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It’s the month of corporate-sponsored love, when we all feel pressure to have conventional intimacy and to figure out what to do on February 14. The good news is that V-Day looks hecka fun this year. There will be a Sun sextile to Uranus, and a Mercury square to Jupiter, making this a great time to meet new people and clarify what you want. The weird news is that on the 15th, the day after Valentine’s, there will be an extra emo Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius. This will yield potent energy for calling in your intentions, but it’ll feel pretty crappy if you’ve been phoning it in and not living authentically. February doesn’t offer us a Full Moon this year, which is pretty exciting because we get the openings and beginnings of the solar eclipse without the heavy handedness that full moons can bring with them. The key this month: Don’t forget who you are or allow your worth to be defined by anyone but you, lovers.

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Don’t confuse your will with your wisdom, Aries. This month brings you different circumstances than what you think you want, but that doesn’t mean that things will be bad. Strive to be open and curious when life throws you curve balls. Your standards aren’t too high, but your expectations may be too fixed. This is an important time for you to strive to see people as they really are. If you ignore the evidence in front of you, your relationships may atrophy. The truth is true whether you deal with it or not. Show up for the unexpected, and you may be pleased by what comes next.

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Nothing and no one is perfect, Taurus. When you seek perfection, you end up spending too much of your energy and attention on what isn’t quite right. Instead of seeking cracks, look for the light pouring through them. Instead of trying to protect yourself from pain, be willing to grow from your problems. This month has an electricity to it for you, which is exciting and dynamic but not exactly stable. Be willing to change so that change doesn’t have to choose you. This is an important time to be open with healthy boundaries, especially after the Solar Eclipse on the 15th. For best results, only give what you can devote in a healthy way, my love.

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MAY 21-JUNE 21

It’s time to take yourself out on a date and have a serious heart-to-heart with you. Have you been showing up for how you really feel, or are you lashing out and being a bully when you feel most vulnerable? If your relationship with yourself isn’t loving and healthy, it’s unrealistic for you to be happy. Deepen your friendship with yourself, Twin Star. Strain to hear your inner voice and heed what it says, instead of staying in a state of reacting to others. It’s time to grow beyond what you’ve been hiding behind, even if it’s scary and you don’t know what comes next.

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If you can accept the evidence that others show you, you can better make sense of what’s happening in your relationships. Now is the time to notice how hard it is to acknowledge the things you wish weren’t true, as well as the mental acrobatics you’ve been doing to evade what you don’t like. Prioritize honesty over diplomacy this month. You don’t get to monitor or control how others feel, but it is wise for you to honor and protect your own emotions. If you don’t like the game, you don’t have to play. In other words, Moonchild, you don’t need to struggle with people that you don’t trust. Know when to hold tight and when to walk away, my love.

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JULY 23-AUG. 22

The New Moon in your relationship house on the 15th is a gateway, but no one is gonna make you walk through it, Leo. New people may come into your life, and there’ll be energy for your relationships to change in meaningful ways—all of which is fantastic. The trouble comes in when you don’t really know what you want. If you’ve been checked out and not listening to your intuition this month, it’s time to check back in with Number One. The truth is that self-care isn’t selfish; you can’t show up for others when you’re abandoning yourself, my love.

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AUG. 23-SEPT. 22

This month, the old adage "what you resist shall persist" definitely applies. Make a list of all the worst of your petty and vengeful thoughts and feelings so they don’t junk up your real-life interactions. When you feel ready, tear that paper up. Forgiveness is an act of self-healing and allows you to move on. In the same way, forgive yourself for your less-than-best parts, and keep moving. With your path cleared, you’ll be ready to keep it constructive if something touchy comes up between you and others, Virgo.

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SEPT. 23-OCT. 22

Acting from a place of love doesn’t require you to say yes to every opportunity that crosses your path. Love is an expansive and whole feeling, and when you’re able to let it flow, it’s inevitable that it will improve your life. Take the Love Challenge this month, and strive to act from that place in all you do. Confusion may arise if you don’t know how to love yourself, though. For starters, say no to the things that take you away from having a creative and whole experience. Don’t wait to get free—make choices that get you there now, Sweet One.

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OCT. 23-NOV. 21

The way to attain inner peace is not by turning your attention to only the “good vibes.” Inner peace actually includes the messy and the painful stuff too, but what it really requires is your presence and authenticity. This, along with striving to not attach to every feel that you have, is the recipe for maintaining that calm that helps a person carry on. Don’t let the intensity of your moods or the general messiness of being a deep person make you doubt yourself, Scorpio. Make it your goal to accept even your most anxious self, so that you can approach your life with grace.

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NOV. 22-DEC. 21

When things aren’t stable, it can be hard to know the best way to greet the unexpected as it happens. Instead of rushing to figure things out as soon as they get uncomfortable, try to sit with your reactions this month. After the 16th, your sensitivities are going to be intensified, and the worst thing you can do is rush yourself, ‘Tarius. Make it your goal to bring patience, kindness, and grace to your relationships with others and yourself. This will require you to sit with your feels before jumping to conclusions or giving into your restlessness, my love.

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DEC. 22-JAN. 19

Make choices about what’s worth fighting for versus what you need to let go of this month. You can’t grow very much without also outgrowing things, Capricorn. Be willing to change so much that you no longer resonate with people and things you’ve long been identified with. Not knowing what comes next doesn’t mean that you have something to fear. It only means that you’re at the precipice of the unknown—and that can be wildly exciting. It’s really hard to confront your fears when you’re busy fighting yourself, though. Resist the urge to shut down or look for blame when you’re uncomfortable, my love.

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Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 15th is an opening, Aquarius, and with it comes a powerful opportunity to get more whole. Your best move is to spend the first half of the month clarifying what you want. If you don’t know the details of what you desire, that’s OK; you can still figure out how you want it to feel. This will support you in being able to differentiate between a good opportunity on paper versus a good opportunity for you personally. Strive to make big, beautiful changes in your life that help you get more free. You’ve got this.

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Feb. 19-March 20

Being self-referential is an essential part of being whole. When you listen to yourself and refer back to your own feels and experiences, you’re best empowered to make choices that you can follow through on in a healthy way. You're ready to take up more space and be seen for who you really are, but it’s complicated by the chorus of voices you feel compelled to please. As you assess the balance between your self-care needs and your commitments, it’s important that you’re kind to yourself. Put the needs of your body first to support the flow of that work.

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