đź’– Love Horoscope September 2017


Congratulations, friends! You made it through the emotions introduced by August's eclipses and now it’s time to integrate those intense vibes into your life. If September had a theme, it would be "Getting Real with Virgo Vibes." This month's love horoscope is all about the truth: Don’t avoid realness in an effort to keep things chill because it won’t work. If you can’t be yourself in your relationships, then chances are good you’re in the wrong relationships. Get real to get whole, and your happiness will organically flow from there. Don’t be scared of change. It’s the only constant in life that you can rely on. Commit to making sure that the changes you’re implementing promote the life you wanna live. Now read on for your individual love horoscope and see what those changes might look like for you.

Written originally for Glamour



March 21-April 19

Try not to take anything on this month that’s not directly connected to what you're already doing. What you’re going through now is stressful, and it’s important that you have enough self-control to pace yourself through it all so that when you show up, you can show all the way up, Aries. Instead of worrying over your limitations, it’s time to confront them directly—especially after Mercury goes direct on the 5th. The truth is that if you let your fear of failing direct you, there are so many things you won’t try and then you'll never get to be better at them. Approach your goals and your relationships with clarity of intent this month.



April 20-May 20

You’re changing and it’s not easy, even if it is important and for the better. Yours is a sensual sign, and that doesn’t mean that you’ll make sweet love to everyone you like: It means that you have delicate senses and are highly motivated by them. This month, there is healing and generative power in getting actively involved, Taurus. Get your hands dirty, whether that means actively putting yourself “out there,” actively engaging in more self-care, or just spending more time with people and things that you’re excited about. When you can find a slice of life to enjoy, grasp it with both hands.



May 21-June 21

You’re changing and it ain’t easy. This month, you’re on blast from the Universe to walk your talk and put your money where your adorbable mouth is, Twin Star. Instead of wishing, it’s time to start planning—and if you’ve got plans, it’s important that you follow through with them. The happiness that you can have in life is directly related to what you do. If you invest your time and energy into people, dynamics, and conditions that don’t bring you joy, the odds are not really in your favor. To find your flow, you may have to shake things up or reconnect with the parts of your life that make you excited to be alive.



June 22-July 22

You’re complicated and that’s why I love you, Moonchild! The question is, can you love yourself through your complexity? If you allow yourself to react to your feels and fears in a knee-jerk way, you can’t really know if you’re responding to the actual situation that you’re in or to the emotions that are being triggered. This month is a time when you need to confront your fears in order to truly understand what they’re made of. You can’t bring healing to a problem that you don’t properly understand, or one that you’ve labeled incorrectly. Be brave enough to dig a little deeper, my love.



July 23-Aug. 22

This is not the time to be looking outside of yourself for answers or validation. There is no “right” answer, just different choices with different consequences. Make sure that what you prioritize is reflected in your actions, Leo. If you want your relationships to be more intimate, you’ve got to start by showing all the way up. The problem is that going for what you really want is vulnerable, and takes a leap of faith. This is all well and good until you actually have to do it and your mind starts running through what-ifs. Act in ways that allow you to be right with your own self, and your confidence and clarity will organically emerge from there.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

When you feel bad is when it’s easiest to justify acting out, but behaving without kindness to others is also like putting poison in the water: It affects you as much as the other guy. This month, your reactions are likely to be pretty fear-based, and that can pave the way for some interpersonal missteps. There’s often a big difference between how you feel and what’s going on for the people you’re close to or in your relationships. Don’t jump to conclusions or wage passive aggressive wars in reaction to something that you don’t truly know is happening. Talk out your feels, Virgo.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s time to integrate, Libra. There’s so many self-help tools, books, and memes to obsess on that you can end up becoming a self-improvement data collector, and never get much done. Take time this month to practice implementing the wisdom you’ve been collecting without adding too much more to your plate. You don’t need to isolate yourself to do this, but you may have to cut back on your habit of asking for input from others. Share your thoughts and feelings with your fam so that you’re still investing in your relationships, but it’s time to trust yourself, my love.



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You need perspective, and you need it bad, Scorpio. There’s so much happening in the world around you, as well as you in your inner world, and it would be all too easy to slip into a bad vibes hole. You’re a deep person and you need to be able to connect with others around the realness that you’re experiencing—or things can get a bit twisted up inside of you. Share your process with your loved ones this month, and trust them enough to let them help you have the shift in outlook you so sorely need.



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Just because you can’t see what’s next, doesn’t mean that you’re in any way stalled, Sagittarius. This month, you’re being called to be strong. You are optimistic by nature, but the August Eclipses kicked some of your fearful thinking up and they need to be dealt with. You don’t need platitudes or quick fixes, you need the truth. When you have no proof of an uncertain future, dare to believe the best. When you run, make sure your running toward something you clearly want—instead of away from your fears, your past, and your feelings, my love.



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your relationships with both your friends and your sweetie need extra TLC this month. Who you love and how much energy and effort you devote to those connections is a reflection of your values. If you’ve been hiding your heart away from people, you are investing in your fear of vulnerability instead of your desire for love and connection. You don’t need to fix, heal, or otherwise better the people around you; just practice showing up. Be your most present and real self for those you care about, and leave room for them to do the same, Cappy.



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

It’s time to let go. If you’ve been thinking small or trying to hide from the facts, all you’ll succeed in doing is feeling anxious. You’ve been holding on too tightly to something (or someone), Aquarius. That thing that you’ve been running over and over in your mind needs a simple and unequivocal action on your part. This is the time to act—and stressful thoughts and feels be damned! Yours is a sign that resists change that you didn’t implement yourself; be patient with your emotional process without indulging your desire to stall your own progress this month.


Feb. 19-March 20

Having healthy boundaries is messy work. You’ve got to juggle your needs, obligations, and limits and find a way to assert them. The thing you don’t get to do is expect your loved ones to be psychic (that’s my job!) and to divine your needs, or for anyone to uphold your boundaries for you. Model your needs by living in a way that reflects them, Pisces. En route to having a healthy ego and strong sense of self, you need to take risks: Don’t wait for a high quality of life to happen to you. Get out there and shake it up in the name of love this month.



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