💜 November 2015

(image from @limecrime)

(image from @limecrime)


March 21-April 19

There’s lots of relationship action for you this month Ramsey, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be good or bad as much as active. This sphere can bring you all kinds of spiciness, especially if you put yourself out there so don’t be shy, lover. You may pull a new relationship in or the opposite could happen. If you’re single you may have some serious heat with someone, or if you’re hooked up, you may find that you need to let go of someone. Painful endings or sexy beginnings are on the menu, and it’s a roll of the die as to which you’ll experience. Either way, the work is to be honest and have a healthy approach to how you connect to people, Aries. Don’t trade your welfare for someone else’s momentary happiness. You may find that people are annoying as hell, but beware! What you might think of as passive aggressive may be what someone else thinks of as nice. What you think is not the same as what everyone else thinks, so stay open to bitches being different without it being a big terrible thing. November is the time to listen to your dreams, especially from the 25th onwards when the Sun and Mercury enter your ninth house and inspire you to see things from a broader perspective. Your subtle senses are on fire, so don’t cling so tightly to what you want to see that you end up missing what’s in front of your face.

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Power Ballad: Hotline Bling - Ceresia




April 20-May 20

On the 11th there’s gonna be a hecka emo new Moon that could tie you up in knots if you let it. Don’t resist your feels, Taurus. Instead, use that day to notice what comes up, and set your intent for what you want to work on for the next Moon cycle. New Moons are a great time to draw new stuff into your life, so turn your hippy vibes up to kween status. On the 25th will be a full Moon that will be better for releasing whatever is in your way, so try to focus just on your YESes leading up to then. From the 3rd through the 20th you may find that you’re thoughts are consumed with heavy themes, so use that energy wisely. Get things done, finish up projects, or read that book you’ve been too distracted to get to. The one thing that won’t be well-starred at that time is getting your flirt on, so leave the light and lovey stuff till after the 20th. It’ll be easier to chill with friends after then too, so don’t worry if you feel more solo or introspective this month ‘cause it’s gonna pass before you know it. November is a great time to kick off new health habits, so put that in your new Moon plan, or just enjoy the boost. As nerdy as it sounds, you can move mountains; you just have to believe in yourself. Put the same amount of love and belief into yourself as you would into a good friend. You’ve got just about everything you need, except maybe faith and follow-through. Cultivate both for best results, bae.

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Power Ballad: Window Seat - Erykah Badu



May 21-June 21

How you relate to others says more about you than you might think, Twin Star. What you consent to is the embodiment of your boundaries, and that shit is way more real than you might want it to be.  You can blame others all you want for what you do and don’t have, but it’s on you to say what you mean, and mean what you say. Only you can decide if you need to bounce or breathe through it, so make space to reflect on it this month, especially in the last week of November when the Sun enters your opposite sign. This will be your half-birthday and a time to step up your game, Mama Bird. No matter how you play it, you’re gonna find yourself facing the music for how you relate to others and who you choose to chill with. The theme here is realness, and whether we’re talking daytime realness with your friends or nighttime realness with your beaus, the reality of what exists between you is coming up and demanding to be dealt with. The good news is that the full Moon on the 25th in your sign will help you to let go of false masks that aren’t working for you and shed the habits that you have with people that are keeping you stuck instead of safe. You may find that it’s helly easy to get distracted this month, so it’s wise to work hard to stay focused. You have a lot to learn from elders about how to manage your impulsive ways, so connect with mentors in the form of ‘rents, teachers, bosses, or my personal fav: fierce old broads who’ve got it made. It’ll help you to manifest your dreams in the here and now if you pick a lane, lover.

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Power Ballad: Man Sized - PJ Harvey 



June 22-July 22

It’s the holiday season, and family fun time is upon us! It’s time to watch closely what you say with your family of origin and/or your chosen family. Emotions will be running high all month, and when you add the pressure of time with the fam, it can get cray. The good news is that from the 25th-1st there’ll be vibes to support you in having extra empathy for people, which will help you to either come to forgiveness or at least not make discord worse. There’ll be a full Moon on the 25th which always makes you more sensi, so remember to breathe through your feels instead of jump to conclusions, Moonmama. The best way to use this energy is to try and consciously drop whatever mean habits you have in how you relate to yourself and others. Let go of the shit that isn’t working for you. Practice kindness and patience; I know it’s hard, but ‘tis is the season for emotional generosity. Reach out to friends, and cultivate the love and intimacy that you want by bringing it to your boos and babes, lover. You may feel like you have a lot on your plate these days, so remember that it’s OK to pace yourself. There’s nowhere you need to be that’ll be improved by you to show up ratchet. Do what you have to do in tandem with what you need. Your work life needs your follow-through, Cancer, so you need a plan. Even if you get stoked on something or someone new (especially likely around the new Moon on the 11th) remember to tend to your business and make your fam feel loved by you. If it feels like a lot to juggle, remember to take self-loving time outs.

