❤️June 2015

Hey lovers: Mercury will be Retrograde 'till the 11th. Don't say I didn't warn ya.



March 21-April 19

There’s no reason on earth why you shouldn’t be kind, Aries. Seriously. If other people act like total douches, that’s on them; but as soon as you start acting like one too, you’ve implicated yourself in the bad vibes action. Don’t be a D! Love is the most powerful tool at your disposal and the most effective way out of whatever crap you find yourself into. Whether your situation calls for you to be kind and supportive to yourself or to shower such gems on others, June is your time to step up and kill ‘em with kindness, Aries. The truth is that times are crazy and people are tripping. Hard. So you have to be careful about not taking on everyone else’s crap or taking everything personally. Sometimes people are grumpy, not available, or just plain weird because that’s how they are; it’s not about you. I know, it super weird that you aren’t always at the center of other peoples’ minds, but it’s true! So don’t trip. Shower understanding on the people, and have faith that you are well-loved. The work that needs to be done in your relationships will be best executed with good vibes, so catch those flies with honey instead of vinegar, hooker.

Mercury will be Retrograde until the 11th, but things might not feel quite right, mental processing-wise, until mid month. Take your time figuring things out before you jump to conclusions in the first half of June, and if you can avoid making any major moves career-wise, that’d be smart too. You’re gonna get where you need to be and just when you need to get there. Take deep breathes ‘till then. 

Power Animal: 🍧 

Power Ballad: J'aime – Riff Cohen



April 20-May 20

You’re fully and completely ready to move the hells on, Taurus. I’m not talking about a break up or changing from a diffuser to plopping. It’s time to do deep and soul-engaging work on your self, for yourself. Let go of your old ways of thinking and acting that you hella know aren’t serving you, and seek to better understand what you’re getting out of them. There’s got to be a reason that you keep on doing the same crap that doesn’t make you happy, so what is it? With Mercury Retrograde through mid-June, it’s a great time to really dig into your innards to find your answers. If you allow yourself to stay stuck and rigidly defend your attachment to the status quo, you’ll be limiting no one but your own sweet self, lover. So confront your fears. It’s OK to be scared, vulnerable, or generally bad at things when you first start out. Don’t let your natural learning curve inhibit you from setting goals that are outside your comfort zone because you are capable of getting through it all. You’ve got the guts, Taurus, just trust in yourself. Keeping your eyes on the long-view prize will help you to not get twisted up with the little stuff. If your actions are aligned with your values, you’ll be able to take necessary risks, and step in the direction you wanna go. While you’re doing all this hard work, it’d be wise to ask for help from your friends; and if they can’t show up for realness, then you may need to reevaluate your friendships too. Let people reveal themselves to you so that you can know who your true friends are. Don’t be scared of the truth ‘cause it’s there whether you deny it or not. 

Power Animal: 🙋🏾 

Power Ballad: Karma Police (Radiohead cover) – SHEFITA



May 21-June 21

There’s a break coming for you, Twin Star, so don’t waste it. Mid-month you will be relieved of Saturn’s weight as it leaves your opposing sign. It’ll give you a wee bit of peace and you should take advantage of it all summer long. Mercury will also go direct in your sign around then, so you’re likely to find yourself having bursts of clarity and a sense of wind beneath your wings. Or not. You may just feel less burdened and see way too many options and end up wasting away your time (sound familiar?). Your best course of action will be to get certain about what you want for yourself this month. It’s not enough to know that you want a relationship, to see the blue light, or to get a car; you’ve gotta get aligned with what you need to do to make those things happen first. This requires you to embrace, or at least accept, where you’re starting from. You may need to do a bunch of basic shit that you’d prefer not to do. Otherwise, you won’t get to where you truly wanna be. So slow it down and tend to your foundations. Your summer doesn’t have to be a bummer, but it shouldn’t be all play either. Update your approach by the 15th and you’ll be happy that you did. Seriously, Gem, your tomorrow is dependent on today, so do the right things for yourself. There’s lots of room for love this month, so put your self out there! Whether that means you should go out and meet the people, or you need to be more open and heartfelt with the people you’re already connected to is up to you. Step it up.

