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The future is female @otherwild

The future is female @otherwild


March 21-April 19

The thing about taking the high road (other than that it’s awesome) is that you can loose your way too easily on it if you’re not empathetic to where others are coming from. You may technically be the one who’s trying to improve things while it feels like others aren’t pulling their weight; but not everyone can function at your level, so don’t take it personally, lover. The way you emotionally process the facts makes all the difference in what you perceive is actually happening this month. Your strength is being tested, and you may have to make compromises that no one appreciates or to be compassionate to fools who wouldn’t know how to return the favor. Take your time and pace yourself through your interactions with others as well as in the execution of your goals so that you make choices that you can live with, gurl. When it comes to love, this is an awesome time to heat things up. If you’re single, get yourself out there, and talk to as many hos as possible. Your vibez are high and you’re likely to attract more juice than you can drink, so take your time and only let in the people and experiences that you’re down for. Sex, love, and good times are all fabulous, but they can happen on a surface level or go deep. If you want meaningful connection and intimacy, hold out for it, Aries; and don’t get distracted by pretty, shiny things. If you’re hooked up this is a great time to invigorate your sex life and to kick up the fun. Conversely, if you’re not happy in your relationship, there’s energy that’ll help you bounce. You’re strong, bb, so boost your confidence and keep on living in the best ways you know how.

Power Animal: 💪

Power Ballad: Dominique Young Unique - Throw It Down



April 20-May 20

These are some intense times, and it’s important to do what you’ve gotta to keep your head above water. There’s your stuff, and then there’s other people’s crap, and sometimes it’s hard to keep them all separate; but you need to do it now more than ever. Tighten up, gurl. Your opinions are your own, and you need to be able to stand tall for what you believe, think, and are willing to act on. Life isn’t simple, and very few issues break down to black and white, so it’s OK if you need to take your time and weigh things out. You need to consider all factors so you can be true to yourself, especially if you’re going to successfully see beyond your fears. The only thing for sure is that you have some unpacking to do, Taurus. What’s yours versus what isn’t (and I’m talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly here) is hard to see when it’s innocuous society crap, or super close to your family stuff. It’s not possible to please everyone, so your best bet is to please yourself. Be authentic and true to you, instead of trying to guess into what others want from you; that game will drive your crazy if you let it, Taurus. The new moon mid-month is a great time to get your shit together and open your heart to whatever you’re going through, so work hard on yourself in the first half to take advantage of the good juju. Think about what you want to bring into the world, and what you’re willing to do to make that beauty happen. It’s not selfish to care about yourself, and it’s not wise to make your self miserable in exchange for somebody else’s happiness. Take steps towards the truth, darling one.

Power Animal: 🐣

Power Ballad: Salut Salon - Wettstreit zu viert



May 21-June 21

The problem with getting what you want is that you then have to follow through and deal with it, Twin Star. This month, you’re a damn boss and can expand your aura of influence, but you’d better watch your step. No matter what you do, there’s going to be consequences; some you intend for, and others you don’t. You’re likely to have hella work to do, and it doesn’t look easy, I’m afraid. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look bad, but sometimes the stuff we want the most is also wicked stressful. The trick is to not try and choose the easiest answer, or the quickest path, no matter how overwhelmed you feel. This month it’s all about aligning yourself with the best things and people for your future, even if that takes you on a rocky road that’s slow and tedious. Listen closely to your fears, because they’re telling you what you need to improve upon in yourself. Listen closely to others as they’re reflecting back to you the stuff you don’t want to deal with but is really important for you to get. People may not know what to do with you as you grow, so be flexible and patient with your relationships, bae. The full moon at the end of the month is likely to be stressful as hell, but it can motivate you to finally do what you know you need to. August may find you taking some pretty big risks, but you don’t need to worry. It’s your time to create the happiness that you want, and the rough patches won’t derail you for long.

Power Animal:  🚣  

Power Ballad: Dan Deacon - Feel The Lightning 




June 22-July 22

Watch out for sad sack feels and victimy self-talk this month, Moon Mama. You’re unlikely to be forced into anything, so try and have more ownership of your choices, even the ones that you wish you didn’t have to make. The problem with allowing yourself to believe that you don’t have the final say in your own life is that it lets you off the hook for when shit gets real. Whether you need to finally catch up to the fact that you’re awesome and people know it, or that you’re not doing what you need to do to make things thrive, it’s all kinda the same thing. Own your shit. Know yourself well enough to know where you’re at in the here and now. That’s it. Don’t make it too complicated or save it for another day. You’re seriously ready to deal with what’s real and to do what you need to with whatever you find. Just don’t be surprised if it turns out that your greatest challenge is in embracing your own success, power, and potential. It’s crazy how you can work so hard to dig your self out of a hole, only to find that the stupid hole was kind of your whole identity. Get bigger, kid. Laugh louder, dream farther and wider, and push yourself towards greater peaks of happiness. Love will have a healing effect on your life this month, but it may be more stimulating than soothing. If you have losses to cut, then so be it, just don’t hold yourself back out of habit or fear. You’ve got this, Cancer, so get out there and do what you came here to do.

