❤ October 2014

Mercury will be Retrograde from the 4th-25th this month, so make allowances for miscommunications and plans gone awry, and expect major breakthroughs and breakdowns! There's a Lunar Eclipse on 10/8 and a Solar Eclipse on the 23rd.



March 21-April 19

Watch out, Aries! Between the lunar eclipse on the 8th and Mercury going Retrograde for most of October, you have your work cut out for you this month. You’re in a major growth spurt and if you play your cards right, you can let go of some deep emotional compulsions that have been getting in the way of your important relationships. Avoid the impulse to obsess on what other people are or aren’t doing this month, ‘cause it’s all about you, baby.

A lunar eclipse feels like a full moon on crack, and this one is happening in your sign (you lucky dog). That means that you may feel hella dramatic, but you can put that noise to good use. Don’t avoid conflicts from the 8th-10th, but don’t go around picking fights, either. Things are coming up so that you deal with them, so you need to make an effort to be constructive in how you do that. The theme here is to let go of the ways that you are participating in your life that don’t make you happy. That means taking responsibility for your self, Aries- even if the other person is totally douchey, doesn’t mean that you get to be a douche too. With Mercury, the planet of communications retrograde in your relationship house, you’re unlikely to be successful in explaining yourself to others. Don’t tell them what’s up; show them. Be the woman you want to be, sans excuses and defenses. Your biggest obstacle is likely to be in your own damn head this month, so cope with your anxieties and feelings with integrity. Own your part as you improve your life and soothe your heart.


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Power Ballad- ECLIPSE- Iron Maiden



April 20-May 20

There’s a huge amount of pressure mounting within you this month Taurus, and if you’re not careful it’ll boil over and burn your relationships. In order to clean up your circumstances you need to clean up your head, and that means that it’s time to sit down deal with yourself, sister. Your insides are a mess because you’ve lost track of what’s important and what’s motivating you. Forget about ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ and be honest about where you’re at with things.

The Solar eclipse on the 23rd in Scorpio will kick your ass, as it’ll trigger issues that you have to contend with. Big feelings and big needs will rise to the surface, demanding to be dealt with. The effects of this eclipse will unravel over the next six or so months, so take your ego out of the mix and be as authentic as you can, Taurus. The greatest risk in all this is that you’ll defend your position so intensely that you self-sabotage without even realizing it. Don’t treat your allies like enemies, even if they hurt your feelings, or don’t get it. If you approach people with the expectation that they want to work things out the interaction is likely to go much better; you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar, Taurus. When it comes to love it’s wicked important that you for reals want what you’re asking for, ‘cause you just might get it. If you date from your dick you may be forced to leave your heart and head behind, so make sure that you’re not prioritizing chemistry or status over compatibility. Create the reality you want to live in instead of choosing people based on your vision of their potential to get the most out of this intense time.


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Power Ballad- ECLIPSE- Robyn



May 21-June 21

There’s your crazy ideal vision, where you go for your dreams and they just open up to you like a lotus flower. You get showered with money and appreciation and it’s instantly clear that your hard work was all worth it. Sadly, reality is not quite like that. This month is all about the nitty gritty of how you’re going to get shit done, and what it’s gonna cost you. The Lunar eclipse on the 8th should give you a boost, so look out for people showing up to offer you support (and maybe even a little sugar). The energies of this month are all about breakthroughs and breakdowns, and if you’re willing to stay the course and do your homework, you’ll have more of the former. The best way to maintain your energy is by supporting your body. Treat her like your BFF and give her the care and attention that she deserves. That means eat, sleep, drink water, and shake your tail feathers, Gemini! If you ignore your mundane needs this month you’ll crash and burn, and that’d be a huge waste of your excellent potential.

Your house of play and sass is lit up this month, and a sexy prospect may come for you single ladies, but you’re going to have to use some discretion. Don’t let yourself get so wrapped up in hot vibes that you forget about what you’re trying to achieve outside of theboudoir. And for you hooked up hookers, this is your time to make sure that things stay tasty- and that you like the special spice your partner’s using. Put the energy required into the physical part of your love life as a way to support the whole of your happiness.