Power Animal:🔭 

Power Ballad: Lullaby – Chargaux 



June 22-July 22

While it’s true that things are hard, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to shit, bae. Your fears are going rogue on you, and you can shrink in their shadow or treat them as springboards; the choice is yours. The truth is that, while some of it is personal, some of what you’re feeling is actually the weight of upset from the people and world around you. You’re on call to sift through all the emotional content that’s pulling on you in order to sort out what’s yours to work on from what’s yours to let go of. It’s hard work but crazy important to do when you’ve got so many feelings warring within you. What you’re scared of and what you’re triggered by says a lot about you, if only you’re willing to listen. You’ve got the feels, my love. Some of what you’re sad about is old stuff, some of it’s straight up fear; but again, if you can be interested in your own vulnerabilities, you’ll be able to heal the wounds that are at the root of your pain instead of just tending to your symptoms. You have changed, gurl, and there’s only pain in it for you if you try to cling to the past. This month, it’d be wise to make your theme all about nurturing. Be kind to yourself -- especially to your scaredy bits -- and let things develop from there. 

On a more material front, this is a great time for making money, enjoying money, or blowing through it. The key is to stay present for how you’re handling it! Spend in ways that improve your life and generate a strong current of abundance. Pair feelings of wealth with a realistic understanding of your resources, and you’ve got flow, my friend, and that is divine. 

Power Animal: 🎭 

Power Ballad: Rip Van Winkle – Shannon And The Clams  



July 23-Aug. 22

You gotta keep on moving, Leo, because there’s magic in your hustle this month, and you can achieve great progress if you stay with it. You’ve collected all the 411 you need, and now it’s time to put your data to work. The past two and a half years have been a great teaching time for you, and over these upcoming summer months, you are meant to drive a big push forward. That may be about internally striving, professional development, or the advancement of any heartfelt ambition, but don’t get it twisted, my fiery friend, it’s on you to see it through. Be especially on the lookout for opportunities coming your way around the 16th through your community, and be ready to respond wisely. The good news about love this June is that you’ve got a bit of a get-out-of-jail-free pass. Things are getting deeper in your relationships without lots of hard work, and if you’re on your own, you’re likely to have sexy vibes thrown out at you. So leave the house! Have date nights with your boo, or flirt your buns off to see if you can forge a meaningful connection with someone new. Even if you don’t meet someone, you’re likely to get a little ego boost, which can only help a woman out. Avoid being outcome-driven in your approach to getting what you want though. That means knowing what you want and striving purposefully towards it without *needing* it to end up or look a certain way. Just do your part, and let the Universe do the rest. 

Power Animal: 🐯  

Power Ballad: Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor 



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Sometimes the Stars seem like they’re bullying you when in fact what’s happening is that they’re challenging you to stand the fuck up, gurl. It’s not enough to have a mapped-out reason why you should be treated better or why you deserve more. You’ve got to speak your mind, take a stand, and otherwise trust in your Goddess-given right to thrive. So many people believe in you, but still you’re holding yourself back. For why, my love? Don’t over-think it, just do something about it. You don’t have to be perfect, or to have every step choreographed; just make a damn move. And while you’re at it, you’ll be in the right spot to rework your relationship to fear itself. You have a tendency towards trepidation whenever you step out of your comfort zone -- and that’s OK -- but don’t confuse it with your intuition telling you that something is wrong. You’ve got this! Take your fears as indicators of what you need extra space or support around, not what you should avoid. While you’re doing all this great expansive work, it’s good to know that June is a great time for your career too, especially in the second half of the month after this pesky Mercury Retrograde is over. Connect with people and resources who can help you clarify your vision, or climb whatever ladder you’re on. You’ve got what it takes, so don’t squander your chances by waiting too long to make a move. Invite in change that helps you grow, even when it isn’t exactly what you’d prefer. Embrace your power, Virgo.

