❤ January 2015


March 21-April 19

If you’re not on board for what you’re doing, it’s on you to stop doing it, Aries. This month the Stars want you to own your shit, my lovely dear. That means acknowledging it when you find yourself knee-deep in something that you thought you totally wanted and then realize that you totally don’t. Instead of forcing yourself to follow through on stuff that isn’t working, take a humble and hard-working approach instead. Make necessary changes and avoid any major proclamations that make you feel like you have to make your current path your forever one. This is a high-yield, low-risk approach that will not only bring you better results but also help you sleep at night. Watch out for the full moon on the 5th to bring out family dynamics that you’d rather not deal with (but should), because by the 17th Mercury will be going retrograde, making communication sticky and confusing. Don’t take it personally if you feel left out of friend dynamics in the second half of the month because it probably isn’t personal or on purpose. When in doubt, talk it out, even if it’s awkward; just try not to put others on the defensive by storming into conversations and pointing fingers, my love. Whether you’re dealing with sweethearts, family, or friendship, January is your time to adjust your expectations so you can better nurture developments. You may not be in a wicked romantic frame of mind, but you do need intimacy and connection; so do the work needed to make that happen in the dynamics you’re in. This is a period of revolution -- both internal and in your outer life -- so don’t sweat the small stuff.

Power Animal: 🐍

Power Ballad: Dolly Parton - Straight Talk



April 20-May 20

Speak from the heart, Taurus. You can get yourself all wrapped up in defensive self-protection or being an over-explainer, but all you’ll end up doing is feeling overexposed and weird afterwards. Remember who you are, and hold firm there. Reassess your attitudes and beliefs and make sure they’re your own, and not a regurgitation of your family’s or friend’s values. You will find no peace trying to be something or someone you’re not, my sweet friend, so don’t even attempt it. Self-acceptance and self-reliance are the foundation to your New Year, so write that down as your resolution. You may need to buy a whole new wardrobe (we should all have such problems!), or register to vote for a different party, but the point is to do what is true for you, even if it’s a departure for you. Loving others does not require agreeing with them, any more than it requires you to share everything. Make whatever mental adjustments you must to embrace your difference and the differences of the people in your life as wonderful things instead of liabilities Taurus. You're on the road to improving your life in untold ways, but it’ll take bravery and a healthy does of selfishness. On the 17th Mercury goes Retrograde and so for the second half of the month through February 11th , you may find that these investigations are more internal than not. Don’t be scared of change, especially when it’s self-directed. You’ve got this, gurl, and if you’re scared I’m here to tell you that change is the answer, so don’t let your worries stop you or slow you down.

Power Animal:💗

Power Ballad: La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy



May 21-June 21

It’s official: Saturn has entered into your 7th house and for the next 2.5 years, you will be dealing with your relationships in a more mature and direct way or else there’ll be consequences, my friend. You may be feeling the weight of it in how you feel about the people you’re close to, or it may be that they bring the heaviness to the table; but you can fer sure expect things to be heavy. Don’t evade it! Deal directly and swiftly with issues as they emerge, Twin Star, because this is just the beginning of a meaningful phase of your development. If folks are dumping crap on you then I encourage you to rise to the occasion and express your limits and needs before you feel like ripping their faces off. Don’t wait till things are awful before you deal with them is what I’m trying to say. And if it’s you that’s feeling like hiding or stepping back from your relationships this month, let yourself do it as long as you don’t fully isolate yourself. We all need people, Twinsie, and if the going gets rough you still need to put yourself out there. 

Sex is well-starred for you if you’re trying to get some. The best you can do is get a crush on your self though. (Re)connect with your sexuality to figure out what you like and how -- leave the whys for another day. Sass it up and do whatever helps you to remember what a sexy beast you are. With all of this momentous energy in your relationships, a girl has still gotta have fun. Whether you’re hooking up or making it last, there’s potential for hotness in the New Year that you should grab by the metaphorical balls.