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July 23-Aug. 22

Being a baller is not just about having money, it’s about keeping it, Leo. Manage your opportunities and resources like the kween you are because this month you can run into some abundance, but you could blow it all too. It’s a time of easy come, easy go, lover; so hold tight to what you value. Think about spending your money and time on quality more than quantity whether you’re buying for yourself or others. Scorpio season is not the easiest time for a Leo; it’ll either bug the hell out of you or kick you in the buns to get your shit sorted. The energy around you is not fixed in your direction, but you can work that out, bae. Don’t take delays and annoyances personally unless you have clear evidence that a person was for sure gunning for you. More than likely you’re on call to manage your reactions and clarify your values, as opposed to being under attack. This is an excellent month to stretch your networking muscles by reaching out to people who can help you with your career or big picture goals. You’re likely to get to enjoy their help if you ask nicely and use that fiery charm we all love you for, bb. Use the new Moon on the 11th to do a journaling ritual to see what you want to call into your life; and bring it to a climax on the Full Moon on the 25th, releasing what you’re best without. If you can get a witchy crew together and do it with friends, it’ll have a lot more power; and it’ll help promote feeling close to your people based on realness. Call it in and turn it up, gurl.

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Power Ballad: Too Legit To Quit - MC Hammer



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You’re in a foundation-laying period, so get your patience pants on, Virgo baby. Now’s your time to envision what success looks like in real deal terms; what’s it look like for you personally, in regards to your work/life balance, family dynamics, and at home? What does success look like for you at work – what do you enjoy doing day to day, and what’s your end game? Think from the bottom up about how you want your happiness to bloom, not just now but over the next several years. Your future will happen no matter what you do, but it’ll be way better if you prepare now. On the 25th the Moon will be full in your opposite sign, so be especially sensitive to the ideas and insights that break through for you around then. You don’t need to figure all this stuff out on your own though. This is a great time for friendships (especially before the 20th), so reach out to your crew and get witchy with some rituals, or emo with visioning groups. You’re friendships are your lifeline, so text, visit, and chill with the people that make life more exciting and lovely to live, just don’t skimp out on talking about the real stuff that’s going on with you. It’s also a great time to kick off a new workout routine with a friend, especially if it’s something that pushes you. When it comes to love, something new might kick off; but don’t count your chickens before they hatch, lover. Just because you text with a bitch doesn’t mean you know them, no matter what it feels like. Never confuse the fantasy of what you want a person to be with the truth and evidence of what they are, Virgo. If you do hook up with someone new this month, remember to play it safe and bag it up, bb.

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Power Ballad: No Diggity – Blackstreet



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

There are deep issues at play in your life or at least deep within you, and it’s making everything you do feel intense, Libra. Look for the deeper themes underneath your feels because things are unlikely to be what they seem on the surface. From the 20th-22nd you may have to deal with some major social drama, so here’s a pro tip from a girl who knows: there’s a big difference between what you want to get off your chest versus what you need the other person to hear. Be straightforward and steady without putting every emo detail out there. What may feel really important to say to your Dear Diary, may just make shit more complicated if you say it to a person who isn’t in the headspace to hear it. That being said, lies will bite you in the ass, boo, so even nice and polite ones should be avoided, so choose your moment and your words wisely. Passive aggressive is just a form of aggressive, lovely. The good news is that there’s helluv vibes helping you to concentrate and handle things in a wise way. If your dream life has been really intense and active in October it’s because your subconscious mind is trying to ping you. What’s it saying? Pay attention to the whispers you’re getting from within because you’re your own best guide, and well worth listening to. By mid-month you should have a less insistent pull from your inner mind and get better zzz’s, so if you’re down for lucid dreaming or dream blogging, hit it up before the 13th.

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Power Ballad: Over It - Dinosaur Jr. 



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The new Moon on the 11th in Scorpio is a juicy invitation for you to get right with your feels. Don’t stuff or starve your emotions, no matter how tempting that might feel, my love. New Moons are always a time to invite openings into your life, but when it’s in your own sign, it’s an especially good time to go within and take care of you. Make sure you’re body is your buddy, bae. This month may bring up big stuff and all of it gets funneled through your bod. Treat it like the innocent bystander that it is, and listen to it, support it, and be sweet to it too. This is an overall excellent time for self-betterment and self-reflection, so don’t be scared to get a little deep, lover. Your relationships are all wicked important but that doesn’t mean only your love connections, your friends are super important too. Make sure you’re not sinking all of your time into your romantic life because balance is where it’s at. Strive to hit quality time alone, fun time with others, but also time when you can deepen your intimate connections. There’s so much going on for you going forward but also that you’re still sorting out from the recent past, and it’s a lot to cope with. Watch out for weird self-sabotaging or self-abandonment crap that keeps you stuck in a nasty rut. If you remember to align yourself with your values, it will make everything much easier to figure out. While you’re at it, try and remember that you are wonderful and you deserve the best – it’s OK to ask for it from yourself and others, boo.

