted as necessary, but now know aren’t. Love is right around the corner, gorgeous, so get your head in the game. If you allow yourself to stay down in the dumps you’ll end up attracting more of the same. Keep your attitude flowing with gratitude and you’ll be just fine, bae.

Power Animal: 🌱

Power Ballad: Hold Up Wait A Minute - Antonique Smith



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Figure your shit out, Libra my love! The Universe wants you to take your reality in your hands, and make it more of what you need it to be. This is your time to mold your circumstances, change your behaviors, and firm up your game plan. The good news is that the tightness in your pocketbook that Saturn brought over the last couple of years is likely to finally lift when Saturn leaves Scorpio mid September. Your money will get some nicer flow to it, and mama likes flow. The bad news is that you may still need to play catch up and fix the ways you’ve overextended yourself for the next few months. Work is weird and still a bit of an unknown, but if you’re willing to roll with the weird vibes, you may find that it’s really fertile ground to recreate your path. Take the unknowns in your life as a call to figure out what you really-really want, Libra. Stop watering down your will and going for what you think you can get, and bust some ass to make your dreams happen. Your relationship sphere is especially active this month as Mercury goes retrograde in your neck of the woods, making you somehow the center of things. Be the change you wish to see, Lovely Libra. Don’t sit around waiting for people to intuit your needs; tell them what you want. Don’t wait for others to change so that you can have the kind of connection you want; be the one to make the first step forward in changing your broke-down dynamic.

Power Animal: 🌊  

Power Ballad: Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Whatever is going on for you these days is just a set-up to get you to be your best self. Even if you’re stuck in the middle of a shit show, in a storm, with no shoes on, the Universe has put you there because you can handle it. She believes that by stepping up, you’ll have the chance to encounter things you really, truly dig about yourself, and that’s awesome, even if it ain’t fun. Pay extra attention this month to relationships that you can’t work around or quite live without, Scorpio. So put your negotiating skills to the test, bae. Understand the difference between what you need to say to your shrink or your Dear Diary, versus to your co-worker or boo. There’s no need to spell out your boundaries, you’ve just got to embody them. Show the people what you’re here for. Be the person who leads the charge, and not the fool who talks shit about how someone else should really do something about leading it. At the end of the month, the lunar eclipse is likely to bring all things to a head, and if you’re not prepared for it, there may be drama in it for you. Participate with others wisely, my love. Be ready to be real, even when that means you’ve gotta be raw. People are difficult when they’re not wonderful, but they tend to be more self-involved (as opposed to nefarious with their intentions) than you tend to think. Here’s the perfect formula for you this month: the benefit of the doubt + forthright communication = a Scorpio who’s happy with how things shake down.

Power Animal:  💬 

Power Ballad: Fuckers – Savages



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

What are you doing with your life? Like, for true; where are you going, Sagittarius? This month as Saturn makes it’s way into your first house for the next two and a half years (gulp!), you’re gonna find yourself grappling with these questions like never before. The best way to manage the heaviness of what you’re likely to be dealing with is by getting hella spiritual about it. Embrace the woo, my child. Get real centered with the things that bring you life; and remember that your job, the town you live in, and your relationships are not where the world begins and ends. There’s always so much more! If you can let this perspective inspire and fill you up, you’re likely to organically see more options and have more energy to explore them with. Your vibes are strong, and when they get caught up in stagnant or destructive shit they’re just strongly bunk. So lighten up – literally. Lighten up all the shadowed places in your mind so that you can see the broader context that your struggles are happening within. You may not be able to have it all right now, but if you pace it out right, you’ll get there in time. The second half of the month is gonna rev things up a bit. Sex and love are giving you all kinds of feels whether or not you’re getting any. Here again all you should do is you, bae. Show up with your best self and let the world respond to you as it will, in it’s time. The last week of September may bring you some intensity of either the awesome or meh variety. For best results don’t jump to conclusions or overreact as you sort through your feelings and needs.

