💜January 2016

Happy New Year, bishes!

Here’s 2015's power ballad; don’t let the door hit you on the hiney, honey. 




March 21-April 19

If you don’t know what you want from life, now’s your time figure it out; but the Universe’s methods to help you gain clarity may not be quite to your liking, lover. The first week of January starts off with hella intense energies that are likely to make you feel itchy; what you do with those vibes is the important part, though. To figure out who you are and where you wanna take your life is no small task, Aries. It requires you to confront some real deep questions about yourself, starting with acknowledging how much you’re living for yourself versus how much you’re bowing to the expectations of others. The only way to live your life right is to do it on the real. If you do that, you may be confronted with things that feel crappy and have to deal with choices you wish you hadn’t made, but it’s totally worth it. Awareness is at the foundation of any successful action, and you know you wanna kill it, kween. When it comes to love this month, you’re not likely to have things come easy; but good shit is worth the struggle, so it’s time to shake the bad off. If you find your relationships are all about power struggles — and there’s no resolution in sight — you may just have to bounce. All hunt with no feast makes Aries and very frustrated gurl. Let your actions speak for themselves, and only participate in ways that are good for you, ma. You shouldn’t avoid responsibility this month, no matter how consuming your personal life feels. Act like the boss of your life and not its employee, Aries. Organize your time and set foundations for the coming year. Problems aren’t there to throw you off your path, only to redirect your attention so you can deepen your game.

 Power Animal:  👑

Power Ballad: Hoops – The Rubens   



April 20-May 20

Happy New Year, you sensual beast! 2016 is kicked off by what could be a super annoying Mercury Retrograde from the 5th through the 25th of January, but there’s a way to leverage it to your best advantage, Taurus. Reflect back on the past year. Own up to where you dropped the ball with your plans, and celebrate how you knocked that shit right out the park. The point is to review, respond, and reinvigorate yourself with new plans for your future! If you’ve got vision, all you’ve gotta do is break your big picture plans into small and achievable goals this month. If you don’t know what you want anymore, things are likely to be a lot harder. Talk to people you respect and ask them how they did their thing; find good models of success that you can pattern yourself on. There’s enough room for everyone to be successful, so don’t waste your energy on jealousies or comparing your progress to anyone but your own self. This month is unlikely to get hot until after the Venus Saturn conjunction in your house of filthy fun, so slow your roll on new honies until after the 10th for funnest results. From the 20th onwards, there’s gonna be helly intense vibes playing themselves out in the world, and everyone is likely to be a little on edge. Don’t take it personally or stoke the flames of drama if you can stay out of them. Other people are likely to reflect a shadow side of yourself back to you at this time, and while it may sting, don’t avoid it, boo. Be willing to let go of the parts of you that you know are just holding you back. 

Power Animal: 🐍

Power Ballad: WTF – Missy Elliott 



May 21-June 21

I could tell you that everybody loves you, but that’d be a lie. The truth is that you’re dynamic and wonderful and have such amazing potential, but relationships are hard work. There’s no cheat sheet to help you through them, and whether or not you’re the sickest bish in all the land, nobody is loved by all the bodies, all the time. We’re all messed up, and we bring our messiness to our connections so that we can (hopefully) work them out. Your self-esteem shouldn’t be dependent on others, Gem. Your self-love and faith in your own character shouldn’t be situation-dependent, and that’s no small task. This year kicks off with the potential for misunderstandings because your ruling planet, Mercury, is doing its moonwalk through your first house (trust: this sounds cooler than it is) from the 5th through the 25th. When misunderstandings happen, you can treat it as an opportunity to better communicate, or you can let it roll off your back, or you can do what you do best: obsess. Whatever you do, try and make it productive, BB. Part of all relationships is needing to accept what isn’t ideal. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, even if the water is ratchet. Handle your relationships in general (especially your boo) with honesty and self-acceptance. When it comes to love, be especially careful not to put others on a pedestal from the 4th-6th. Make sure that the loves in your world hold you up and aren’t a distraction from you living your best life possible. Neediness will lead you away from happiness, so take responsibility for how you do what you do, boo.

