❤ February 2015


March 21-April 19

Love is a transformative force, and without it life is empty and devoid of meaning. The biggest mistakes you can make this month are to confuse attention for love or to only see the absence of love when things get messy. Get real with yourself and the fools you care about, Aries, so you can deepen your connections and improve your participation. You alone are responsible for what you do and how it sits with you, so stop doing stuff that makes you feel bad! Don’t rush in so quickly to fill up uncomfortable spaces that you disable them from developing on their own. The truth, as cheesy as it sounds, is that you can’t love another if you don’t love yourself, so put self love in all it’s forms at the top of your list this month.

In terms of work stuff, you’ve gotta put the pedal to the metal this month. A steady and stealth approach to achieving your goals will pay off big time, so don’t get distracted by all the aforementioned self-love, darling Aries. Prioritize the stuff that supports your goals, so you don’t get too distracted by whatever little fires come up this month. When opportunity knocks, you have to know yourself well enough to make good use of it, so stay on task. You may need to invest in organizational tools, great walking shoes, or a hat for bad hair days; I’m talking about improving and streamlining your resources so that your day-to-day maintenance is easier, giving you more energy for the stuff that really counts.

Power Animal: 💗

Power Ballad: Let Love Rule- Lenny Kravit

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April 20-May 20

This month you are being tested on how true you can be to yourself, cutie. You need to spread your wings, and the best way to do it is by first checking to see if you’re gonna break anything when you start to take up that much space. You may need to make some attitude adjustments or change up your game, but don’t let that dampen your spirits, Taurus. Deal with the true before you absolutely have to, sweet Taurus, because you are on call to honor your realness without wreaking bullshit drama on your life. Be clear about your needs and limits before you do anything because you need a good balance between feeling rooted and safe with your loved ones and free to go about your business. On the 3rd it’s a good idea to take the evening off and tend to your heart. There’s hella energies running through your house of community and connection this month, but they’ll be easy to misuse. Again, you have to be clear about what you want for yourself and not what you think you should be going for or what’d be easiest. Mercury will remain retrograde until the 11th, making it possible for miscommunications to arise, so don’t over process; let your actions speak for themselves instead. 

Develop a vision for your life that has you creatively thriving and lets opportunity flow towards you. It’s possible! This is a great time to get into manifestation work or similar hippy-style wish-fulfillment because it’s likely to work for you this month. You can have what you want if you’re willing to work for it, love.

Power Animal: 💓

Power Ballad: Wish Fulfillment- Sonic Youth 

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May 21-June 21

There’s so much heavy and intense energy around your life this month that it’d be easy to get all tripped out and try to avoid all that responsibility, but that is seriously the wrong approach, Mister Sister. Your life is a collaboration between what you do and how the world responds to it. That means you need to consider the impact your actions (or lack of actions) have on the world around you because that same world will either help you out or hold you back. The good news, gurl, is that if you play your cards right, you’ll totally succeed. The bad news is that you have to stay in the game, even when you’d rather call a time-out. Ask for help when you need it and work hard and steady this month because the results will be totally worth it. 

Whether or not you have a Valentine, it’s an important time for romance. With Saturn in your solar seventh house, your work is cut out for you as you’re being challenged to better understand your part in the people-centered dynamics of your life. If love starts off strong and fizzles out for you, investigate what you’re allowing yourself to be drawn to and if it needs to change? If you’re happy in love, are you telling your best bitches and beaus all they mean to you? How you participate needs refining, and that doesn’t need to be a bad thing, but it requires effort. By the months end, you’re going to have sparkle bright vibes to attract others with (yay!). Do your homework in early February so that you attract people who are good for you, not just good on paper.

Power Animal: 💕

Power Ballad: Waste of Time -MØ

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June 22-July 22

GURL. You are a goddamn powerhouse and there’s no use in denying it. The full moon on the 3rd in your house of stuff and money is a great time to empty out your closet and get rid of everything you haven’t worn in the past year. Unload all you’ve been holding on to for old time’s sake, stuff that has outlived its purpose, and you’ll be creating space for new stuff that’s you right now. Identify what isn’t working and tackle it like the pro you are, and not only with your wardrobe (duh) but with your relationships, projects your working on, and anything else of importance. It’s on you to turn your life around, and February is an excellent time to correct whatever’s not quite right.

Love is in the air, so remember this little adage: all that glitters is not gold. Don’t let your attentions be swallowed by the most dynamic person in the room this month, Moonchild. You may find that the more reserved or mellow cutie is the one you’d be happiest with, so be open to connecting with diamonds in the rough. If you’re already with a love, you may find that they are detached or focused elsewhere this month, but don’t take it personally. You have plenty of things that require your attention, so you don’t need theirs as a full time job. Let this moment be just about now and not tomorrow, Cancer, and if you don’t mess with them, you’ll find that things are quite stable. Assert yourself in the areas of your life that you want to see thrive. Be damned convention and whatever fears it stirs up in you!

Power Animal: 🎀

Power Ballad: Bad Girls –M.I.A.