 Power Animal:🌋

Power Ballad: Maluca - El Tigeraso



June 22-July 22

Start off the year by letting go of what doesn’t serve you, Moonchild. With this month’s full moon in your solar first house on the 5th , it’s an excellent time to start anything that requires letting go of the old ways of doing your thing.  Kick your lazy bum habits, stop being mean to yourself, or quit hiding from opportunity. You are on fire this January and it would be a waste of energy to drag around your old ways that you’ve in truth outgrown. With Saturn having traversed into your 6th house, you may find that the emphasis has shifted into getting shit done, so make sure that you consider the things you do most routinely and their impact on your life. If it doesn’t work, don’t do it! Create new behaviors that will support you in being who and where you wanna be. Your friends may think you’re cray but don’t let that stop you. Growth requires change, and change requires risk. If being bold means showing up to the party in a wild dress or staying home in your most comfy PJs, it doesn’t really matter -- what matters is that you do you, Cancer.

Your work life kind of wants you to go in the other direction though. Be prepared to work hard, nose to the grindstone-style this month. You may not be quite where you want to be yet, but the efforts you put in to building your professional life now will have meaningful consequences for you in the long run, so don’t cut corners or burn bridges, no matter how disenchanted you get with your job or school life. The idea is to put your best efforts into securing the ground you stand on so that you can take some bigger chances later. 

Power Animal:🎬

Power Ballad: France Gall - Laisse tomber les filles



July 23-Aug. 22

It’s all about your friends right now, Leo. Get your pals together and have an appreciation party this month where you celebrate what you mean to each other. There’s a lot going on for you in your personal relationship sphere and it can only help to slow down and take the time to appreciate the value of the friends that help you through it all. If you don’t feel well-connected to a crew, this month it’s time to put yourself out there and bridge that gap. After two and a half years of dragging you down, Saturn is finally out of Scorpio. You may find yourself feeling braver and freer, and a good place to put all those good vibes is in the direction of friendship. Love is likely to be a bigger deal as well this month, but you absolutely must make sure that you’re loving on yourself just as much as on your paramour. Know your needs so that you can advocate for them because while there is potential for high romance this January, there’s an equal potential for high BS. If broken promises or wishful thinking is dogging you, it’s time to call your boundaries and set things right. What you’re willing to accept from others says more about you than it does about the jerk you’re complaining about, my love. Don’t accept less than you deserve, even if that means risking having nothing, because if you’re gonna be lonely it’s way better to be alone for it. Date what’s real and present between you and your boo, and resist the urge to stick around for what once was or what you imagine could be “if only”.

Power Animal: 👭

Power Ballad: Eurythmics - Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Not all good things are easy, and not all bad stuff is hard. This month you are meant to be your own regulator and not wait for merde to befall you before you take action to help yourself. There’s a whole lot of potential in your life right now, but you have to leave other people’s judgments, fears, and bad vibes at the door, Virgo. With this pile of crap coming at you from others, know that while some of it’s personal, most of it isn’t. Your job is to figure out how to not let it affect you unduly, and when to bounce if the vibes get too gnarly. This month the Stars want you to thrive but in an ‘I’m-gonna-let-you-stumble-fall-and-pick-yourself-up’ instead of an ‘I’m-gonna-hold-your-hand-and-give-you-a-lollipop’ kind of way. So TRY. Put yourself out there, even when you’re scared, try something new, even when they tell you it can’t be done. Go ahead, make eyes at that hottie you think is outta your league. The point is that if you don’t try, you 100% and totally for sure won’t get it, while if you do try…well, anything is possible, and those odds are way better than a certain ‘no’. The way that you will be successful in this is ultimately by being nice to yourself. Don’t be a bully and force yourself to do things you can’t really stomach. If you can’t do it with hope as your primary motive, then you’re probably not quite ready to do it yet.