Power Animal:  👶

Power Ballad: Gemini - Telana



June 22-July 22

Your relationships are about to get real real soon, Moonmama. This month is full of astro-activity that’ll trigger you up to be even more emo than you typically are, so here are some pro tips for making the most of this period, big feels and all: First off, let people reveal themselves to you; don’t try to fix every upset you experience before you take in the 411. How people act says a lot about them, and if you react without taking in the truth of things, you’ll end up missing out on a big opportunity, so listen well, bae. Next, remember that you are not a plant with your roots stuck in the ground. You can get up and leave, even if it’s painful or a bit dramatic to do. The point is to not participate in dynamics that you don’t actually want to. It’s on you to take care of biz, so don’t sit in a heap and winge about what you can’t do anything about. And finally, remember that kindness heals. Its so exhausting being mad at yourself and everyone else. Some people are true-blue dicks, but most of us are just damaged people doing our best, even when our best kinda sucks. Show compassion in the face of pain or disappointments this month and into 2016. Your work life is exciting, and you may find all kinds of offers popping up or maybe just inspiration for where you want to go next. It’s helly exciting, and there’s potential for so much growth in your world. Just remember that no woman is an island; make and keep allies that you can have mutually beneficial relationships with.

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Power Ballad: Wavey - Allan Kingdom ft. Spooky Black



July 23-Aug. 22

What do you need to let go of, lover? Whether it’s a person or a way of being, how you relate to who you relate to has gotta give. This year starts off with all kinds of cosmic juju to make things super intense and that’s not good or bad, but it’s not chill either. Do your spring-cleaning early this year, and get rid of the stuff that’s been clogging up your home base. Move furniture, revamp your steeze, and try to look at your home base with a new set of eyes. It’s awesome to create good vibes in your abode, but the real reason to do it is so that you can shake up the energy in your personal life to help you see things differently. The full Moon in your relationship house on the 24th is a great time to pull the plug, so use this month to rev up and then let go of whatever (or whomever) you’re better off without. Don’t preoccupy yourself with how to make things work because that kind of thinking will make you miss the point, lover. The question is what can you do in your relationships without sacrificing your health and happiness? Are the dynamics you’re caught up in helping you to become a more whole person, or keeping you in a ratchet, bad-vibes loop? Relationships can be hard AF, but they shouldn’t break you down. Make choices that don’t require you to abandon yourself. Work may take a backseat to your personal life this month, or you may find that you’re totally overwhelmed with way too much to do. Either way you’ve gotta pace yourself wisely. Have hope, and when you can’t have that, try patience, lioness.

Power Animal: 🌚 

Power Ballad: The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

When you’re in it and feeling like crap, it’s easy to believe that how you feel is the truest thing there is. If you’re tangled up and things aren’t going your way, or if you can’t get any traction with your ideas, why would you throw a victory party, right? Luckily it’s only kinda right. Try to learn from the version of the truth that you find yourself believing in. So many of the situations that sucked balls in your life turned out to mark huge turning points, or have had a major upside that you weren’t able to see at the time. Have faith and take heart, Virgo. If you could see the good at that time, wouldn’t it have been easier to bear the bad? If you stay committed to being your own BFF through life’s ups and downs, then even the worst becomes manageable, so open your mind before you decide everything is crap. What looks like a fail may be a short cut, so don’t be so attached to your version of how things should go that you block growth from happening. Be weary of hotheaded proclamations of love or hate from the 4th-10th in your relationships. There’s often a huge difference between how a person feels and what they say, but don’t be an armchair therapist with your squad or your boos. From the 5th through the 25th make sure you correctly understand what others are trying to say (and visa versa), so mean what you say and say what you mean, lover. Things may feel stalled with professional development for the better part of this month, but what you do now counts. Show up as your best self for best results.