Power Animal: 🍬 

Power Ballad: Who’s That Girl – Madonna



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You know that relationships are hella important, but you also know that they are a variable outside of your control and you’re not about that business at all. This month will end with a lunar eclipse in your house of family and home, and that may bring up some old emo stuff from your past; ain’t nobody got time for that, but you may have to make time. Use the first half of September as an opportunity to fully own what you feel, what you need, and what you’re willing to do about it. There needs to be a more solid bridge between what you want and what you have, and it’s on you to build it, Cappy. Start off by letting go of the people, habits, and commitments that feel familiar but you know aren’t good for you. This is one of those times that you have to make room in your life for something to come through. The problem with that is that it requires a leap of faith, which is way scarier than sticking with the Devil you know. Take a chance, gurl. Pursue the truth, even if it takes you into the belly of your insecurities or down a winding and unsure path. It is far better to fail in pursuit of what you want then to be safe and fine. A life filled with regret is the unintended by-product of a life lived too safely, so take some damn chances. If you need to negotiate at all in the second half of the month, be extra-super careful as Mercury is going retrograde on the 17th and can trip you up. Listen carefully, read the fine print, and take your time before you make any kind of promises.  #TheTruthWillSetYouFree

Power Animal:  😈

Power Ballad: Queen's Speech Ep.4 - Lady Leshurr



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Get ‘er did, gurl. You are changing, like the gorgeous and unpredictable being that you are. The work in front of you is to be more unapologetically and beautifully yourself, but what the hell does that mean? This month it means a lot of things. Reconnect with your lust for freedom, dive headlong into bursts of creativity, and generally grab life by the gonads. You are blessed with a magic touch this month, so use it to the greatest of your advantage. If you know what you want stop mulling it over and make it happen. If you don’t know what you want, it’s your time to figure it out. Even with this mid-month Mercury retrograde business, you are likely to find sparkling clarity if you put on your action slacks and get to looking for solutions! Part of what you’re likely to find is how badly you need the people in your life. Whether you’re thinking about your family, your collaborators, your boo or your bros, this is your time to spread the love and appreciation around. It’s felt like you were treading water for a minute now, but things are about to get real busy. Before they do, make sure that you feed your connections to others because no Aquarius is an island. There’s a way that your values are being tested, so look out for opportunities to tighten up your relationship to what you want and why. In order to be the realest you around, you’ve got to be aligned with what drives you on a deep level. The path to becoming may include one confrontation with the truth to another, so don’t smooth out the edges of what’s still feeling edgy, bae.

Power Animal: 🔔

Power Ballad: What I Am - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians



Feb. 19-March 20

No matter how much you want to merge your happiness with others, it’s never a wise move, mama. You are your own person. You have your strengths and your weaknesses, and they are completely your own. Your tendency is to love others in a devotional way, and that kind of loving is beautiful. The trouble comes in when you loose track of your self and become reliant on others for your happiness -- or worse -- just to be OK. There is no circumstance that’s going to force this on to you, and no magic that’ll have you wake up changed. You need to choose it, my love. There’s no path that you can travel on where this issue won’t come up, so why not deal with it now and here? It’s like your life is waiting for you to step up and into it – don’t keep it waiting, boo. At the end of the month there’s gonna be a full moon so full it’s an eclipse, and it’ll be a momentous time for letting shit go. Take it! in fact, use to whole month to get clear about what needs to go and then between the 25th-27th , it’s time to say ‘Sayonara, see you never’ to whatever is best gotten rid of. When it comes to work, you’re on call to start building towards your long term plans. Don’t sweat the little stuff if it doesn’t stop you from getting on towards your end game, gurl. Sometimes you’ve gotta concede a battle to win the war. Have faith and work hard and you’ll come out on top.

Power Animal:⏰ 

Power Ballad: Drunk In Love (cover) - Ashanti Floyd


💋 XO