Mercury goes direct on the 17th in your house of work, so double check and reiterate what you need other people to hear or what they have told you. There’s hella room for misunderstandings if you aren’t careful. Clarify like crazy through February 11th for best results.

Power Animal:🔋

Power Ballad: Lady Gaga & Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Baby It's Cold Outside



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Don’t worry so much, Libra! You’re getting it done although the process engages some pretty hefty fears. How you communicate is a big part of your potential success this month, so don’t just blurt out what you want to get off your chest. Think about what you need the other person to actually hear. If you can get your real message across, everyone will be better off for it. Be kind and be fierce this month. Don’t worry so much about being ‘bitchy’ if your motives are genuine, because you can’t control how others feel about your truth. You can only take responsibility for it and have compassion if it ends up sucking for them. If you don’t own your shit, you may find yourself in some unpleasant martyred dynamics that are way harder to get out of than they were to get into. Your relationships are in a state of meaningful change, so it’s safe to assume nothing will be stable for too long. That doesn’t mean that things will be bad -- in fact, there is room for the kind of growth that is only possible when you’re open and down for anything. If you rush to secure things before they’ve had their time to grow, you may be selling yourself short, so be patient, lovely Libra. There’s lots of lunar activity in your career house this January for you to make use of; pay special attention to opportunities that shake down around the 5th and the 21st because they will either make you very happy or be draining. Remember, you don’t owe anybody anything except what you’ve promised them. Follow through and carry on this month.

Power Animal:🌵

Power Ballad: The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

What do you care about, Scorpio? You are being called to stand up for what you believe in and what or who you love. Life is like intimate apparel; no matter what you’re wearing for others to see, it’s what’s underneath the layers that determine whether or not you feel right with yourself. Take the time to make sure that your metaphorical -- and while you’re at it, your literal -- lingerie is the right fit for you. Your values are being put through the wringer, sparking a spiritual crisis this month that isn’t helped by Mercury’s moonwalk through the sky from the 21st onwards. Take the hint from the Universe and turn inwards to cultivate peace this month. There’s nothing standing in your way but your own mind and your own damn choices, Scorp. So make new ones! Don’t be so willful that you cut off your nose when you’re mad at your pretty little face ‘cause you’ll both loose out. Spend time at home tending to your self or maybe just taking some space from the world. On the 21st you may find yourself waking up to new insights or having someone come to you with an open heart, and the more open you are to feeling good the easier it’ll be to let love in. 

Don’t be so attached to how love or success “should” look that you miss it when it comes for you. There’s huge potential for you to advance your conscious life objectives this month, be they personal or professional, but it may take a different form than you’re expecting. Pay special attention to potentially momentous beginnings on or around the new moon on the 21st.

Power Animal:🐰

Power Ballad: Justine Skye ft Tyga - Collide



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Saturn has entered your sign, and Sagittarius, that’s not the greatest news you've ever heard, trust me. You’re likely to be feeling a big push of pressure, and whether it’s coming from inside or from external forces it’s important that you heed them. The most important thing to know this month is that resistance is futile. That means you shouldn’t try to avoid your problems as they come up or to rush past them in efforts to escape them. Now is the time to grow up, no matter how old you are. Dealing maturely with issues doesn’t have to be a drag; in fact it can be hella fierce. If you don’t take crap (and you’re not dishing it out either) you garner the kind of respect that builds bridges. Practice being intentional about what you say and forthright in your dealings, and you’ll be just fine. The point is to be a baller, so buy yourself a power suit and let bitches know that you mean business.

When it comes to love, you’re in an excellent position to deepen your connection to your sweetie in the New Year, but it’s for sure not by playing games. Be yourself, Sag, and don’t be scared that you’re anything less than awesome. Treat yourself with the same acceptance and openness with which you treat others, and see the good vibes flow at you from the people who love you. If you’re not boo’d up, the same logic applies; self-acceptance and self-confidence will go a long way in getting you the kind of attention you want from the people you desire this month. The point is to not look for your self in another person. 

