❤️‍ April 2015


March 21-April 19

There’s been major fireworks happening with the stars lately, and it’s making for some intense energies for us mere mortals this spring. The most important thing you should know about your month is that if you're feeling cray, you’re hella likely to act cray too. Don’t take on extra stuff this month unless you seriously feel like you can handle it. You need to tend to your emotional comfort and wellness before you go trying to manage the rest of the world, Baller. Take a break and fill yourself up so that you can better cope with the screwed up world we’re living in. How you participate is the most important part of what you do, so don’t rush in trying to ‘get it over with’. Act with purpose, and when you can’t do that, try to hang back. The lunar eclipse in Libra on the 4th is bound to kick up some intense emotional crap for you, but it doesn't need to get you down. This is more a time for introspection and reflection than for socializing and starting new things. The worst thing you could do is to try to force yourself to feel chill when you don’t, or to kick it when you just want to be alone. But fear not! It’s only a month of your life, and it can be a really meaningful time if you play your cards right. Listen to your heart, accept where you’re at, and be kind to yourself before you go get all defensive and weird. How you handle  your emotions in April, especially around that eclipse early in the month, will have effects for a long time to come. Be patient and kind, and you’ll be just fine, Aries.

Power Animal: 🌚

Power Ballad: Listen To Your Heart - Roxette 

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April 20-May 20

If you can get over yourself, you’ll be happier and people will like you more, too! You’re trying too hard to make yourself and everything you do perfect, and you're making yourself miserable in the process, bae. Instead of going for the utmost and the highest, strive to create the foundation that your dreams can be built on. If you set your sights too high, you’ll set your self up for disappointments. Demoralizing experiences slow down your progress, so you might as well take it easy, Taurus.  Be nice to yourself while you struggle to cope like the rest of us. The successful execution of the little stuff will support your master plan, and it won’t put off your success in the big picture, I promise.

This month you may find your relationships are getting deeper, or a new connection that feels super vibe and karmic may begin. Be open to new people and even to new ways of connecting with them, but only if it feels right. If love comes your way, you’d be wise to take it slow  so that you can keep on checking in to make sure it’s creative and awesome for you. While you’re figuring out who you are and where you stand, it’s an awful time to get distracted by someone -- even if they’re real purdy. Manage your attitudes and emotions and you’ll be exactly where you’re supposed to be this month, Taurus.

Power Animal: 

Power Ballad: Explode - Big Freedia 

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May 21-June 21

Don’t let anyone harsh your mellow, Twin Star. When people or situations lay down the law with you, it’s generally not meant as a punishment, even if it's a total boner. The truth is that not everyone thinks like you do or wants what you want. Strive to refine your listening skills, even when you don’t like what you’re hearing. There’s nothing terrible coming your way, but if you're not careful, your insecurities will make a big deal of simple differences in opinion. The best way to know that you’re not asserting healthy boundaries is to see how pissed you get when someone else does it. Don’t let that be you! Embody patience as you strive to understand the needs of the people around you and your relationships to them. Only try to figure things out when you're calm; trust your instincts instead of only listening to your fears, and avoid the dreaded pitfall of obsessively over-thinking things. 

The good news is that you’re totally awesome. You’re capable of *finally* achieving what you’ve been struggling to get done over the past several months -- yay you! Look out for important developments around the Lunar Eclipse on the 4th and during the new moon on the 18th. They may take the form of opportunity, but could also be a subtle shift in attitude or change of heart. Whatever it is, follow it. Youre unlikely to have everything wrapped up by April’s end, but there’s no need to let uncertainty get you down. Respond to your life with faith that you can get what you need, even if you don’t get exactly what you want.

