❤ March 2015



March 21-April 19

This is a big month for you, Aries. Between the full solar eclipse on the 20th on the cusp of your sign, and the migration of Mercury and the Sun from your house of introspection to the house of embodiment -- it’s major. Solar eclipses bring meaningful, fortuitous change, but it’s not always what you want to see that’s shifting. Rev yourself up to be responsive in the most open-hearted way you can, sweet stuff. That means not getting so attached to how things are “supposed” to go that you miss out on even better opportunities that may come your way. It’s wicked hard to be receptive when you’re being all judgey, so be kind to yourself and others. Use that ego that your sign is so well-known for to be strong enough to hold out for what you want instead of giving in out of impatience, or worse, insecurity and defensiveness. The true test the Universe is throwing your way is ultimately about love. If you think you’re the best or you think you’re the worst, it’s really the same problem, Aries.  Don’t be so self-obsessed that you lose site of yourself and your relationships. Embrace the people and dynamics that make you happy, and if there’s none of that around, it’ll be way better to keep your arms empty than to hold on to what or who’s not working for you. The revolution in your life will test how well you love yourself and your standards, so keep ‘em high. You’ve got this, gurl. 

Power Animal: 💃

Power Ballad: Just Dance- Lady Gaga (from PS22 Chorus) 


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April 20-May 20

They say a watched pot never boils, but we both know it does, dear Taurus; and you’re unlikely to look away till you see what you came to see. How you manage stress is of the utmost importance this month ‘cause it’ll set the stage for how you perceive and respond to your life. You can have the greatest view, but if you’re not seeing clearly, it’s kinda wasted. So if you can’t find something constructive to focus on, it’s time to change the channel! If you’re feeling wound-up or crappy distract yourself with something less upsetting, even if it’s silly. That means that this month is a great time to start new stuff: go out dancing, learn the art of macramé, or start writing poems. It’s time to be creating instead of tearing yourself down. The larger themes in your life are not as bad as they may feel, and they need time more than intervention. In fact, if you can wait until after the solar eclipse on the 20th, things are likely to look really differently to you; and the actions to take will get crystal clear. It’s easy to be patient when you’re sipping cocktails poolside, but IRL, real stress can inspire the most unsettling responses to feeling out of control. You’re likely to find that love is not saved from all this vagueness in March. Don’t think that the other person’s not that into you if they just need space. Otherwise, you might push for answers before they’re ripened. Being patient doesn’t have to be a passive thing, so get cracking in the direction opposite of your fears, Taurus.

Power Animal: 🍹 

Power Ballad:  Don’t Dream Its Over- Crowded House 


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May 21-June 21

There is such major change happening in your life that it’d be easy to freak the fuck out or shut down altogether. Find your YES, Twin Star. Reconnect with all the ways that you are choosing to stay in the situations you’re in. If you’re not ending a thing, you’re choosing to be in it. If you are actively ending stuff, reconnect with your willingness to go through the crap you’re dealing with for the long-term gains they promise. If you have peace with your actions, you can better handle them and handle them you must. If you let yourself fall apart, you’ll sabotage your own development, which’d be shame because you’re building a damn empire, gurl. This month you should be tending to the foundations of your dreams and getting to know yourself better around what you can and can’t do in a healthy way. No pressure, but the way you handle this period will impact the course of your life in a meaningful way, so now is not the time to avoid hard work or be inflexible. Whether this applies to your personal or professional development, the bottom line is the same: your success isn’t gonna happen on it’s own, so take responsibility for what you do and how you get ‘er done.

The solar eclipse on the 20th will bring up some major stuff, but it just may be the push you need to get more wholly on board with your goals. It’s one thing to want to wear those super high heels, but it’s another thing to actually hoof around in them all day. Make sure you are willing to follow through, even if things are harder than you thought they’d be. You’ve got the right idea, Twin Star, so stay on track. 

Power Animal: 🍳 

Power Ballad: Apparently –J. Cole  


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June 22-July 22

You are totally ready to confront your fears, Moonchild. Sure, you can exclusively let yourself talk about the bright side, all the while keeping a good attitude, and that is wicked helpful. The problem is that it won’t totally cancel out your very real concerns. Get your hands dirty and deal with the details that are mad-dogging you. Make a list of all that scary stuff and then next to each item, write three things that you can do, and be practical about it. You may only come up with things like ‘calm down’ or ‘be patient’, but that’s OK. It’ll help you to have a better sense of how to handle those out-of-control feelings. The good news is that you are getting more power in your life, even if it’s happening at a different pace than you’d prefer. Have faith in your instincts and your ability to follow through. The more you believe in yourself the more believable your ambitions will become for you.

With Mars and Venus both in Aries until the 18th , you should have plenty of opportunity for socializing, so get your flirt on. If you act like a wallflower then a wallflower you shall be, so receive the chances you’re given with open arms, Moon Mamma, and don’t be shy to make them happen. It’s a great time to have experiences that show you more about yourself and what you want, so don’t get stuck on how you think things need to be. Participate in what is and you’ll have a great time! 