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July 23-Aug. 22

You’ve gotta know when to call it quits, Leo. There are times when your gut says it’s done, but your head is just too damned scared to make a move. So choose kindness, my dear. Be generous enough with yourself that you’re willing to undergo short-term discomfort for long-term gain. Prioritize adventure over drama and security you can grow into over predictability that doesn’t challenge you. The astrology of your month wants you to thrive, but it’s more about cutting out the stuff that doesn’t work to make room for what does than it is about harvest time. Be willing to let things or people go, at least for a while, so that you can figure out what you need, and you can come back to the dynamic in a more solid and compassionate way. 

Be wary of the fling during Cupid’s month of mischief because while you may feel tempted to try to keep it casual, it’s likely that you won’t be able to. Your heart and your loins (eww! sorry I used that word) are more connected this month than is your normal, so choose your dalliances wisely. The Universe wants you to better understand that the way you let other people treat you says a ton about what you believe about yourself. If you act OK with people treating you poorly, it’s like you’re consenting to it. Don’t accept less than you deserve, but if you absolutely have to, don’t drink the other guy’s bad-vibes kool aid! Know your worth and be willing to hold out for situations and people who honor it this month, my lovely Leo.

 Power Animal: 💙

Power Ballad: Heaven- Bryan Adams  

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Aug. 23-Sept. 22

If you let your fears guide you, you’ll end up making lateral moves that only half make you happy, which is a mellow sort of suck. Challenge yourself to go for gold instead of settling for silver before you even really try. The first steps are to think in terms of completion this month, Virgo, because if you’re willing to let go of some rusty old ways of being, you’ll find that you can create space in your life for new and better stuff to come through. Lay foundations that allow you to let go of the habits and people that’re bringing or keeping you down. You don’t have to do anything drastic right away. The key is to be willing to follow through with well thought-out risks. Take stock of what you care about most, and be honest with yourself about what it requires to improve or maintain it. Whether you need patience, courage, or to scrap the whole thing, this month is the time to make a plan you believe in. It’s true that things could backfire, but they could thrive too. A life worth living is risky business, Virgo, so get on board.

Watch out for emotions running high with the Moon in Sagittarius around Valentines Day. There are people who are crazy about you, but you may not be feeling it. Make sure you don’t confuse your emotions with your situation and convince yourself that you know what other people are feeling or thinking because you just can’t. The world will try to tell you how to love or when your love life is most important, but your whole month is about self-defining in the direction of happiness. Don’t let cupid push you around; you’ve got this, doll.

 Power Animal: 💖

Power Ballad: Love Technology Song (Astrology) – Be Careful  

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Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Take care of your body, Libra. In the first couple weeks of February, your attention should fall on your sweet, sweet form. Make sure you’re taking care of her both in your attitudes and with healthy habits. You may need to reconnect with a health plan or just slow down your lifestyle to solidify your wellness. And check your attitudes towards your bod, too. That means embracing the skin you’re in, no matter where you’re at. Shopping never hurts for that, but find your own steeze and buy things that make you feel more like you so you’re the best broad you can be! And while you’re busy embracing yourself, this is the time to tend to love in your life. You are changing in such meta ways that all of your close connections are likely to be impacted by it. Don’t apologize for being different, but don’t expect others to change just because you have. It’s a delicate balance that requires forthright communication (which will be easier after the 11th when mercury goes direct) and patience. You are becoming so much more yourself, which is a wonderful thing, but people know you to be a certain way and some may be quicker to change with you than others. So while there’s no need for relationships to end at this time, it’s possible that you’ll see an unraveling of old dynamics. If you do, let them go for now. Give others time to catch up to you on their own terms without you managing that process for them. The good news in all of this is the love that is likely to deepen and develop in your life; be open to it, darling one.

  Power Animal: 💛

Power Ballad: Touch My Body-  MV SISTAR 

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Oct. 23-Nov. 21

It’s a fine line between being where you’re at and feeling your feelings versus dwelling on them and moping around in a hole. Instead of lamenting what’s not working, take the time to acknowledge what is. There is so much that is outta your control that the more you look at it, the bigger it’ll feel. So focus on what you can affect. That means taking stock of your health, your friends, and your general chronic fierceness. No matter how small the object of your positive attentions, it’s better to enjoy their good vibes than to get trapped in your feelings about the blah ones. The truth is that you are not trapped, Scorpio. You have freedom that you can use in any damn way you please, so take responsibility for how you use yours this month. This is actually a good time for creative distractions, so watch those lost episodes of Friends, weave Swarovski crystals in your hair (it’s a thing, I swear), or get out your stationary and go all 1980’s pen-pal on your friends. The point is that there are so many fun, light, and creative things for you to do that will help you get over this hurdle you’re stuck at.

With love this month, you’re in luck! If you leave the house you’ll find that you’ve got juju that bitches can’t resist. The key is to play with it and not be so goal-oriented about getting things to a certain place with people. Enjoy flirting and connecting without needing it to be about anything tomorrow; make your todays delicious, and your tomorrows are bound to be sweetened by it.

