💜 December 2015

Mixed emotions; whatever @tuesdaybassen

Mixed emotions; whatever @tuesdaybassen

Last month I collaborated with Rookie to write a November horoscope, and it was super fun! I got inspired by their setup, so I’m about to rip their style for December. As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to get real about what you’ve been doing and where you’re going, friends. Here’s a little cheat sheet I've prepared to help you on yer way with some of December’s biggest astro events. Scroll to the end of this cheat sheet for your regularly scheduled monthly forecast!

12/1-2nd  Saturn is Conjunct the Sun in ‘Tarius (that’s Sagittarius for the uninitiated)

There'll be heavy energy that’ll either make you feel like hiding under the covers or help you to do hard work that requires concentration and effort. If it’s a sad-boner kind of day, don’t worry! It’ll pass quickly.


12/5-9th       Mars in Libra is Square Pluto in Capricorn

Diplomacy is a great thing but not at the cost of realness. Watch out for power struggles, especially of the passive aggressive kind. Try and flip the script on your own obsessions, and look at what they mean about you instead of whatever your mind wants to loop around on.


12/8-13th   Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries

Watch out for accidents ‘cause this is some bumpy energy, lovers! Both of these planets are super me-first minded and can get you all riled up. Whether you’re vexed or people around you are acting out, what you should know is this: here's an opportunity to be more authentic. Either be reals or be really annoyed. Stand up for yourself without making unnecessary drama for you or your mama.


12/11th  New Moon in ‘Tarius sextile Mars and trine Uranus

This is a dynamic time to start something new! There’s gonna be fertile energy running today. Think long-term if you can. These vibes are like a road trip, solo plans, and sexy times combined: that is going somewhere and getting there in a fun, kinda risky way.


12/16-18th  Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Cap

These planets bring potential for deep connection or total BS. Just because it’s intense doesn’t mean that it’s good for you. Seek out constructive connections these days, or if you’re more of a social climber type, get out and make it happen. It’s a great time for networking or falling deep in love.


12/19-21st Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Cap

You may find yourself agitated or obsessing over these few days. It’s a good time for research or anything requiring a lot of intense attention. Here’s a Mercury/Pluto PRO TIP: Say what you mean and mean what you say, or you’ll end up stirring the pot and risking drama, Papas and Mamas.

12/25th Full Moon in Cancer

Don’t go Full Moon crazy, ya’ll! Today is gonna bring up big feels, so breathe through it if things become intense. We’re all on call to make peace with our choices, so get real about what decisions brought you to where you are, so you can handle your situation with grace. Honor your feelings without overreactions today.      XO


March 21-April 19

This month starts out strong for you. Get your head on right at the start of the month, and prepare for the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 11th. It’ll be whispering sweet nothings to both Mars and Uranus, which basically means that you’ll be able to follow through with your plans in inspired and effective ways. If what you start around this time doesn’t work, it’d be smart to reassess whether what you were doing was true for you to begin with. There’s tons of vibes at play to support you in taking your game to the next level, but it’s on you to do it. Get off your keister and make it happen, gurl. With Mars in your house of relationships, there’s energy all month for you to get into something new or shake things up in your life. On the 9th through the 13th you should be on high alert about your ego jumping out of your throat and accidentally-on purpose getting shoved down someone else’s. Spontaneity is good when you’re feeling like rainbows and unicorns, but it sucks like hell when you’re in a bad mood or dealing with douches. Whether the intense vibes are coming form you or at you, the work is the same: don’t act out. Think before you speak, and breathe deeply before you act. If someone is bullying you, you may have to stand up and speak your piece, but you don’t have to be provocative about it. Centered and steady will win the race. The holidaze are a perfect time to get in fights or have power struggles with your fam or besties if you’re not careful and kind. You don’t have to agree to be agreeable, and you don’t have to say what you’re thinking if it’s not helpful. Spread your big heart around when you feel strong, and soak up the love around you when ya don’t. 