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Power Ballad- STARING AT THE SUN- TV On The Radio



June 22-July 22

If you’re ready for big changes then you’ll be very happy with this month, Moonchild. The stars are hitting you from all angles, so get ready for October’s Solar and Lunar eclipses as they’re setting you up for meaningful breakthroughs. You can have peace and security by and by, but this month is going to shake things up so that when you get there you haven’t dragged your baggage with you to that sweet place.

Be on the lookout for old family patterns rearing their heads Cancer, as they may inspire you to act more cray than normal, especially around the 8th. You may have to deal with some upsets with your relations themselves, or find yourself in an all too familiar position with folks that unpleasantly remind you of old family crap. Either way the lesson is the same; don’t act out in efforts to change how you feel. Take the time and energy to understand what’s underneath your reactions. You may find that fear is driving you, even when you’re actually safe and sound. Mercury will be retrograde in Libra from the 4th-25thso if you need to talk things through with others, be crystal clear about what you need to say. You won’t be able to take anything back once you put it out there, and mercury retrograde has a funny way of letting us be misunderstood. With mars in your work house you can kick some ass and make headway with your goals if you stay focused. Watch out for professional prospects coming your way around the 23rd, the results of which you may see unfolding over the next six months. Opportunity is really just a test of how well you know yourself, Moonchild, so study up.


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Power Ballad- THE KILLING MOON- Echo & The Bunnymen



July 23-Aug. 22

You deserve to be free, so why’ve you been holding yourself back, Leo? When you run off chasing your dreams there’s so much realness that you inadvertently leave in your dust, and it ends up creating unnecessary problems. Turn your heat on simmer this month so that you can take in the tapestry of your life, instead of just a corner of the whole beautiful thing. The lunar eclipse on the 8th will bring you something huge and wonderful, but keep your eyes open because it may not be the shiniest thing that’s really the gold, gurl. Sometimes the most beautiful stuff is the least obvious, so tell your ego take the back seat and

be receptive to your hearts responses. By the end of the month you’ll be accountable for your actions in a really personal way and you’ll have to answer for whatever jankey stuff you pull when times feel easy. The way to keep yourself in check is simple- be accountable. Do what you say you’re going to do, and more importantly, don’t tell folks that you love them when you don’t, or that you’re sorry if you’re not. Lead by example and be as real as you wish others would be; its never wise to follow in the footsteps of fools, my friend. 

This is a great time to make travel plans and embark on mini adventures, as long as you’re not just doing it as a distraction. Escapism will dig you deeper in a hole, so do things that support you in your troubles, not waste time in coping with them. Before too long Saturn will get off your ass and things will lighten up, but for now you’ve got work to do, Leo.


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Power Ballad- THINGS BEHIND THE SUN- Nick Drake



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You’ve got to deal with the feelings that are holding you back, Virgo. Your habit is to figure things out as a way to make sense of them, and while you may be super smart that shouldn’t be the only trick in your bag. With Mercury moonwalking through the heavens this month your go-to skill of analyzing the hell out of things will be less effective, so please try and kick up some new skills. If you explain the contents of your heart away you’ll end up blaming yourself (or others) for shit that just is. Sometimes you feel what you feel just‘cause; and sometimes you need to cope with your feelings instead of getting all analytic about them. So priority number one this month is to tend to your heart and your self-esteem. Carve out the space you need away from your big pressures so you can calm down. Don’t seek perfection, Virgo, because it isn’t there. You aren’t damned to stay stuck in your problems, either. The mistakes you make are perfect, because they instruct you to pay attention to what you need to work on. So lay your judgments down and lean on compassion, my love.

It’s unsurprising that with this need to get into your heart and outta your head, that your relationships are likely to be a sore spot this month. Own your own perspective before you give enter into what could be a demoralizing conversation, Virgo. If things are confusing for you the best thing you can do is first figure out what you’re at emotionally (not to sound like a broken record), before you try and clear the air. If you act like a martyr life will be happy to throw you some jerks to help you feel like crap. Get clear so you can own your position in a heartfelt way.