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Power Ballad: Sorry - Justin Bieber



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Big feels are everywhere this month, ‘Tari, so don’t let ‘em be your kryptonite. Saturn is in your first house for reals, and it may feel like a wet blanket has been placed upon you or like you’re carrying extra crap in your bag. The stars want you to use the combo platter of energies at play in your life to get real about the stuff that matters. What do you value? How are you running your life and being in the world, and is it working for you? How you choose to be is on you, gurl, and you’re on call to make sure your vision for what you want and your actions in the world are lined up. The older you get, the harder it can be to take risks, but in some ways it becomes more important. Do you now, instead of waiting for some kind of windfall to magically come your way. Make your own fortune, and set your own goals. Be open to meeting a new love from friends this month or even for an old pal to all of a sudden sparkle into something more for you. This is a great time for hanging with your friends or, even better, to expand your crew. Just be on the lookout for cray miscommunications and weird vibes from the 25th-1st (just in time for the holidays – fuuun!). Family and friend funkiness may be passive aggressive and unsettling, so the best you can do is not take it personally and not take the bait. No matter what goes down, don’t jump to conclusions, lovely one. Be honest and direct, even when the truth is complicated and the people around you are hecka strange.

Power Animal: 💞

Power Ballad: Hello - Adele



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

No Capricorn is an island; you need people to help you get where you need to go and have a life worth living. Make sure that you’re not ignoring or using the people in your life because both approaches will come back to bite you in the ass, lover. People are complicated and messy and wonderful, and their needs and feelings are as important as yours are. Consider your needs in context of the people around you without overcorrecting in either direction. The new Moon on the 11th is excellent for people times, so reconnect with old friends, and follow up with that person you’ve been meaning to know. This is an awesome time to start a new project, too, but it’s better not to do it alone. These lunar vibes favor collaborative action, so takes some risks with bitches you trust. Just be careful later in the month when Pluto messes with Venus from within your sign on the 20th-22nd, making people helly intense. Be clear about your boundaries, the terms of what you’re trying to share, and where your limits are. Most people respond to feeling vulnerable with defensiveness, and that can create a whole lot of trouble if you match their heavy vibes. Try not to take peoples’ craziness personally. Just be your most diplomatic self, and deal with whatever comes up honestly. You may feel a bit of malaise at the tail end of the month, but it’s just your insides trying to get your attention. Listen to your inner voice to figure out what’s been bugging you. Take care of your spirit, lover.

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Power Ballad: Smile - Jasmine Jordan  



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

There’s so much Moon action this month that you should prepare to be helly emo, bae. The new Moon on the 11th marks a great time to start new projects that are already connected to your big-picture goals. This isn’t the time for trifling away your energy on filler stuff, so crystalize your concepts of what you want for yourself. Start a vision board or bring your woo to the next level with some witchy intention-setting rituals. The idea is to bring in help from wherever you can get it; so if you don’t like to get all hippy about it, at least reach out to would-be mentors, Aquarius. On the 25th the full Moon in your house of play is awesome for you to let go of your ex(es) and  finish creative projects. Feels are bound to be running high from the 20th onwards with lots of weird energies around you. The good news is that the funk is not likely to be directed at you or about you at all, so you should be on guard against taking on other bitches’ drama. You may make some truly valuable connections with people, especially in the second half of November, so don’t be shy to make the first move! Sometimes a gurl has just got to step up for what she wants. Whether you’re looking for someone to chill with or something that’ll last, the work is the same: listen to your instincts and be true to yourself. While you’re at it, make time for some deep-cleaning of your ideals and values to make sure they’re up to date with where you’re set on going.

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Power Ballad: What's On Your Mind? - Information Society



Feb. 19-March 20

Only you get to decide who you are, Pisces. Don’t let fools tell you who you are or what you should be because only you are the boss of you.  People may try getting in your face to tell you what your potential is, but make no mistake that this is a test of your willingness to be uncompromisingly yourself. You’re gorgeous as you are and you don’t need to make yourself smaller for other peoples’ egos. In fact, November is a great time for bigging up your plans and expanding your vision for what you wanna do with your life. You’re in a fertile time; your only challenge is in how much you sell yourself short, babes. Trust yourself so that if you make a mistake, at least it’s yours. Get ready to welcome some serious steaminess this month; you may just be feeling yourself, or things could get hecka fun with someone else. Enjoy it! just know that relationships are a mirror. Whatever you consent to participating in is the embodiment of your boundaries. It’s on you to act in ways that are right for you; don’t worry so much about what others are thinking or wanting from you that you fail to be a good friend to yourself. Big feels with your family will test your ability to stand your ground (not Florida style, I’m talking hippy style of ground-standing for you!). Try to not react without pause, lover. You’re being tested in how much faith you have in yourself. Other people can do their shit, and it’s more of a reflection on them than you; you don’t need to dignify pettiness with a response when it hurts you to do so.

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Power Ballad: Take Me To Church - Hozier