Power Animal: 👜 

Power Ballad:  Mz 007 - Important



July 23-Aug. 22

There’s no resisting fate, Leo. Some times in life things reach a crescendo of sorts, and you’ve got to play them out, like it or not. Your ego is a powerful thing; it can put your feels on blast and inspire you to act in ways that create more drama than mama wants. With so many of the planets in your sign this month, you get to learn the difference between your will and your ego, and you can learn the hard way or the easy way; the choice is yours. Your will generates vision that’s fierce and fabulous, while the ego is reactive and muddy; the former is self-aware, while the later is self-obsessed. Take more time than you think you need to respond to people when you feel hot and bothered this August, Leo. Acting in ways that are overly ‘nice’ but not especially real will backfire in big ways. If you lead a bitch to believe that you’re cool with things being a certain way, you’d better be prepared to keep up with doing that thing long term, lover. It’s not fair to set yourself and the people you’re close to up for false assumptions, even if you’re doing it with the best of intentions. With this month’s Venus retrograde in your sign it’s time to get clear about what you’re fer reals feeling and why. Venus also makes this an excellent time to go through your closet and get rid of everything you’re done with. Invest in what suits who you are and where you’re at. Take self-acceptance to the next level, and love yourself like it’s never going out of style, gurl.

Power Animal: 🐴 

Power Ballad: Chynna - Selfie 



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You don’t have to put a good face on things in order to be OK. Life in general, and your world in particular, can’t be on point all the time, Virgo. How you handle it when things feel rotten is hella important this month. If your attitude is to fight change and you insist on keeping things light, you’re likely to make things worse than they need to be. So here’s the plan: connect to the people you trust and love the most. Have life affirming and emotionally supportive times, and then get to work, ladybug. You need to have some serious heart to hearts about what you’re going through with folks, because when you hold it all inside it’s hard to get perspective. Do what you need to do to get on board with the flow of your life, even if you’re not sure where it’s taking you (or if you wanna go). The trick is to have hope, and the surest path to achieving that is to have gratitude for what you do have. Write out a list of everything that you’re grateful for, Virgo. From your health, to your shoe collection, the food on your table, and to the blue of the sky. Find the things to inspire and buoy you, so that when you have to make compromises it doesn’t feel like it’s the only thing you’re doing. When it comes to love this month, all you’ve got to do is leave it alone. If you’re not happy this is a good time to ponder your options, but give yourself a minute before you do anything big. Let love and tenderness come to you, and if they don’t, focus on getting yourself together for now. Trust in the bigger picture, babes.

Power Animal: 🗾

Power Ballad: DONMONIQUE - Pilates (Kendall, Kylie, Miley)



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Feeling outta control sucks; but if you overreact, get all defensive, and make weird power grabs, it’ll seriously mess things up, Libra. You have the right to say hells-no, to tap on the breaks, or to do whatever feels right for you, but please oh please try and assert yourself before your anxieties compel you to act out in ways that make everyone feel awful. If you’re looking to fix your problems, you’re way more likely to be plagued by them because you’re not broken and you don’t need fixing. Try and learn from whatever’s getting you down, so you can eek out healing inspiration from it.  You’ve got to put your needs first, and doing so doesn’t mean that you’ll ignore everyone else; as a card-carrying Libra, one of the big things you need to feel good is happy relationships. Putting yourself first only requires that you’re honest about what you want your future to look like, and that you’re down to lay the groundwork for that to happen. It’d be easy to get distracted by factors that are out of your control this month, especially in the first half, so keep it simple, sweet cheeks! Be forthcoming about where you’re at, even when it kinda sucks. The point is to take emo responsibility for yourself, and not to try and mold yourself into what you think others want from you. Experiment with new and more genuine ways of connecting with others across the board but especially with your loves. Be open to intimacy looking different than you expect and happening with people you never thought possible.

Power Animal: 🌛 

Power Ballad: Janelle Monae - Many Moons



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your relationships and connections are everything, Scorpio. Your relationships will help you up or hold you back, so pay attention to how you participate this month. It’s not that you should be a creepy schemer, manipulating what happens between you and others, but you better not making promises you can’t keep, or flaking on people that deserve your time and energy either. Figure out where you stand, what you need, and what you’re willing to do with the bitches you love best. Whether we’re talking about your work wife, your BFF, or your boo, there’s change brewing with your intimacies that you need to show up for. The worst move you could make is to act out in the hopes of avoiding bad vibes. Strike out to create something, not to avoid shit. Procreative energy is way more potent, and the truth is that you have no control anyways, my love. Your career is super important, and you should be especially on the lookout for new developments mid-month with the new Moon in Leo. Don’t take it personally if fools are grumpy as it’s unlikely to be about you. Again, how you handle the people-part of your ambitions will set the stage for what’s to come for you, so be careful that your big mouth doesn’t say things you can’t take back, creating consequences you seriously don’t want. You can make meaningful strides towards your dreams as long as you continue to work hard and avoid any temptations to throw anyone (including yourself) under the bus, no matter how annoying they (or you) are. Kindness and generosity will lay the road to your success in this maddening, gorgeous world.