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Power Ballad- ECLIPSE- Pink Floyd (though the Flaming Lips with Henry Rollins does a sick cover.  Listen to it STAT)



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This month’s lunar eclipse on the 8th is no joke because it’ll bring up all the stuff you’ve been trying to repress in your relationships, Libra. No matter you how you play it, things are changing. Between Uranus and the Moon in your house of partnership you’re likely to be dealing with themes of independence and authenticity with the people you’re tight with. You may be blinded by your own issues, so make sure to think before you speak, my dear. The most important thing to do is to be honest with yourself about where you’re really at, but that’s wicked hard to do when you are of several minds about a thing. Don’t focus on what you want based on what you believe you can get; think about your needs on a Meta level instead. The difference in the two strategies is that the first is a reaction to your perceptions and projections (which are unlikely to be super reliable this month), and the second is an embodied vision of what’s right for you. October may bring a breakup your way, but only if the relationship is already broken. You’ve got to be real about the state of your connections and not cling to what was, Libra. Any relationship that ends now needs to go and you should let it pass away, even if it gives you an awful case of the sads.

Even though you have all this heavy shit happening you shouldn’t hide away in a cave, Libra. Reach out to your community for TLC, fun, and a healthy reminder of who you are. If you don’t have a group that you’re connected to, this is a good time to remedy that.


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Power Ballad- ECLIPSE (ALL YOURS)- Metric



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Yours is a misunderstood sign. Because you're so fierce, many think of Scorpio as a fire sign, but really you’re all water, all the time. Your emotions are powerful and intense and once you get on a track it’s hard for you to get off if it. On the 25th there will be a solar eclipse in your sign, and it will be a doozey. The only way to get ready for an internal revolution this huge is to know that some big waves are coming and you have to withstand them one way or another. If you find yourself moody this month it’s likely that you’re feeling the shift coming, so be a doll and listen to yourself for a change- you don’t always have to do things the hard way! You have killer instincts and it’s high time you started trusting them. It might help to literally take note of your ‘predictions’ for what’s coming next. Write them down and then as things unfold you’ll have a helpful gauge of how right-on you were. At the very least you should prepare to be kind and nurture yourself through the uncertainty that's inherent in any major breakthrough.

When it comes to love this month the real work is to get out of your own way. If you keep your fears in the forefront of your mind you’ll only attract what you don’t want. Be brave enough to experience your vulnerabilities, Scorpio. In order to manifest  your desires you need to be able to experience longing for them. Underneath whatever concerns you have about the perils of love and intimacy the real thing you fear is you. Life isn't perfect but if you take good care of yourself it's way better. Believe in your ability to take care of yourself, even if shit hits the fan. Be willing to take whatever risks you need to, to have the love and life that you truly desire. Be a good and trustworthy friend to yourself before all else this month.


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Power Ballad- FLY ME TO THE MOON- Frank Sinatra (but oh! Listen to Angelina Jordan’s version and you’ll be so happy you did)



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Things are rumbling deep in your belly, Sag, and it’s important that you listen. So much needs to get done this month that you need to adopt a enduring attitude so that you don’t spazz out. You’re figuring out your place in our world, and it’s a weirder path than you thought it’d be. It’s like half of you wants to hide under the covers and the other half’s ready to tear it up. Luckily, pursuing balance doesn’t have to be at the expense of fun, so make time for social events, especially ones that broaden your horizons. You’ll need your home to be a sanctuary and an place to retreat from the world when you're not out there making it happen. Insulate yourself when you’re in it, and use it to regenerate you.

Be on the lookout for a new crush to cross your path around the 8th, and try to enjoy it for the energy boost it gives you, even if it’s nothing more than a fun flirtation. You’re totally ready to let a big love into your life, except for how you’re totally not. So be patient! When you’re more available it’ll come your way, and this month it looks like you’re 50/50. For those of you already in relationships you may find things a bit off kilter; don’t worry about what your beau/belle is or isn’t doing, and focus instead on how you’re choosing to participate. You can obsess on what a choad your date is being, but if you choose to put up with it, that kinda makes you a choad too. So pony up and create the life you want by not putting up with bullshit. Don’t talk endlessly about what’s wrong with the world and the bitches in it- put you’re money where your mouth is and walk your talk, Sagittarius.