Power Animal:💌

Power Ballad: Touch- Shura 

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Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The words in your head shape the thoughts you have, which shape your attitudes, feelings and ultimately your life. Watch the way that you talk to yourself this month because stress is threatening to eat your common sense and make things much worse for you than they need be. The antidote to your nerves is adventure. Put yourself in dynamic situations that allow you to get out of your head and have some experiences that shake things up, Sagittarius. There are no solutions that you’re gonna come to from a place of panic, so calm yourself down before you try and come up with any useful strategies, gurl. Life does not have to be perfect in order to be where it needs to be; in fact, the problems you’re having now are perfect. They are around to reveal to you the patterns that aren’t working in your life, and that pain you’re feeling is your motivation to change. Be patient with your process, but don’t settle for the status quo unless you totally feel free and happy this month.

The good news is that even though you may be feeling wonky, you aren’t likely to come across that way. Enjoy your social and romantic connections without getting too wound up with them. Let your relationships into your heart without using them as a distraction or as a way to obscure the questions of identity that you’re working with. Have heart to hearts with people who have minds that excite you and who you trust.

Power Animal:💭

Power Ballad: Hideaway - Kiesza 

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Dec. 22-Jan. 19

There’s so much change in your life that it may be a wee bit overwhelming this month, Capricorn. When the people around you change, it’s important that you don’t jump to conclusions and take shit personally. People have the most annoying habit of doing their own thing, and living in their own ways -- how rude! So when they grow at a different pace than you or go in a different direction than you’d prefer, you have a choice about how you’re going to react, but that’s it. Don’t go trying to fix people that don’t wanna be fixed or attempt to stop the sun from setting in its time. By letting go of your role as director and controller, you can actually gain greater influence over your self. Let the other fools worry about themselves while you manage your reactions and prioritize whatever it is you feel verklempt over. You for sure need to change, so just make sure the things you choose to do (or not) make you happy. That should be your only goal this February: pursue happiness and pleasure over security in things that only bring you comfort, even if that feels counter-intuitive.

With Saturn sitting tight in your 12th house, this is a great time to consider your master plan. Tighten up your vision for your future separately from any particular relationship or even from your career plans. Consider what you want your life to develop into over the next several years, and do it with confidence that you can make it happen. Create the best life you can, even if it’ll take you a minute to get where ya wanna be.

 Power Animal:😻

Power Ballad: Happy –Pharrell Williams 

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Jan. 20-Feb. 18

If you’re an artist or have creative leanings, this is an excellent time for you, Aquarius! The Universe wants you to create, create, cerate, and has given you the boost you need to do just that. Carve out space away from everyone, which will allow you time to reconnect with your creative juices and have at it! Even if you suck at all things arty, this is an excellent month to journal like a damn poet or sing your heart out when no one is listening. Your spirit will open and your perspective will recalibrate in the most awesome ways, I promise. The complicated thing about this creative explosion is that the people around you may feel like a liability instead of a support. Make sure you don’t take on other people’s feelings and get all overwhelmed. If that happens you may ice them or push them away altogether. It’s not selfish to have boundaries, but avoiding bitches is not the expression of healthy boundaries either, gurl. Don’t avoid conflict if it’s based on the honest truth ‘cause that realness will come around to haunt you in the end. Strive to communicate clearly about what you’re available for, and have compassion for where the other person is at without necessarily caving to their needs. It’s a delicate balance but good work if you can get it. Your life may feel like it’s shrinking a bit by the end of the month, but that’s not quite the case. You need to edit out the content that’s not working for you and then sit with what’s left before the new and wonderful stuff you desire can come through. Put on your big-girl pants and handle your life like the boss you are, Aquarius.

 Power Animal:💘

Power Ballad: Too Legit To Quit- MC Hammer 

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Feb. 19-March 20 

The Universe wants you to love yourself, Pisces. There’s so much going on in your world, and it all comes down to a big ‘ole WWE match between love and fear. I hope that love wins. Your relationships are not in the way of you treating yourself with care, but they are a platform where you often put yourself second (or third, or fifth). Don’t place the needs of others before your own when that would turn you into a martyr (even a subtle and modern one) my darling. Relationships are a collaborative effort; and if you’re not forthright, it makes it a lot harder for fools to know how to show up, meet your needs, or now when they’ve crossed a line. Don’t expect people to intuit what you want or wait till you’re totally over it before you speak your mind. The truth is that you have people in your life that really care about you, so let them in -- even when that’s scary.

You may enjoy an exciting shift in fortune this month, so watch out world! Say yes to work opportunities that come your way, Pisces. You may be offered a chance to get in on something that doesn’t really pay what you want now; but if you like it, I encourage you to take the risk. Again the work is to negotiate your needs and know your worth. Any opportunities that you loose by being assertive and protecting your interests were not good ones to begin with.

 Power Animal:🌹

Power Ballad: I -Kendrick Lamar 

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