Power Animal: 🚀

Power Ballad: Shocking Blue - Venus



April 20-May 20

It’s the end of 2015 and time to get in line with where you’re at and what you want. Drag out your Dear Diary and get to journaling, Taurus. Get right with yourself before you try and feel better by making people like you. You don’t have to do for others in order to get them to like you, sweet one. The magic to making friends and stealing hearts is in being yourself, and not wasting time pretending to be something you’re not. If you’re so concerned about whether or not the other person likes you that you don’t check in with what you feel for them, you’re missing out. Compatibility can only happen between matching realness, or similar fakeness; so take your pick. You can’texpect others to show up if you’re hiding behind a mask, no matter how adorbs it is. So get right with you. Between Venus in your relationship house and Jupiter in your place of play, you could have tons of fun this month, so keep your eyes and heart open. If you’re idea of fun is knitting, don’t bother with the dance floor; remember to close out the year embracing your whole self, lover. You’ve just gotta do you, and the rest will follow. The Full Moon on the 25th will bring big feels that can help you make peace with your choices and build up more self-acceptance and self-love. Yay! Use the energies wisely so that you don’t go Full Moon Crazy, which is only really likely to happen if you’re not being true to yourself. Use December to get things done at work, too. Follow through with your commitments and grab opportunities that come your way, especially those that come through friends from the 10th onwards.

Power Animal: 📖 

Power Ballad:  Lynn Andersone - Rose Garden



May 21-June 21

Sometimes the stuff that feels at first like the saddest boner ends up being the very best for you, Twin Star. This month your relationships and all the bitches in them need you. The people you’re committed to are expecting you to follow-through, and can you blame them? For as much joy and love that the people in your life give you, you’re responsible to them too. If your word isn’t good, why should people trust you? You’re totally entitled to change your mind, but you’ve gotta tell people when that happens. You may need to be patient with their disappointment or general feels if you’re shuffling plans around. The goal this month is to stay present when shit gets real, even when there’s something funner you’d rather be doing. Having well-held boundaries and a straightforward way of spelling them out will help you avoid serious relationship pitfalls. Relationships aren’t all hard work, so take heart, Gem. You’re apt to attract attention for your sparkle and wit, so bring it. When you’re not doing damage-control, you may end up on crowd control. Whether you end up with new dates, more friends, or just a boosted ego, notice how other people’s opinions of you make you feel about yourself. Play through the holidaze season without loosing your head. People expect a lot from you, and sometimes that feels awesome; and sometimes it’s just pressure. Make the most of your circumstances, because if you show up and really try, you’ll find that you’ve totally got this.

Power Animal: 🎯 

Power Ballad:  Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind & Fire 



June 22-July 22

If you’re feeling unstable, it’s because you are; and that’s not a bad thing. You need to change, and the direction you’re taking your life needs to go along with it. Vision and follow-through are your two best tools, so make sure you’ve got them both at the ready. You’ve got so much going on and so many balls in the air that it’d be easy to get caught up in what’s in front of you instead of staying focused on your big picture plans. No amount of pressure from the outside needs to shake the fierceness of what you are on the inside, lover. Take breaks when you need them as you figure out what to rebuild, what to shift, and what to leave alone. We’re at the edge of a new year, and you don’t need to bring your anxieties with you. Write down all of your stressors on little pieces of paper, and put them one by one in a bottle. Name them and let ‘em go. Once you feel done, pop a cork in it and send that thing to sea; or stick it in the recycling, just as long as you get rid of it before Jan 1. You’re willingness to let go is all tied up in your ability to get somewhere new and improved, so get out of your own way and stop looking back: it’s upwards and onwards, Mama. The Moon will be full in your sign on 12/25, right in time for deep Xmas madness. Hiding your feels won’t be an option, so holding them with compassion and balance is your best bet. If you find yourself getting mad at your squad or your fam over the holidays, don’t freak out; use that big heart of yours to deal with the real shit that’s been stewing underneath the surface.

Power Animal:  🎢 

Power Ballad:  Toast and Marmalade for Tea - Tin Tin 



July 23-Aug. 22

You’ve got this path you’re on and it’s a good one, but there are some serious problems with it too. You’ve been suffering, my love, and that sucks. Take your heartache and use it as inspiration to make changes, instead of sitting around and getting stuck in it. Love is a gorgeous thing, but when you love someone or something at the expense of your life growing in creative ways, you’re in trouble. No matter how tempting it is, don’t evade your very real needs this month. We’re about to step into a new year, and you can drag all your old crap with you or let it go in hopes of creating a more supportive life. Whether it’s your relationships, your home life, or your work, this has everything to do with the people you choose to trust and how you relate to them. Think about this stuff early in the month because from the 8th-13th your reactions will become stronger, and you may impulsively cut some cords or make some changes without enough forethought. Pro tip: your fear of the unknown should not make your choices; use evidence to guide you. Even though it’s the holidaze, it’s no time to quit werqing, gurl. Keep up your health routines this month because you can make meaningful improvements and strengthen a loving relationship to your bod. Work may be a drag but only if you’re trying to avoid it. Follow through with your commitments, and don’t let anyone get in your way; if they try, just kill ‘em with kindness, boo.