Power Animal-🚞

Power Ballad- SPACE ODDITY- David Bowie



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Don’t get so caught up in the details of your situation that you miss the broader picture, Capricorn. Your innermost personal life is in for a big jolt this month, and the best way to make it a productive one is to set your intentions clearly. Affix your mind on the positive of all the stuff you want (as in: ‘I’m ready to be loved for who I am’, instead of ‘why can’t my sweetheart accept me for what I is?’). That way you’ll more easily see the creative solutions available to you. The lunar eclipse in Aries on the 8th will hit you like an earthquake, so be ready for some major change to come your way. Let go of what (or who) is holding you down and stop holding your own self back while you’re at it. It’ll be an excellent time for you to call in what you want by releasing what you no longer need. Try to not be scared of change because if things were to stay the same for you that’s what would suck the most. What’s coming next can be way better than what you’ve got now, so be willing to participate in the changes. Don’t let life happen to you, Cap, be the force that makes it happen.

Turn to your friends and community in general to bring out the lighter side of life. Even if you’ve been feeling isolated lately you have access to more love and light than you’re calling in. Reach out to your crew and fill yourself up with camaraderie this month, especially after the 22nd. Your career is going exactly as it should, Cap, which means that what you're seeing now is the result of your own efforts. Pat yourself on the back, or take the hint and get to work, depending on where you’re at.


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Power Ballad- TOTAL ECLIPSE- Klaus Nomi



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

How you direct your life is everything, Aquarius. All the omens point to you making decisions about how you want to live, and there’s only but one thing in your way- your own doggone ego. Don’t let your attachment to what you think you ‘should’ be or how you 'should' be living determine your choices. Stay flexible! You’ve changed and you keep on changing, so what may have been unequivocally true for you even a year ago may suck now. Keep your heart and mind open to ways you can reinvent yourself for the better. Nothing is going to force you to become a bigger, happier you, but why resist the opportunity? With all big shifts there will be losses as well as gains, but don’t let setbacks stop you from going for gold. Strive to make peace with what your new life will cost you, or else adjust your vision to create something even better. Remember that your choices should be cost effective- they shouldn’t take more than they give. Make sure you’re not setting yourself up for a fall by being idealistic (which may just be your ego in fancy clothing) and chasing a dream that wouldn’t work for you in real life. If your actions reflect your values your life may not be as glamorous as you’d prefer, but you can be truly happy. Don’t let your fantasies derail you from living well, Aquarius.

Set yourself up for success by knowing what’s true for you (which requires knowing what’s not). This month may bring you lots of opportunities for romancing, but here again, things may not be as they seem. Don’t date from your ego, do it from the heart- even if that means not doing a damn thing.


Power Animal-🌌 

Power Ballad- TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART- Bonnie Taylor



Feb. 19-March 20

As cheesy as it sounds, you need inner peace, STAT. Obsessing over details and trying to protect yourself from unseen dangers will not actually keep you safe, Pisces. Take the time to decipher the difference between your anxieties versus your healthy concerns. If you’ve determined that you’re in a whirlwind of worry, practice distracting yourself with a mantra; try something like ‘I can manage whatever life throws my way’, or ‘ I choose to be happy’. You can make up your own of course,  the point is only to repetitively reinforce a positive or neutral thought to combat your panic attacks before they happen. It’s not magic, but it’ll help. And Pisces, you need whatever support you can get. Your life is good, but you risk missing out on what everyone else can see as you trip on obstacles that aren’t actually in your way; you’ve got this! You only need to trust yourself, gurl.

The solar eclipse on the 23rd will help you go long and think productively about your future. The sky may or may not be falling, so if you feel the need to make a worst-case scenario plot, go for it, but you should also expect to enjoy your continued success, and plan onthat, my friend. Start to outline a strategy for how you’re going to make your choices work for you, or how you’re gonna execute some new and improved ones. Whether you plan out the next few months or the next few years, the key is to do it when you feel confident and contented. Always move towards the next thing, instead of running away from the last, Pisces.


Power Animal-🌇 

Power Ballad- SOLAR ECLIPSE- The Creatures