Power Animal: 🌠 

Power Ballad:  Love The One You’re With- Stephen Stills 


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July 23-Aug. 22

Speak your mind, Leo! Don’t shrink behind others’ ideas and wait for them to ask you what you think. This is a great time for collaboration and connecting with friends, but that doesn’t mean you should dilute your voice to do it. Let your platonic relationships feed you, and make sure that you are generous with them on back. There’s a certain kind of love and intimacy that can only be known between friends, and you need that good stuff to hold you up. You’ve got some major activity in your house of introspections and the subconscious, so use it to get more connected to your interior life. The better you know yourself, the more wisdom you can use to make decisions with. You are in a fertile phase, so use it by becoming more connected. Even when dealing with your love life, it’s important to invest in the friendship part of your connection. If the foundation of mutual understanding, communication, and camaraderie is there, just about anything else can be worked out. So show up for building connection, and let huge romantic gestures be put on the back burner for now. There’s time for it all, so make sure you get the basics down right.

Your health is in a weird place this March; you may find yourself pushing it when you should be reigning it in. This is a good time to get back into exercise, cut out dairy, or just get more sleep. Your body is your buddy, so be good to her. The rest of your life will flow more gracefully if you feel healthy and strong. Loving yourself is an action, and you’ve gotta choose to take it every durn day.

Power Animal:💋‍

Power Ballad:   With a Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker  


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Aug. 23-Sept. 22

When you can’t reason your way out of a situation and all the analysis in the world doesn’t help you, the best thing to do is let go. Easier said than done, but I swear it works. Allow yourself to focus on the things you can actually affect, and don’t let your thoughts stray to the stuff that’s crazy-making and that there’s nothing you can do about. How you respond your own frustrations will shape the world around you as you experience it. So do whatever you need to do to get grounded and connected to what you know you’re good at. The more confidence you have, the easier it’ll be to manage whatever freak-outs come your way, and come they may. The most important thing is that you don’t let yourself drown in what-ifs; if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, and if the sky isn’t falling, leave your umbrella at home. If you affix your attention and energy on what is then you’ll have more energy for it, while not creating what you don’t want to see. You may find that you’re scared to set limits out of some superstition or for fear that they’ll backfire against you. But the thing is that if you don’t set them with yourself, you will end up frustrated and drained. If you don’t set them with others, you’ll find yourself overcommitted to crap you don’t love, and then you won’t have energy for the stuff you do love. So be brave! Honor the needs of your heart, even when it means having an uncomfortable conversation or saying ‘no’ to someone who really really wants you to say ‘yes’. Put your wellness first this month, Virgo.

Power Animal:  

Power Ballad: Umbrella -Rhianna


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Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Yours is a sign that tends to be super relationship-minded, and while that’s all good, some things need to be figured out on your own. You may be plagued with a fear of getting stuck in your independence, or in the shitty feelings that you feel when you get down, but don’t let it stop you from doing what you need to do, Libra. Advance your career this month by being wicked focused and consistent in your approach. You’re developing your reputation, and you can’t do a good job at that if you’re half assed about it. So dare to stand out on your own, even if you’re doing that from within a partnership. How you step forward is key because you may find an old habit of hiding behind others to be popping up where ya least want it. The cool thing is that other people believe in you. It’s just you that has to catch up with your endless potential. Once you have confidence in yourself, it’s only a matter of following through. It bears mentioning that it’s possible you may ‘fail’; that’s to say that you may not get what you want or create what you set out to. The Universe has a plan for you, and while I hope it’s the same as your plan, it may not be, exactly. Look for the potential in everything, even the stuff that doesn’t immediately meet your standards, so you can get on board and make the most of it, babes. 

 If you don’t have clear goals, March is the time to develop them. Reach out for help and support, but don’t confuse the vehicle for the journey. This is your life and your path to traverse. Don’t be frightened to go it alone, darling dear.

Power Animal: 🗻

Power Ballad: On My Own - Patti LaBelle ft. Michael McDonald


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Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The ego is a tricky monster, Scorpio. When it’s hungry it can act out in a compulsive and immature way. When it’s over-fed it’s a damn bitch. The trick is to have a healthy self-image and balanced sense of entitlement, ‘cause if you don’t it can really eat you up inside. What’s worse is that it’ll get you to acting in ways that put others on the defensive, which will only worsen your ego’s bad behavior. Oh the humanity! Break your cares into bite-sized pieces, so you can tackle them one by one. Your relationships need lots of attention, and you need to figure out what your reactions are about; don’t ask others to take on your crap, no matter how seriously you feel it. Instead, figure out your baggage, and deal with it separately from whatever’s going on with you and the fools who are triggering you. There’s no getting around the need to change, Scorpio, and you won’t be happy with what happens if you keep putting it off. Dig deep to see what you’ve been doing that keeps you in a holding pattern. Whether it’s maintaining attitudes or habits that keep you down, you’ve got to decide you’re willing to go though the discomfort of creating change. The surest way to get ahead is to come up with a plan and hop in on it. Don’t over-think it or you’ll find yourself paralyzed and right where you started.  

