❤️ July 2015





March 21-April 19

You of course have the right to do whatever you want, Aries. You can tell fools what you think they should do, or you can just rip apart how they’re doing things in your head. The trouble is that if you allow yourself to focus on what they are or aren’t doing, it’s just a big fat distraction from what you’re up to. Who you roll with and how you participate reveals a lot about you, gurl. The most important thing you can do this month is to focus on your own sweet self, and not worry so much about everyone else is up to. If you are honest with yourself you may find that you are not down for a lot of the shit that is going down in your relationships; what’s unclear is if you’re the one who needs to chill out, or if you perhaps need to accept others as they are? If it’s them, not you, then I encourage you to seriously assess if you need to bounce or not. There’s no wisdom in dragging yourself or others through the mud if you’re not happy, so if you can’t make the choice to work it out, you may just need to walk. This month may light some fire under your ass and make you feel hecka entitled, so pace yourself wisely to avoid fucking shit up, my love. You are not likely to want to wait for evidence to pile up before you jump to conclusions but that’s exactly what you should do. Own your part and take stock of the direct that you’re pointing your life this month.

Power Animal:  🐪

Power Ballad: Feeling Special - Mykki Blanco 



April 20-May 20

You have so much awesome in your life, but have you let it permeate the layers? This month (preferably the first half) is a great time to start a gratitude board. Start list out or pinning pictures of the things and people that you’ve got in your life that bring you joy. Start accounting for all the wonderfulness you have access to, and it can be deep but it can also be about loving your hair, or valuing the easy access you have to drinking water – think big or small, as long as you think grateful, Taurus. It’s easy to get attached to thinking that life sucks, and that you’re stuck in your own skin in a way that give you the wrong kind of feels, but the truth is that your perspective can shift if you want it to. I hereby challenge you to find five new things to feel thankful for every day, this month. Srsly. Train your brains to be looking for yeses and it’ll be way easier to see them. This won’t only help your inner world, but it’ll also affect the people you touch in a really positive way. You’re ready, Taurus. You’re ready to set down some roots and deepen your connections, but you need to start with you. Be on the lookout especially in the last few days of July for meaningful endings. It’ll be a great time to let go of limiting habits or attitudes that have outlived their purpose, so get ready, so you can get to dumping. You’ll feel lighter and happier for it, I promise.

Power Animal:  🙌🏾

Power Ballad: Escapade - Janet Jackson 



May 21-June 21

If things don’t go your way you are likely to feel kinds of crappy feels, but don’t confuse your feelings with the end-all be-all of your situation, Gem. The Universe isn’t trying to kick you in the vag, it’s trying to get you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make shit happen. July may confront you with circumstances that make you feel stuck or confused, but don’t panic, get motivated instead. You are on call to know how to better pace yourself so you don’t loose steam or abandon ship altogether. This is actually a really great time to make, handle, or reevaluate your relationship to scrilla. In astrology when we look at a persons personal finances, we’re looking at Venus, the planet that most people associate with love. The reason why that is, is ‘cause Venus also governs our values, and in the OG system, money was a reflection of value. Nowadays we don’t think of it that way so much, but we really should. If you can focus on what you value and act from there, you’re likely to find that the money just flows, and your stresses lift. This summer is an excellent time to get shit done, so the more you are willing to sift consciously through your inhibitions and blocks, the sooner you’ll be free, Twinny. Your love life is another matter completely, because that part of your life needs you to let go and let things flow to you. 

Power Animal: 💸 

Power Ballad: Bitch Better Have My Money – Rihanna 



June 22-July 22

Loving people doesn’t require you to take on their emotions and struggles. It’s perfectly OK to take a large enough step back that you can not be in it, but not such a large step back that your loved one feels abandoned. Often when people are going through shit they only really need someone to bear witness, not to fix it for them. You’re on call this month to parse out your emotions and issues from those of the people you’re close to, Moonchild. This is the time to revamp how you connect to the people you love; what you think you owe them, and what you’re willing to take on, and how forthright you are about your needs should all be at the top of your self-reflection list. You’re likely to be successful in your relationships, so make sure that you will be happy with things staying the way they are. Your strength of character is being challenged, because it’s easy to be healthy with folks when things are chill, but when shit gets real is when you’re ability to be honest and kind get tested. Things aren’t meant to stay the same, my love, this is a time of growth and that is inherently unstable. If you need to rock the boat that’s cool, just make sure you’re rocking it back on course. When it comes to your professional development it’s kinda the same story. You’re the boss of you, and if you don’t like where you’re going, it’s high time to make plans to get pointed in the right direction. Get your head in the game, even if you need to think broad-strokes and long-term planning this summer. 