Power Animal: 💃

Power Ballad: Self-Control – Laura Branigan  



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s time to connect with other people to create mutually beneficial situations that you all can vibe in. Whatever that looks like for you this month, the most important thing is how you communicate your vision, how well you listen, and what you do with that exchange of information, Libra. You’ve got all this juicy juju at your fingertips, and it’s not meant to be hoarded, bae. Think big, and align yourself with the people and situations that will help you get where you want to go. The only thing you have to be careful of is that you don’t stop thinking for yourself just because you super heart what your collaborators are saying. Do what you need to do to ensure your own creative process. Things will get real fuzzy real fast if you’re not clear about where you’re coming from, so don’t skimp on self-reflection either. There’s lots of good loving energy swirling around you, but it’s not perfectly clear what kind of love that is. Connect with your heart, enjoy the dance, and allow yourself to get excited about your connections with others. But don’t assume that you’ll end up together forever and ever. Allow yourself to be in it without an agenda and you’ll find that you’re way more open and present. You can apply all of this advice to any creative or artistic endeavor you’re involved in too, BTWs. The point is to learn a new way of flowing with things that is not born of diplomacy as much as it is from authenticity. That, dear Libra, is how one comes to be HBIC. 

Power Animal:🐩 

Power Ballad: Bad Girls – Solange 



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Beware the risk of some major power struggles, Scorpio. And it’s totally not your fault! Well, OK, it may be kind of your fault. The thing is that it looks like someone is freaking out, and they’re trying to make sense of what’s going on. The sense they’re likely to come up with is that it’s your fault, and they may or may not be right. If you get all defensive you won’t actually be convincing anyone of your innocence, BTWs, so try to listen calmly if someone brings hard-to-hear stuff to you this month. The challenge is to look within to see if there is anything to your critic’s claims; if there is, be humble and own your shit. If there isn’t, then you have a delicate balance to maintain. You should for sure beware that how you handle yourself says more about you then the fool that’s bugging you. Here’s a pro tip: sometimes there’s a huge difference between what you want to say versus what you want the other person to hear. Make sure you bitch to your Dear Diary before you open your mouth and say things you can’t take back. The only job you have is to take care of your side of the street, so seriously don’t get too caught up in any he-said/she-said drama, gurl. Your reputation, overall happiness, and survival are unlikely to be at stake, so take it easy, lover. Your romantic life looks sweet for you luckily, but if things come up, follow the same advice -- be direct, own your part and keep on keeping on. If you’re looking to meet someone new, be real about what you find. If someone is a really hot mess, don’t convince yourself that they’re anything more than that. A woman has needs, so do your thing, just be real with yourself about it, Scorpio.

Power Animal: ⚓️

Power Ballad: Choose The Heart – Madjo 



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

It sucks when you know something’s gotta give, and it’s on you to figure out what to do while it insists on remaining a damn mystery. Whatever you do, try not to obsess this month. It’s kinda like your life is in a dream state and if you think on it too hard, you’ll loose your grasp on what you were trying to remember. Instead of looking for the outcome or figuring out actionable steps, try looking for truthiness and quality of experience instead. In the wise words of the big O: “Don’t worry about being successful but work towards being significant and the success will naturally follow.” Fixate on doing things that feel right and are aligned with how you want to be in the world, even if that requires you to deviate from your plan this month. People are a big part of this, and how you relate to others is hecka vital. That means not acting out or running around all jittery, hoping others will ‘fix’ you. When you need a break, take one, and if something needs fixing, be the one to get it done. Don’t step to people unless you can follow through on whatever you start, and if you don’t know if it’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, take it as a ‘no’ for now. The good news is that you are totally capable and will figure things out if you don’t sabotage yourself along the way, so take some deep breaths and march steadily forward, my friend. There may be intense emo energy at play for you this month, but all you’ve gotta do is be kind and patient with yourself as you sort things out. 