Power Animal:👌  

Power Ballad: Hotline Bling (( remix )) - Erykah Badu



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Thinking you’re the worst and thinking you’re the best is ultimately the same problem because they’re both about being too preoccupied with your self. Instead of worrying so much, kick it up into high gear, Libra. Your ego needs to be healthy enough to take on challenges and sidestep pettiness, but not so strong that you need constant supremacy to satisfy its needs. You don’t need everything all at once. Allow your dreams and goals to present themselves in stages, without seeing the small steps as a fail. If things play themselves out slowly enough, you’ll have the chance to edit and refine your vision; so embrace the flow of your life, even if it bugs, babe. Your squad may get complicated this month, and whether it’s your birth family or your chosen fam that’s become high-mai, you’ve gotta step in and deal with people directly. You count, and what you say and do matters, which is why being a peacekeeping, people-pleasing backseat driver won’t work out well this month. Bring your truth to the table, and if it bums people out that’s OK because the truth is true whether you hide it behind their backs or not. Sometimes drama is necessary in relationships because it brings problems to light instead of letting them get bigger and badder behind the scenes. You’re likely to have intense stuff on your mind from January 20th through the 2nd of February, and you need to find a balance between watering your opinions down and spewing stuff that is better suited to your shrink than to the person you’re having feels about. Pursue balance based on realness in your New Year.

Power Animal:  🚗

Power Ballad: Big Girls Cry – Sia



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Being unapologetic about your boundaries is not the same thing as being a jerk; it’s all about how you do it, Scorpio. Know yourself well enough to know what you can and cannot do, instead of waiting until shit hits the fan and you feel hella frustrated. It’s easy to act like a choad when you feel trapped, so don’t let things get that serious. It’s a New Year and time to set yourself up with new goals, or maybe just more refined ones, and a plan to match for getting them did. Break your big aspirations into small enough pieces that you can make traceable progress, bae. If you feel better about yourself, it’ll be easier to suffer fools without falling for their crap or picking fights, both of which will slow you down. It’s all about communication this month, and the foundation to what you say is in what you think, so you need to get your head on right. You can transform your insides by shifting the way you talk to yourself, and hopefully that shift will be to a more patient, generous, and chill place, my friend. The thing to remember is that most people are doing their best and struggling through landmines of their own crap, and they’re not masterminds trying to take you down. Make sure you hit all your deadlines this month, especially anything you sign on for in the first week of January. It’d be easy to get distracted, but not wise. Make good on your commitments, or be crystal clear with others if you change your mind. Mean what you say and you say what you mean, darling one.

Power Animal:  💎

Power Ballad: Eudaemonia - Them Are Us Too



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

It can be helly hard to tell the difference between intuition and anxiety sometimes, especially when it seems like your feels will either make or break you. No matter what you do and how you do it, you can’t avoid risk, ‘Tarius. Make choices that bring you closer to yourself, instead of ones that you just think will make you safer. If you dare to make yourself happy in the face of all your inner voices saying that it can’t be done, you’ll end up setting into motion some major good vibes that will build on themselves. Your work life is changing with or without you, BB; so whether you participate or not, your world is about to tilt. Make the best of it by stepping up to the challenge with an adventurer’s heart. Even if things are a bit bumpy at first, you’re likely to really enjoy where they go. Do work that feeds your heart, and when that doesn’t work, take loving care of your heart as you work. In the romance department, you may need to take it a little slower this month. Get right with yourself so you can start experiencing new highs and lows with your boo life, already. If you don’t create inner change, then you’ll keep on repeating the same tired mistakes over and over again. There’s no rush and you are not running out of time, no matter how impatient you feel. Anything that’s yours will come to you in it’s own time. If you allow yourself to push forward before you do your me-work, you’ll feel stuck and agro instead of getting the new and improved results you’re looking for. Be the change you want to see in your life.