Power Animal: 😽 

Power Ballad:  How Deep Is Your Love – Bee Gees 




Aug. 23-Sept. 22

December might start out with a thud, but it’ll end with a pop! Turn inward in the first half of the month to find the roots of your case of the mehs. Don’t candy-coat your feels, even if you’re hella stressing out. You’re stressed for a reason, and your job is to look for and handle the source of your malaise instead of the symptoms. Be especially open to signs during the New Moon on the 11th . You’ll be able to make sense of them between the 23rd-26thwhen Mercury and Jupiter team up to bring insights you can actually use. You can bust through your indecision and fears if you’re willing to take some risks, which I highly recommend. You’re not gonna get anywhere new or better if you keep on doing the same stuff with the same people, hooker. Well-considered chances can take you away from crap that blocks innovation and juiciness in your life. While you’re at it, don’t waste all your goodness on selfie sabotage and following your FOMOS (Fear Of Missing Out Syndrome), Virgo. Get out into the real world, filled with real people, and spread your love around. Confront the good, the fab, and the gnarly of your connections; and shake what the good Lord gave you. Take some time to feel yourself and enjoy the company of others, lover. Your home base needs TLC this month too; so show up for the people and places you call home, and bring clarity about what you have to give. The Full Moon on the 25th will be an awesome time to show up with an open heart and see who meets you there, babes.

Power Animal:  🎲

Power Ballad:  Soon - Yes 



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Make it happen, lovely one. You’re filled up with fire this month and it’s a great way to close 2015 down. Look for constructive emo outlets from the 5th-9th. You may be feeling angry or stuck, and if you have a place to take your bursting heart, you’ll be better able to figure out what you need to do with it next. With the holidaze upon us it’d be easy to focus on everyone’s needs but your own, but that’d be a mistake you’ve made before. Hold your feels and needs in balance with the bitches around you, dear heart, or you’ll end up feeling resentful for making compromises that no one ever asked you to make. Your mind may be running in circles, telling you that things are crazy complicated when they’re not. It’s all really simple, Libra: do you choose fear or love? If you choose love (the obvious better choice), then you’ve got to return over and over again to aligning yourself with those trusting and compassionate vibes, which is easier said then done. When you assume that fools are against you, or take it personally when dicks act like dicks, then you’re back in fear’s camp, a place that’s easy to get to but painful to stay. The 21st through the 25th is going to spark all kinds of interpersonal intensity in your life, so be prepared. Be honest, even when it’s hard, and don’t take on what’s happening around you, bb. You’re helly sensitive. Use your perceptions to help you understand your world instead of only to take care of others. You’ll emerge stronger and more accomplished. Be the baller you’re meant to be, bae.

Power Animal: 💃 

Power Ballad: Sweet Thing – Chaka Khan & Rufus



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Take on other people’s ideas of what you are, and you lose your center; ignore their ideas and you’re living in a narcissistic bubble. Find a balanced way of holding people’s opinions of you, Scorpio, so that their ideas don’t have more power over your self-worth then they should. You are a fierce and fabulous individual, a human-shaped snowflake; and there’s no one else like you. Take time this month to connect with who you think you are, based on your behavior in the here and now, hooker. There’s so much happening in your life that if you respond from an off-kilter place, it’ll feel like crap and go that direction too. Your circumstances are testing your relationships, and you’ll be better for it if you’re honest with yourself about what you learn. By the 16th there’ll be supportive vibes coming from Venus in your sign to help smooth things over –- just don’t accept things that are not in fact on fleek, babe. What you think and how you say it are being challenged all month, but it’s in the second half that you’ll be ready to rise up and deal with it. Choose your battles wisely without shying away from them. As ’15 comes to a close, you should do an exercise. Write out all the things that this time last year you thought you wanted, and take note of how much of that has changed since then. Next notate what you want to bring in to your life in ’16. Name some creative possible paths for the sad feels you’ve been nursing. You’ve got this, bae.