Power Animal: 💭

Power Ballad: Patience – Guns N Roses 



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Sometimes you can’t do it on your own and that can actually be a really good thing, my little perfectionist. The feedback and connections that you can only get from another perspective may prove to be invaluable to you this month, Cappy, especially in the first half of June. Take your problems and blockages, and workshop them with the minds and hearts of those you trust. Don’t do this to replace or override your own instincts, only do it to richen the pot of resources you have access to. You are changing in such heavy and real ways that it’s unrealistic to assume that you could remain comfortable in your old clothes. Go shopping, dearest (metaphorically and for reals)! Be willing to see yourself differently, and to let others see in you in a new light, too. There’s no expansion that doesn’t involve risk, but don’t let the threat of your comfort stop you from the next phase, Capricorn. If you try -- and I mean really try, and don’t just think and talk about trying -- you will get where you need to be, even if it’s not where you thought it’d be. The trick is to love and trust yourself as much as you want others to trust and love on you. That’ll require sorting through your worst-case scenarios and insecurities to get to a broader view and vision. Cultivate faith, my love. Whether that’s faith in Amy Schumer’s “Universe,” in yourself, or in your horoscope is not what’s important. Just believe in something larger than your fears in this moment, so you can handle things with the grace and wisdom that is so totally you.

Power Animal: 🍉  

Power Ballad: True Faith – New Order 



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

What do you value, Aquarius? The more nuanced your self-understanding on this matter, the easier it’ll be to sift through your choices and come up with something that truly works for you. This month you run the risk of expecting perfect peace and harmony without being willing to stand up for it. Sometimes you’ve got to fight for peace and be down to have strong as hell boundaries, or you’ll end up off-course and pissed at yourself for letting it happen, bae. Look for the sweet spot between being a closed-off jerk and staying true to your principals. That may require you to do some deep-sea swimming into your inner waters, so prepare to get emo when it counts, gurl. You may need to be willing to let go of people in order to be real with them, as scary as that may be, so hold firm to what’s true for you and see what organically happens from there. No matter what comes to pass, if you’re true to yourself, you can handle it. Your job is to show up in the best ways possible and play it out from there. Regardless of what’s getting tested, make no mistake in understanding that this is a test of your relationship to yourself above all else, lover. Your career may require a little extra work and effort; it’s totally worth it, so don’t flake out on yourself, even if all you wanna do is play. The first half of the month is likely to bring you hecka distractions, but indulge at your own risk. What you do at the end of the day says more about you then anything else, so walk your talk, player.

Power Animal: ✋🏿 

Power Ballad: On The Regular – Shamir 



Feb. 19-March 20 

If you don’t gather in your resources and get your shit tight, you’re going to feel off for days. You can do every self-help thing in town, but if you don’t  do the emotional integration needed to permeate your layers, it won’t mean a damn thing, Pisces. Take your time! Enjoy all of your successes for reals. Stop and literally smell some damn roses, gurl; it’s that serious. Enjoy your friends and family, and if you’re over everyone, then enjoy your own company. Take yourself out on a date, and get yourself a bit of happy while you’re at it. The point is to fully experience whatever joy and beauty you have access to, my love. Soak it up and let it inform your perspectives, especially when the heavy feels get you down. The world is in major flux, and that’s got you extra sensi. On a more personal level, your community is changing, and that’s a rollercoaster of good and bad news these days. Accept whatever truths you’re being shown, so you can take care of yourself around them; don’t turn yourself inside out trying to change the reality of where you and your peeps are at. No matter how beautiful your vision for how other people could or should be, feel, or act is, it may not be a shared one. You’re in a great period for self-fulfillment, and that means that your work life will soak up your attentions and good vibes like a sponge; so if you’re trying to get ahead, this is a great time to do it. Change or be changed, Pisces.

Power Animal: 🖖🏾

Power Ballad: Without You My Life Would Be Boring - The Knife