Power Animal: 🐐

Power Ballad: Handle Me- Robyn  

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June 22-July 22

No matter how much you love a person, shit gets jacked sometimes. We’re all messed up people, and the way you’re screwed up rubs up against how the other person's a mess, and then general mayhem ensues. Oh the humanity! The worst thing you could do this month, especially in the first two weeks of April, is indulge in catastrophic thinking, or worse, act out in dramatic ways, hooker. Your feelings are valid and real, Moonchild, but they're not likely to be a clearheaded reflection of reality as it is shared by others. You can go on a defensive tirade, and be all Azealia Banks hates Iggy Azalea who hates Azealia Banks, but how’s that going to serve anyone? I’m not advocating that you preserve the peace at any cost because real peace is based on the truth, which can be hella messy. Just pick your battles wisely, Cancer, and that means not in the heat of the moment. We're all just broken people trying to get some happy, and some of us are better at it than others. Try not to take it personally when someone is just being their fucked up self, even if it messes with your equilibrium this month.

Whatever crap is going down for you interpersonally, it’s meant to help you get clear about your needs and limits, Cancer. Figure out what you need others to hear instead of only blurting out what you want to get off your chest; I promise that they’re totally different things. One will give you short-term satisfaction, and the other will help you to live to your potential. Relationships take finesse, and you’ve got that in spades. You’ve just got to remember to use it when you get riled up.

Power Animal: 💋 

Power Ballad: Pray For Forgiveness -Alicia 

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July 23-Aug. 22

We love to talk about our fear of failure, but fear of success is an equally dangerous monster. How you manage your hopes and expectations this month is really important. Pay attention and you may catch yourself in the act of self-sabotaging for no good reason, Leo. Make sure you take time for yourself this month because if you don’t there'll be weird leaky ways that you lose your energy. Things are moving forward for you in exciting ways, but it’s wicked important to figure out how to achieve a work/life balance that you can live with. Your work may be really demanding this month, or it may just need your attentions so you can reshape it in the ways you want. Either way, it’ll take clarity of intent and patience from you if you're gonna do it right. It’s a total boner that this is all happening when what you'd most like to do is take a damn break. If you can’t get away from it all without sabotaging your success, then I suggest a different kind of break. Read an inspiring book, walk around a part of town that you’ve never been to before, or pursue a spiritual experience in whatever way is right for you. The point is to expand your world. Abundance comes in when we’re ready to make our lives bigger and better, and lemme tell you that hating that things are shitty is not he same as truly vibing with things being awesome. So work on your openness, at least in part, by not focusing on what you don’t have. Your friends and contacts are a great source of potential this month, so reach out and ask for help if you need it. Love is really well starred in April, but make sure you aren’t using it as a distraction from the shit you need to get dealt with. Love should help to improve your life, not take you out of it, gurl.  

Power Animal:🍯 

Power Ballad: Truffle Butter - Nicki Minaj  

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Aug. 23-Sept. 22

How you manage pain is of the utmost importance this month, Virgo. You don’t need to avoid it altogether -- that’s just not realistic. All that you really need is coping tools that'll allow you to first tolerate your rotten feelings, and then ultimately be able to see the opportunities in your troubles. Of course, that isn’t always an option, and even when it’s technically possible, it’s hard as hell to do. So here’s a tip: when you feel like crap and you’re bumming hard over things, it’s not the time to see them clearly, so don’t even try. With every problem that arises comes the potential to understand your own objectives more clearly, so wade through your no’s until you find your yes’s, my dear Virgo. Your horoscope this April is clearly pointing you towards a great opening, but you’ve got to seize it, Virgo. That’s hecka hard to do when you’re hiding from life with your head safely tucked under the covers though. Take time to hermit up, but not so much that you’re avoiding the world of people with all its annoying complications. The work of making yourself vulnerable to others, when you already feel raw within, is challenging; so be easy with yourself as you take baby steps. The good news is that the pressure is mainly coming from within, and if you ask for support or even just some sugar from your crew, they’ll be totally down to give it to you. The moral of this story is to not bring your fears to life by assuming that they’re unavoidable. Make space for things to change to your advantage, and they just might.