Power Animal: 😘 

Power Ballad:  Nagarjuna, Sushmita Sen - Mercury Poolu  




July 23-Aug. 22

What do you think of work? Is it a total boner that you dread, or do you get something of value out of what you do, and how you get it did? There’s lots of energy this month brewing for you in your work sphere, so you’re likely to be really happy or really frustrated around these issues, or at the very least, you’re unlikely to be neutral. Be bold enough to ask yourself what you want before you go doing what you think is required of you, and follow this little nugget of advice: if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Don’t obsess on the details of your situation, because that’ll only help you to feel stuck. Focus on the Meta view of what you want, so even if you have to suck it up for now, you can feel connected to the larger ‘why’ of it all. The last few days of July are likely to bring big emotions, so this month is a good time for you to be aware of what you’re choosing to participate in on all fronts. You’re likely to have all kinds of opportunities to hang with bitches that are fun, but it may be an easy come/easy go of good vibes. That’s not bad, but if you’re looking for more lasting connections you’ll do well to push things beyond surface level schmoosing to see if deeper love vibes are possible. This is true with all kinds of relationships that offer you love, Leo. In order to know what’s real, you need to be real with the people you’re dealing with. Take risks with love, as long as you heed what you’re shown. This is one of those time that the most obvi answer is most likely to be true, gurl.

Power Animal: 🔨

Power Ballad: Sausage – Lil Mama



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Have you ever dipped your toes so carefully, and slowly in the pool, just to find that the water is perfect, and you could’ve jumped in way sooner, and had more time to play? Well don’t make that mistake this month, my loving Virgo. Dive in headfirst and be a big, fat, hedonist! Taste every delicious thing you can get in your mouth, sing at the top of your lungs, and laugh till your stomach hurts. Life is to be enjoyed and savored and sometimes that kind of joy flows towards you, while at others you need to work at it. Either way it’s your turn to turn up, gurl. Have fun times in a way that doesn’t cost you anything you don’t wanna pay; that means you need to keep shit smart and safe so it doesn’t go rouge on you. July is an awesome time to bring your career into sharper focus by clarifying what you want, and who you need to be connected to for it to happen. The difference between using people and creating mutually beneficial agreements is wicked important. Make sure everyone stands to gain from your collaborations and no one (including yourself!) is getting the short end of the stick. The connections you make this month, especially in the first and last weeks of July, are likely to stick with you, so make sure they’re healthy ones. Your friendships may be going through some growing pains on the real, but don’t loose sight of what’s important. Have your girls’ back, and expect them to have yours, ‘cause if you have no solidarity, you ain’t got nothing, boo.

Power Animal: 🏊

Power Ballad: Hoop Dreams – Teengirl Fantasy 



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s on you to initiate the beginnings you want to see in your life, and that’s only tricky because it requires you to know definitively what you want. This month is all about following the yearnings of your heart, even when your brain is chattering away, distracting you with a million other options. If you know where you want to go it’s cool to question it, but not so much that it compromises your progress. The thing is, Libra my love, that you totally may make a mistake. You could fuck things up so bad that you have to start from the beginning again, or make a fool of yourself. It’s totally possible. But it’s just as possible that you will succeed. You may thrive and overcome your worries, only to find yourself exactly where you want to be. If you’re gonna make a mistake, make your own mistakes! If you have a fail, make sure it was in pursuit of your dreams, and not some watered down version of what you want. So here’s a decision maker pro-tip: imagine that you’ve decided on a thing, and sit with that. Everything’s going well, so what happens next? Where does it bring you in a week, a month, and a year? If you like the potential you see, it’s a good choice. If you can’t even envision a happy way for your choice to play out, it’s unlikely to be a good one for you. The good news is that you have good, quality people in your life that you can turn to for feedback and perspective. Notice I didn’t say advice – figure things out for your self and then bounce it off of babes. Now’s your time to do you, Libra.

Power Animal: 🗻 

Power Ballad: Drø Sø – Kakkmaddafakka 



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Saturn’s back in your sign and I’m sorry that it’s likely to be a bummer in the middle of your summer. You are meant to do some meaningful self-reflection, but that need may be at battle with your desire to check out and just kick it. It’d be a mistake to let your defenses get the better of you though, so if you do peace-out, make sure you’re not harboring any hidden resentments or submerged grudges, ‘cause that shit will come out when you least expect it in less than graceful ways, Scorpio. The people that you count on may be dealing with their own shit, kinda leaving to handle the changes they’re creating. Again, the key is to not let yourself be reactive without first getting yourself together and checking in what you feel and want, here and now. You’re on call to make delicious lemonade with all these lemons you’re being handed, Scorpio. You can make so much sweet out of the sour in your life for true; it’ll just take you staying on the ball. The stars above want to adopt baller status, but that can only happen if you work it like a boss. Trust your instincts, gurl, because you know what’s best for you. On the work front be open to new possibilities to expand what you do and where it takes you. Opportunities that come your way may rush in and then out again, so the better you know yourself, the better you’ll be able to make use of the chances you’re given. Make friends with yourself so you can be your best ally. 