Power Animal: 🍩

Power Ballad: You're So Vain - Carly Simon


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Nov. 22-Dec. 21

When you can’t access your emotions, it makes it really hard to know what’s right or even to act in a way that brings you what you want. Clear it out, Sagittarius. This month is the right time to clean out your closet, both physically and metaphorically. You’re holding on to too much old crap and it’s muddling up your instincts. If you have a case of the sads, or if you just feel off, take a time-out for a few days. With the solar eclipse coming for you on the 20th , you want to be open and clear to make the most of this powerful energy. You may find opportunities or limitations pop up around your big-picture plans, so the more clear you are about what you want and what you’re willing to do to make it happen, the better. It’ll totally help if you keep a dream journal, or start a new moon circle with your best bitches. Between the full moon on the 5th and the new moon on the 20th , there is tons of lunar energy to help you get in contact with your feelings -- or to make you feel batted around by them. So make it a priority, Sag! That might mean spending time with your family (chosen or otherwise), and attempting to heal rifts that are there. You don’t have to be apologetic to be authentically humble, and you don’t need to eat crap in order to keep the peace. Remember why you love the fools you adore, and act from that warm and fuzzy place. Sometimes it takes one person being willing to set the stage for growth and improvements in order for everyone else to get on board. If you get the chance to be the bigger person this month, take it like the champ you are. 

Power Animal: 🔦

Power Ballad: The Moon Song – Karen O


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Dec. 22-Jan. 19

If you’re overwhelmed that’s OK, Cappy, just don’t let yourself believe that all is doomed when really you just need a break. The Universe has been throwing you curve balls for some time now, and you’re handling them like a pro. At a certain point you’re gonna need to decide about the quality of life that you’re going to require. Seriously. Because if you’re willing to settle for a mediocre relationship, an out of whack work/life balance, or to feel gross all the time ‘cause you’re eating shitty foods, then that’s on you, bra. You alone decide the standards that you set your life by, and you alone are responsible for getting yourself there. So every time you accept less than what you want, or you pick up that doughy and delightful stomachache in the making, it’s on you. The eclipse on the 20th may bring you some beautiful opening, but the best way to make use of opportunity is to know what you need and how much of it.

Romance may be a little on the backburner this month. It’s more about creating supportive conditions rather than seduction, per se. That might not be quite what you wanted to hear, but it ain’t bad, either. Relationships --both platonic and sexy styled -- are dependant on collaboration. Accept it if your partner(s) aren’t able or willing to give you what you want, so you can do whatever you have to around that. If you don’t choose things that make you happy, however will you get there, gurl? It’s your move, so play it wisely. 

 Power Animal: 🎮

Power Ballad: Wrecking Ball – Smiley Miley


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Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Your ability to communicate your creative vision is out of control this month. If you are an artist, or have any kind of creative impulses, don’t waste this opportunity to make and do! You may find yourself playing with stuff you never have before, but go for it. This is your moment to play and see where it takes you. Treat yourself to a weekend away, a workshop, or a fresh style you’ve been too shy to work before. Step up your game and have fun while you do it, even if you kinda suck at the new stuff you’re feeling. You don’t have to be Bey to dance; you’ve just got to feel awesome when you shake what the good Lord gave you. Let play and creativity transform how you feel in your skin, and don’t do whatcha do for attention or the material outcome of your efforts.

When it comes to love, this month is fabulous. You are able to attract what you want and enjoy it when it comes. The only trouble is that the law of attraction is based in what you put the most energy into, not what you’re thinking (It doesn’t follow your thoughts; it follows your energy). So, if you’re stoked on your romance and having a great time, but can’t stop worrying that what happened in your last relationship will happen again here, then you’re likely to manifest your worries. Work on being optimistic by training your actions, thoughts, and energy on the objects of your desire. When you can’t do that, shift to a more neutral topic until ya can. Enjoy your power to create a life you’re down to live, Aquarius. 

 Power Animal: 🎊

Power Ballad: Nasty Boys- Janet Jackson 


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Feb. 19-March 20 

You’re changing, the world is changing, and the people around you are too. This is great news in some ways, sucky in others. The realness that you need to understand is that you can handle whatever comes your way. There’s a part of your brain that is trying to act like a damn hot tub time machine and fix the past, or peer into the future -- as if that would change anything. You are here due to the alchemy of who you are, the situations that are out of your control, and how those did or didn’t change you. If you can accept all that, then you will grow into the version of yourself that you are meant to be. And when that organic process has you fretting this month, turn to your loved ones for some perspective. The solar eclipse in your sign on the 20th is bound to bring you big stuff, but don’t assume that means anything bad! You have people who love you and believe you, so open your heart to them and let them in, even if things have been weird lately. 

Your professional life is really important right now, Pisces. The trick is to not get distracted by scrilla. Don’t get me wrong; it’s hecka important, but not exactly the point this month. Choose the path that will be most engaging and creative for you, and the money will follow. Chase after the money and it may just slip like water through your hands. Only align yourself with what fits in your own definition of success, and move towards that like your happiness depends on it.

Power Animal:🌊

Power Ballad: River- Ibeyi 


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