Power Animal: 🙈 🙉 🙊

Power Ballad:  Doughnuts - Murp

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Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Sometimes things hit you so deeply that you’re  rocked at your very core. The Lunar Eclipse on the 4th is bringing some downright explosive energy into your life, and the best way to manage it is by not trying to direct or stop it, my love. You’re on high alert to change or be changed, Libra, and there’s no value in resisting it. Situations and people are changing all around you, and it’s totally out of your control. All you have jurisdiction over is how you respond. Your attitudes and actions are on you, gurl. It’s no excuse to act a fool just because someone else did first. How you’re willing to treat others is being tested, and make no mistake, that’s a test of your morality. If your sense of right and wrong is situational, can you be truly trustworthy when shit gets real? You have this big, beautiful potential to change in huge ways this month and to have those changes stick, so get right with yourself before you go saying things that you’ll later regret. Your sign is notorious for having a hard time making decisions, but that’s exactly what you have to do this month. Don’t worry so much about the details; just let your core values guide you. There’s no right or wrong choice -- just different consequences. Make sure you align yourself with the stuff that'll bring you to the doorstep of what you needed to work on anyways, instead of further away from it. Create a life you can feel happy to grow into so that if your learning curve is a pain in the ass, it’ll still be totally worth it, babe.

Power Animal: 💣

Power Ballad: Glass & Patron -FKA twigs 

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Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The Lunar Eclipse on the 4th is gonna bring up some deep and private feelings that you can’t contain, and the more open you are to confronting them, the better. The thing about a cup that’s overflowing is that if it gets jostled, it spills everywhere. Your feelings are going to be kicked up this month -- which would be enough to contend with -- but to make things more complicated, you’re likely to feel the full weight of an emotional backlog of triggers. This will make how you communicate hella important all month long as you deal with your big feelings and what they kick up. Make no mistake, Scorpio, ignoring bitches, serving side eye, and showering ice on a person count as communication. Don’t play dumb and front like you don’t know it when you’re acting out ‘cause you’ll fool no one. Whenever you can, bring kindness to how you’re interacting even if you’re vexed. The early part of April is a great time to make enemies, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. The good news is that it’s also a great time to get some love. If you’ve been flirting with someone, now’s your chance to make it happen. Go on dates with people you might not typically consider as well because love and dirty times are in the air if you care, my friend. In fact, once we make it to the middle of the month, you’re likely to have an awesome time if things don't get too messy early on. Do your emo homework in the first half of April, so you can go out and get yours once the gettin’ is good.

Power Animal: 💭

Power Ballad: Queen -Perfume Genius 

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Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This month you may have some very adult bummers to contend with, Sag. Things work cyclically, and that can be good or bad, depending on what’s up for you, so be on the lookout for how your phases are unfolding.  If you feel crappy, you’re likely to act weird, and if you act weird, you’re likely to freak out the person you're dealing with; if they’re freaked out, they’ll misinterpret your actions and get all defensive – you get the picture. If you can figure out what you feel and what you truly want, then negotiating the details of how that plays out with people will be a lot more productive. Don’t hold on to relationships that make you feel like shit, just ‘cause you thought it’d work out differently. Have enough faith in yourself to hold out for what you want. Find emotionally engaging and rewarding dynamics for you to throw yourself into this month, so that you are putting all the lunar energy that's coming for you to good use. Whether that’s a relationship with someone or just reconnecting with your friends, make sure that if you decide to be there, that you show up open and available. That’ll require you putting down your worry stick and giving it your all when you’re with the folks you love. If things don’t work out in your relationships, you’ll at least know that it’s not because you bailed, which in the short-term is a small consolation but in the long-term will make a world of difference. From April 17th onwards it’s an awesome time to get out there and get some if you're a lady who can keep amore casual (for reals). Both adult and PG style play are well-starred all month, but the heavier emotional themes may overwhelm your creative vibez. Blow off steam by making some art, throwing together new looks, or just getting out there to shake what your mama gave you.