Power Animal: ⚾️

Power Ballad: The Golden One - The Goddess Bunny und Tenderloin 



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Sometimes your sads are trying to strong-arm you into healing. When you feel too many feels it sucks, but it’s also hella motivating for you that they can be an opportunity to unload people or attitudes that make you feel bad. So simple, right? Wrong. ‘Cause when you feel like this it’s hard to know what to trust, and the impulse to suck it up and just be positive can obscure you from hearing what your heart wants you to hear. You’ve got patterns that you’ve been playing out with other people that reflect a blind spot in your self, Sag. It’s gotten you to the same wall over and over again, and it’s never awesome. The question is first if you’re willing to change, and then how in the hell to do it? The way to pull off meaningful growth this month is by learning how to stay with your sads. When you feel badly take a deep breathe and stay present with your feelings. Don’t fix yourself, cause gurl: you’re not broken. Ask yourself what you need and show yourself the kindness of being compassionate to whatever you hear in that huge heart of yours. The point is to turn inwards and change your insides out, bae. This summer is all about excavating your demons so get to digging and don’t waste the deep cleaning energy. That means you should keep your partying to a modest place, and the distractions to a minimum. It’ll be worth all the effort if you follow through, because when Saturn comes back into your sign come September shit will get real. Let go of your old patterns so you can embrace whatever comes next.

Power Animal:💫 

Power Ballad:  Sisters - Cate Le Bon 



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

If you stay the same it’s gonna hurt, bae, and there’s no way around it. Change has come for you and you can run but you can’t hide. The question is only how hard you’ll fight it, and if I know you, this could be a long ass battle. My advice this month is to be tender. Show compassion for yourself as you decide what of your own behavior is limiting you unnecessarily and be kind as you learn to let it go. If you bully yourself into changing it just won’t work, so don’t be a meanie. Instead write an old fashioned list of all the things in your life that you know you want to change. Rate on a scale from 1-10 the importance of dealing with each item this month. Next, make an action plan for each item, or you can make peace with the consequences of doing nothing. What I’m suggesting here is that you take control of what’s in your jurisdiction so that you are not only productive, but so you have peace. By the 15th you should see opportunities for new connections with people, or better yet, connecting with folks in new ways. Whether you need to close a door or open one up, the work is the same, mama; be true to what you know you need to do, even when it’s hard or scary. Collaborations are well starred this month, but you may find that your community has changed when you weren’t looking, or that folks just aren’t as available as you wish they were. This is happening to motivate you to make sure that your communities and lifestyle match who you’ve become, and you’re not stuck in some sort of social Groundhog Day. Change may be scary, but living your life on repeat is way worse.

Power Animal: 📝

Power Ballad: Faith – George Michael 



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

If you’ve been running yourself too hard lately you’re bound to hit an emo wall that gives you all the wrong feels, Aquarius. Instead of rushing to fix things, this month it’s smart to devise a two part strategy where you carve out time to take tender loving care of your frayed nerves, and reach out to people that will be supportive to lean on. Your tendency to be so in your head can lead you to make up narratives about people and your relationships to them. No matter how right you are (and you’re most always totally right, obvi), that doesn’t mean that your assessments are right-on. Talk things out with people when shit comes up, don’t decide for them what they feel, or what they’ll do. Keep dialogues open this month so that when the Moon is full in your sign on the 31st you don’t go totally full moon crazy on fools. In the meantime, your career is in a great place for you to set some foundations in. How you handle the next three months will have serious consequences for you in years to come, so make sure you’re playing by your own honor code, and pointing yourself in a direction that you want to be in. The pursuit of money or power has its draw, but if you go for that without anything deeper in it for you, how’s that gonna age? Consider your happiness as you prepare for your future, my love. Even if you have to make some annoying decisions now, it’ll be totally worth it to see the smize in future-you’s eyes. 

Power Animal: 📱 

Power Ballad: Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole – Martha Wainright




Feb. 19-March 20 

When you get weird then you act funny, and then other people get weird, and then it makes you feel bad, and it’s a cycle that doesn’t feel good for anyone at all. The only way to be natural around others is to first and foremost accept your self, Pisces. There’s no one way a bitch is supposed to be, and whatever your standards are is your business, but I challenge you to see if you are as compassionate and accepting of yourself as you are of others. Self-acceptance and self-love can be a damn near radical act for a female, so embrace it like the rebel you are. July is your time to embrace your quirks, your vulnerabilities and your nature, because you’re fabulous, my friend. In the realm of work you’re likely to find lots of reflections of your fabulousness, so either work hard to get good results, or if you’re over where you’re at this is the right month to put out feelers and look for a new position. What you go for is likely to thrive so dare to be abundant and happy, mami. When it comes to love it’s likely to be all aces if you don’t let your insecurities get the better of you. Embrace your body, whatever shape you’re in, and know that sexy comes from vibing on yourself more than thigh gaps and side boob do. Bring play into your style and get your flirt on. Enjoy what and who you are, ‘cause there’s no one else like you, soul sister. 

Power Animal:  🐞

Power Ballad: I Just Want To-  Reggie Watts