Power Animal: 

Power Ballad: I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges 



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Start it up right, ‘Tarius. December’s New Moon is in your sign, and it’s putting you on call to freshen up your heartstrings and anything that’s attached to them. You’re going through some major emo transformations, and you’ve got to stay clearheaded to keep yourself tight and alright. If you end up running around all month, try to carve out alone time in between dates to stay grounded. You can assert yourself in powerful ways this month, but if you act off-brand, you’ll feel awful about it. You may that fear being too much yourself will alienate others or push people away, but there’s no good way to be but true to you. No matter how confusing or seductive faking it might feel, you’ll feel best if you commit to being whole and happy. Be open to learning something deep about life or getting help from mentors from the 23rd-26th. If you mansplain / janesplain things to people who know more than you, you’ll miss out on opportunities for real learning. When it comes to love, beware gurl, because things may not be as they appear. There’s stuff happening beneath the surface that may trip you up if you’re not careful. Be exceedingly honest, and request the same from the fools you’re dealing with. Sometimes lovers are there to love you, and other times they’re there to help you love yourself. Because we are stubborn animals, it’s often easiest to see our worth when we’re standing up to someone who’s crossed the line. Love yourself not because you have to; do it just because you’re awesome, and make sure that the people you open your heart to see the fabulousness in you too.  

Power Animal:  👀 👂

Power Ballad:  Everything’s Alright – David Bowie



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

It’s all about your relationships, Cappy. Whether we’re talking about your relationship to yourself or your relationships with others, you’re unlikely to get away with any BS this month. When you get sad, it’s easy to try to push those bummer feels away, but that ends up making you agitated or extra bummed with a side of confused; it sucks. Deal directly with your heart, babe, even if it’s painful or confusing. This month is chock full of emotional landmines that could make you want to act out to protect yourself rather than get really grounded and calmly figure out your needs. It’s time to go deep or go home, BB. The good news is that the potential for growth and success in lots of spheres of your life is there; you just need to be brave enough to seize your chances. The Full Moon on the 25th is going to kick up big relationship stuff, so spend the earlier part of the month getting clear on where you’re at with the people in your life, but especially your boo and your besties. If there are any real problems between you and your closest peeps, they’re likely to come up so you can deal with them: so do! Your work sphere looks awesome, but helly busy. From the 8-13th if something comes up that seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Pace yourself and don’t leave things unfinished, lover. You will yield results with whatever you put your strongest efforts towards. Make sure you’re working on what you love, so you can bring that good stuff with you into 2016.

Power Animal: 👭 

Power Ballad: Cisco Kid – WAR  



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

What’s going on in that gorgeous head of yours, Aquarius? There’s so much brewing that will come to the surface in the New Year; but for now it’s time to bake your ideas, feels, and vision till they’re golden. Your big picture, long-term goals need you, bb; and if you get too caught up in the she said/he said of your social life, you’ll end up missing out on some pretty big opportunities to get yourself on track. But let’s get one thing straight here: you’re not in control. You can’t twist fate, control others, or predict your own future. How rude! All you can do is lay foundations you believe in today and hope that you’re able to build on them tomorrow. This is an excellent time to reflect on your year and all that you’ve come through. It may feel like a lot, so make sure to take in the stuff you’ve accomplished, lover. Appreciate the people who’ve held you up and helped you out, and give yourself a gold star for your successes. On the 25th -- with the Full Moon in your house of health and work -- is a great time to give up habits that have been holding you back. Whether you need to give up sugar or meat, or you want to stop wasting your time at a dead end job, the energies of this Full Moon will help you let go of whatever you’re getting out of that isn’t working for you. Do a ritual, use your Dear Diary, or just be with the feels that you want to release. Have a very witchy Christmas, lover!

Power Animal: 

Power Ballad: On The Road Again – Canned Heat  



Feb. 19-March 20

The first couple of days of December are likely to be heavy, but don’t despair. The lack of flow you’re feeling outside is just to get you to pointyour energy inside. Who you are is up to you, and don’t let anyone tell you different, Pisces. 2015 ends with Mars rolling through your 8th house, and that can be some very hot and sexy good news for you; or it can end up doing a deep-dish backfire. The thing about powerhouse Mars is that it needs to be expressed, and if you aren’t willing to do it, the Universe will force your hand. Flirting your buns off, making some moves, dancing, and competitive sports (sale shopping counts!) will allow you to enjoy some of the most fun parts of this transit. The dark side of Mars is anger and combativeness, and the 8th house is not a forgiving place for those vibes to play out in. You may have a bone to pick with someone and, honey, pick away; just don’t expect that you’ll have your say without consequences. Be ready to fight for what you want, and dig your heels in around what you believe in, but be ready for push back too. Don’t hide from intensity, and don’t try to shrink, lover. Your career is a bouncy house, inviting you in for a tumble, so get in there and have fun! Don’t expect that the conditions you’re experiencing now are here to stay; make the most of the good, and deal calmly with the rough stuff. You’ve got this.

Power Animal: 💪

Power Ballad: Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix




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