Power Animal:💃 

Power Ballad: Lily Allen - Hard Out Here



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

When you make major change it’s inevitable that you get overwhelmed, Capricorn. There’s so much that’s shifting for you this month that you are likely to hit a wall. So take it slow! You don’t have time to crash, so it’s on you to handle your self with care but also like the natural strategist that you are. Cut up your goals and obligations into bite-sized pieces so that you manage them one at a time instead of thinking about the whole of what you’ve gotta do. You are capable of making your life more vibrant, happy, and productive, but it will require some major internal change from you. If you’re willing, you’re for sure able, but that ‘willing’ part is trickier than you’d think. We all have attachments to being seen a certain way and to what others can expect from us. That’s normal. So what do you do when you want to change your normal? Be flexible, trust yourself, and embrace change. Whatever course you take it’s unlikely to be written in stone so you can change your mind later if you want to. Be especially open to letting things go on the 5th when the full moon will be in your solar 7th house, egging you on to change in your relationships. The good news is that even with all this heaviness going on, girls still got it! Whether you’re building a brand or just trying to get some this month, January is all yours. You are the honey, and the flys can’t help but love you, gurl. Enjoy your sexy juju, but don’t add anything (or anyone!) more to your plate that will feel like work later on.

Power Animal:🚞 

Power Ballad: Danger -Lijadu Sisters



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

It’s all alright, Aquarius. You may find yourself trapped in a worry-wart cycle, wringing your hands over one thing and then moving on to the next, just to fret about that. Quit it while you can! Things aren’t half as bad as you fear that they’ll be, and if you only focus on your fears, they’re all that you’ll see. It’s a new year and you have a new perspective, but it’ll take time for your vision to pan out. When Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on the 21st , it’s your cue to go inwards for a while; so make the first part of this month your time for getting shit done and doing it with your unique style. There is major growth happening in your relationships, Aquarius, but you don’t always like change (when you’re not the one initiating it, that is) and you may have to deal with some inner resistance to it. Take some chances! Trust yourself, and even (gasp!) trust others! You are on the verge of major shifts in 2015 and how you handle your many mixed emotions will set the stage for what will come. The more open you are, the more bounty you can receive. 

While love looks good this month, you may find things still shifting within your friendships. Make the time to reconnect with your girls so you can deal with whatever may be up. Do something light together like shopping or getting your nails did, so you can deal with the real stuff while still having a blast. No matter how busy life can get, it’s your friends that hold you up and help you out, so don’t let those connections go.

Power Animal:👯

Power Ballad: Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life



Feb. 19-March 20 

You’re a strong person but get overwhelmed by emotion in such a way that you can loose your resolve around others. The key is to not let their needs or desires throw you off of your own. This month you are growing, but in a ‘you’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet’ kind of way. This is not meant to be easy, but it’s not bad, either. Watch out for old, major family patterns coming up for you and working their way out. Don’t act unconsciously in self-defense because you’re likely to create havoc on your relationships before you know what’s happening. Take responsibility for what you can and cannot do in a healthy way, even if that means disappointing people. You can do whatever you need to do, but only if you’re forthright about it. Evading and escaping are very poorly starred this month, so make sure to do what you say and say what you need, my love. If all this growth and change brings you to a break-up of sorts, then it’s probably for the best. You can hold on to old dynamics or relationships with an iron grip, but to what end? Make sure you are fighting for something worth keeping, and not just high-chasing a dynamic that used to work but doesn’t anymore. 

With Saturn moved into your career house, it’s an excellent time to werq. Any successes you achieve now will be hard won, so be proud of what you’ve got going on this month. Do not shy away from hard work or responsibility because it’ll all pay off in the end, I promise.

Power Animal:💎

Power Ballad: Ciara - Like A Boy