Power Animal: 🔓 

Power Ballad: That's A Pretty Good Love -Big Maybelle 

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Dec. 22-Jan. 19

When insecurity has got you down, it colors how you see things. It’s easy to feel like there’s not enough for you when you’re stuck in a loop looking for evidence of suckiness. Whether you need time, love, or opportunities to come your way, you need to first believe it’s possible for your life to thrive in order for your confidence to boost. Only then will the proof start to appear. Pay attention to the demoralizing forces in your life; it may be that your frenemy isn’t worth the trouble anymore, or that you need more down time to figure out what the hell you’re doing with your life. Or maybe you just need a hug. The point is that it’s on you to figure out what you need to support yourself. The conditions of your life should ideally hold you up, and not keep you back, Capricorn. If that’s not possible (and you're super-totally sure it’s not? For sure it's not?) then refer back to the need for hugs. You are at a tipping point, Cappy, and both the Lunar Eclipse on the 4th, and the new moon in Aries on the 18th are not gonna let you happily keep up with the status quo if it ain’t truly working for you. So make meaningful changes, babe, even if you have to take a step down in power to do so. Setbacks this month will only represent a temporary shift in your rein over your empire, so don't fret. Sometimes you’ve got to let go to hold on, and trust me, that’s way better than holding on ‘till the Universe forces you to let go. For reals.

Power Animal: 🌁

Power Ballad: I Believe I Can Fly -R. Kelly

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Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Ahhhh; consequences. They're those annoying things that have been trying to get you to slow down and pull back from what you think you ought to be able to do. You may feel entitled to any manner of boldly acting out these days, and really you can do anything you want, it’s true. But there’ll be pesky costs to what you do or don’t do this month that you may not like. So slow it on down, Aquarius! Consider the long-term implications of what you’re doing and of how you’re getting it done. Are you making enemies that can bite you in your sweet hiney later? Are you skipping over foundational steps that will collapse all you’re building, just when you really get going? There’s no rush, so make sure you approach things with a thorough assessment of what you’re trying to get out of them. Your friendship circle is one of the places that this is likely to play out, so be especially careful about how you handle yourself with your friends. If you don’t play nice -- even if you’re in the right -- you’ll be branded as an unpredictable person who can’t be trusted. So figure out your values and act from a place that is a reflection of them, instead of a place of entitlement, when shit comes up. You’re changing and the people around you are too, so try not to take the small stuff so personally. If you can pause before you react, you’ll find that some of today’s huge dramas may only look like stupid annoyances tomorrow. Make sure your intentions are aligned with your actions this month.

Power Animal:🚢

Power Ballad: No More Drama -Ms. Mary J. Blige 

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Feb. 19-March 20 

You are a lovely person, and don’t let anyone tell you differently, but you need to get your head together, Pisces. If you let yourself indulge in divisive thinking all you’ll see is what’s lacking in your life, the people around you, or in your self. While your observations may be totally accurate, such a negative frame of mind just sucks. Step outside of yourself enough to see all that you’ve got going for you. The crap of life is real and worthy of your attention, but it’s all about balance, bae. Make sure that you’re not giving the hard stuff disproportionately more energy than the good. To help you on your way I suggest creating a PKP (that’s a Pisces Kindness Plan for the uninitiated). Promise to do something really nice for yourself once a day for nine days in a row. It doesn’t count if you eat delicious ice cream only to freak out about the calories an hour later, though. Do something kind for yourself that feels good both when you’re doing it, as well as once the doing got did. If you’re into the fine art of manifestation like I am, then you know that you’re most likely to reap results on the things you put the bulk of your energy into. Luckily once you get your relationship with yourself right, you’ll find that you have tons of love waiting for you from others. Let them in, gurl. Reach out to your network, put yourself out there, and be open to feeling the love. It’s there for you if you let it this month.

 Power Animal: 🙌

 Power Ballad: Optimistic - Radiohead 

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