Power Animal:  💯

Power Ballad: Afghan Jalebi (Ya Baba) – Asrar



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Happy New Year, Cappy! This year kicks off with some seriously intense vibes in your neck of the woods, so get ready. On the 10th there will be a new Moon in your sign, and this makes it an excellent time to get right with yourself emotionally. Spend some time alone to reconnect with where you’re actually at with your life. This is especially important because the Sun conjunction to Pluto from the 5th through the 7th will bring up such deep feels that you’re gonna need a minute. Who you are and how you present your identity is on the chopping block, but don’t worry, you’re the butcher. There may be some confrontations boiling between you and others, or you could just be ready to take on more power and responsibility. Whatever happens it won’t be mellow, but you shouldn’t shrink away from it either. Pay attention to what comes up in these couple of days because on the 20th through the 2nd you may find yourself having to defend your position, sweet one. Interpersonal drama is a total bummer but can be worth its weight in gold because of what it exposes. Let other people reveal themselves to you, even if you don’t like what you learn. Your value is based in what you do when push comes to shove, not what you think you’d do in a tough situation. Be generous even when it’d be easier to only think of yourself, and work hard even when all you wanna do is check out. A pro tip for handling drama is to remember that being triggered is not the same thing as dealing with trauma. The former is like being haunted by the ghost-like memories, and the latter is more like the ghosts from Poltergeist. Handle yourself in proportion to what’s happening in the here and now.

Power Animal: 👻  

Power Ballad:  FEMALE - Sampa The Great



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

When you stay stuck in the same position for too long it gets way harder to shift from where you are. Time heals all wounds, but you don’t want a wound to heal with shrapnel in it, boo. You’re old ways of being in the world and even with yourself worked for you once upon a time, but not now. You absolutely have to change, Aquarius, and it’s not a punishment or even a problem unless you fight it. Unfortunately, with all the activity that you have going on in your astrological house of the subconscious, you might not even realize that you’re working at cross-purposes to peace, so here’s a pro tip to help you out: don’t resist your grief. If you can accept what life gives you, even if you don’t completely understand it, you’ll have more serenity and maybe even a better sense of humor about things. From that place it’s way easier to see solutions. If you feel like the goddess is kicking you in the ovaries, all you’ll wanna do is call the whambulance instead of 2.0 your life. You’ve gotta do you, so don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by your feels. Instead of doing the same old just because, strive to bring your vision and free will to the table. There’s no way to grow into what you’re becoming without outgrowing what you were. It’s OK to have the sads about it, just don’t get trapped there. When it comes to your relationships, it may be hard to connect with others when you’re feeling so over it all. Don’t worry if you feel like a 100 year old hermit, this phase won’t last forever. On the 24th the Moon will be full in your sign, making an excellent time to close out some deep cycles you’ve been caught up in. You’re just about to get your groove back, so use this time wisely. 

Power Animal: 👵 

Power Ballad: Keep It Healthy -Warpaint



Feb. 19-March 20

There aren’t any huge surprises coming your way, just the same old stuff still demanding your attention. What are you gonna do this year that’s different than the year before? I encourage you to resolve to honor your feels more, especially before they get drastic. Listen to your body and treat it with care and kindness, and while you’re at it, slow down enough to hear its needs. Your relationships are so much of what you let them be, Pisces. If you refuse to take on other people’s BS and simply don’t participate in dank dynamics, then they can’t ruin your life (not to be dramatic). The point is that what you join in on shapes your life, and it doesn’t say anywhere in the rule books that you have to repress your feelings and needs in order to be in relationships. Don’t be so scared of consequences that you act nicey-nice when you wanna burn the house down, babe. January is a great time for networking, even with Mercury retrograde happening from the 5th-25th. Reach out to people that can help you help yourself, and while you’re out there, make sure to scratch some backs too. The improvements you make to your resume this month will be helly helpful, so don’t stop short on projects that hit your inbox. The personal connections (versus virtual ones) that you make in January can help you to understand where you wanna be, or even better, help you get there. Don’t be shy or scared to try new stuff, Pisces. Dare to take your dreams to bigger and better places and to build the bridges you need to get there. You’re on your way, lover.

Power Animal:  🌉

Power Ballad: A Message - Kelela



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