Power Animal: 👭  

Power Ballad: Hi Fashion- WHERE IS THE PARTY?



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Don’t fight the current, Sag. With Saturn back in your 12th house, you’re likely to need some serious come-to-Yeezus moments, and it’s not all fun. Either you’re choosing to look at your shit, or it’s being forced on you, but the thing’s that for sure is that you need to look in the mirror and make peace with who you see looking back at you. In the wise words of Yeezy, “no, you’re not perfect, but you’re not your mistakes”. Yeezy speaks the damn truth. When searching for balance, the pendulum is likely to swerve wildly in both directions before it hits center, and you, my friend are in full swing this month. The truth has a habit of being messy, but this isn’t the time to avoid a little chaos. You shouldn’t hesitate to take a time-out from your social life to find some peace of mind it if that’s what you’re craving. Feel your feels, but don’t get stuck lamenting them or get trapped in stories you tell yourself about how you got here. Yeezy says “I can let these dream killers kill my self-esteem, or use my arrogance as steam to power my dreams,” and he’s right again. At a certain point, you’re gonna have to pull yourself up and decide to celebrate you. I’m not trying to get you to have a Kanye-sized ego, but his willingness to go wherever his creative muse takes him is your perfect inspiration this month. For you single Archer Babies, love may not make its way into your life, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t play. Flirting, fun, and experimentation are well-starred this month, even if find your true love isn’t; so if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. 

Power Animal: ✊ 

Power Ballad: Kanye West - Jesus Walks



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Even if you get what you want, it’ll come with a price tag, lover. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it, but you’ve gotta be prepared with some realistic expectations this month so that you handle your shit with grace. The more gorgeousness you pull into your life will leave less room for the old stuff that you’ve been stubbornly hanging on to, Cappy. August is all about life-affirming endings, so break up with the person you know you have no future with, stop pretending that your frenemy is your for-reals BFF, and make peace with having outgrown kitten heeled pumps, even if that’s half your shoe collection. The truth is that there’s better stuff out there for you, but that doesn’t make the letting go easier in the short term. As cheesy as it sounds, let go with love, hooker. Appreciate what you had, even as you acknowledge what needs to go. There’s no need to drag things out or bring drama to your situation. Just own your part, and do what you need to do. You’re not off the hook if you’re in great relationships, love your job, and everything is rosy in your life, though, Capricorn. You are on call to 2.0 your game and bring it to the next playing level. Be the boss of your life, and not a slave-driving jerk of a boss; be the lady that encourages you when you’re down, and helps you stay committed to your dreams. You’re on a solid path, bae, so stay with it, Cap.

Power Animal:  👾 

Power Ballad: Azealia Banks - Wallace



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The role that your friends are set to play in the development of your big picture goals is big and interesting this month, Aquarius. You should be working your buns off for sure, but pay close attention to how that impacts the people you love because your relationships are wildly important for you too. There’s been some pretty deep changes brewing within you, but it’s still not clear what you want to do with all this newness. Keep on trying new stuff and letting life surprise you, sweets. Be especially open to love or honey crossing your path mid-month, but keep in mind that all that glitters is not gold. You may meet someone that inspires you to be a better version of yourself, or you may meet a hot and heavy waste of time. Both hold their appeal; the better choice is only defined by what you want, so stay connected with your heart. And that brings up the most important thing for your August; you’re on high alert to check in with your standards around relationships. The bitches you roll with say a lot about you, and you should think through whether your connections are a reflection of your beliefs and values, or if you’ve fallen into a lifestyle and relationships that need to be shaken up. You don’t want scarcity of love in your life but find there is, get off your buns and sink your energy into people that’ll love you the way you wanna be loved.

Power Animal:  ️‍❤️ 

Power Ballad: Shangela Laquifa - Werqin’ Girl



Feb. 19-March 20

It’s simply not practical to convince yourself that life will be shit and you’re not capable of changing things. Don’t decide for the Universe or others how you’re gonna get screwed over and then start making provisions before it happens, Pisces. This is your time to call on some deep emotional bravery, bae ‘cause your heart is ready for more than your head knows how to ask for. If you want your relationships to be a better fit for you, then you need to show up and be more yourself with folks. You wouldn’t go trying on clothes sucking in your stomach ‘cause they wouldn’t fit you when you got home, so don’t do the equivalent of that with your peeps. Be honest about what’s happening with you, Pisces. If it bums people out, you’ll deal with it with your patented niceness! In the mean time, be your self at all costs. This month ends with a full moon in your sign, and that makes it a great time to build towards letting go whatever isn’t serving you. When you serve all that realness, you can make a pile of what to get rid of and what to recycle and dump that shit when la luna gets full. It’s on you to create up a lifestyle that supports the quality of life that you want to be enjoying. Make art, pin your heart out, sing in the shower, create, live vibrantly, play like a damn kid, and love like you’re not worried about getting hurt. You’ve got this one life to live, so make it a good one.

Power Animal: 🌚

Power Ballad: Benjamin Clementine - London