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Hold on to your hats! This month is extra special because we have two big Eclipses happening. The first one is a New Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 7th, and the next is a Full Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st. Passions and defenses will be running high as intense emotions get triggered in just about everyone. Treat yourself and others with extra patience and kindness as your feels burn like wildfire, my lovers.





March 21-April 19

The best strategy for you to have this month is a big picture one, Aries.  The two Eclipses mean that everyone’s emotions are running high, and that can make for extra drama, if you’re not careful. Get ready for people to be extra confusing from the 12th onwards, because Mercury, the planet that rules communications, goes Retrograde, and makes misunderstandings very possible. Power struggles are likely to emerge mid-month when tender Venus opposes obsessive Pluto. Fighting is not necessarily a bad thing in a healthy relationship, but pick your battles wisely. Stand up for what you believe in without being punishing or overly defensive, my love.




April 20-May 20

Get ready to feel all the feels, because both of August’s Eclipses (on the 7th and 21st) are going to hit you deeply. How you experience and process your feelings and then take care of your self around them is everything this month. There’s so much lunar activity that you’re likely to feel saturated, and that will make it hard to tell what you need from what you want, even though the difference is so very important. As you grow, you’ll inevitably have to outgrow some things, Taurus. Instead of seeking to make your life or relationships more secure, challenge yourself to make them more whole. Be the change you want to see in your life, Taurus, especially when it’s hard.




May 21-June 21

Your ruling planet goes Retrograde on the 12th, and this is likely to make you feel a little bit off kilter as communication goes off the rails. At the same time we’re in Eclipse season and that means that you and everyone else will feeling weird because as emotions feel urgent and intense. This is a great time to reflect on the trends in your personal life and not so much a good one for processing it with the ones you love. It’s important you make sure that your life is moving in the direction that you intend it to, so check in with your heart of hearts to make sure this happens. This isn’t the time for stability – make it a time for sincere growth, Gemini.




June 22-July 22

Your ruling planet is the Moon and she’s about to be so busy this month that you’re gonna feel like you're standing on a rocky boat and it’s hard to keep your balance. While you’re going to be extra emotional these days, that isn’t a bad thing if you’re willing to work with it. Don’t run from the complexity, Moonchild; the Eclipses want you to step into it. Strive to make peace with your feels – the good, the bad, and the messy, my love. By the middle of August you may have to deal with some serious relationship drama; try to concern yourself only what’s happening in the here and now, as tempting as it may be to try to tie everything to the past. The present moment needs you, lover.




July 23-Aug. 22

Honor your feels. The very emotionally poignant Solar Eclipse on the 21st will function like an extra powerful New Moon in your sign, and the Full Moon on the 7th in your relationship house is going to bring up big relationship issues. Look out for themes in your close relationships this month, as they are bound to reflect issues that have been long lurking beneath the surface. Who you choose to be is up to you – don’t excuse your own behavior by comparing it to anyone else’s, no matter how much you want to. Instead of trying to fix your dynamics with others, strive to better understand what’s motivating you to act in the ways you do. This is a time for deep and lasting healing, if you’re up for the task.




Aug. 23-Sept. 22

There’s no getting around your feels, Virgo. This month is going to trigger some old emotional baggage that you’ve been unsure of how to deal with. It’s important to stay attentive to your feelings without acting on them quite yet, though. Your ruling planet goes Retrograde on the 12th, and that reinforces the need for you to look within instead of seeking to create answers. This potent emo period will test your ability to know the difference between a current day trauma and a trigger to some back in the day hurt. Don’t weave narratives to match your feels, no matter how tempting it is to make stories out of your feelings; it’s OK to be uncomfortable as you grow, my love.





Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s time for some big-picture changes, Libra. If you’re not excited about where your life is headed or what you’re doing these days, the Eclipses on the 7th and 21st will bring about opportunities to change things up. By the 15th you’re going to have to account for something that is intimidating to deal with; don’t resist confrontation when it can help you to be more authentic, even if it feels like drama. You may have to take personal risks that are a bit scary this month; make sure that they’re not lateral shifts. This isn’t time for you to phone it in - your values need to be reflected in the life you’re building, or it’s time to change the plan, my love.




Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Consequences are catching up with you, and like it or not, you’ve got to answer to your past, Scorpio. This month’s Eclipses are going to make you feel your feels extra intensely, so it’s important that you’re gentle with yourself and others. Instead of seeking to attach blame or excuses to your problems, figure out what you need. Only then can you assess what you need in order to ease yourself through this period. There’s no limit to your potential, only to your willingness to take on the right kind of risks. Be brave this month, lover.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Watch what you say, Sagittarius! This month’s Eclipses will trigger intense feels and that can make you blurt things out without sufficient forethought. Your desires to get much closer to others or to pull all the way away are battling each other, and it’ll take real care to know what’s right for you. Try to stay connected to your truest feels instead of allowing yourself to get caught up in your immediate reactions. With all this lunar action and Mercury going Retrograde on the 12th, this is a great time to reflect and to reconsider things. You’re ready to move beyond dynamics that have long been holding you back, but it may take some temporary discomfort on your part. Be here for it.




Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You may be tempted to take on too much this month, but it’ll bite you in your sweet, sweet, behind if you do. August is all about the powerful tide of emotions that you and everyone else is riding with the two Eclipses on the 7th and the 21st. Feelings have a way of slowing things down because they don’t always follow your idea of how they should be, and that’s as it should be. While this will make your life more complicated than it’d otherwise be, it will also make it more real. Don’t allow yourself to become so overtaxed that you totally can’t cope. Prioritize your personal life and it’s needs, Capricorn, and build your empire on that happy foundation.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Between the Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 7th and the Solar Eclipse in your relationship house on the 21st, this month you can expect your relationships to feel intense AF. It’s your time to rise to the occasion by showing up for the complicated emotional stuff, especially when things get messy. Other people’s emotions don’t have to make sense to be true, so don’t try to analyze what simply needs to be felt, heard, or respected, Aquarius. Your relationships need your heartfelt presence in order for them to grow into what they’re meant to be. You’re totally ready for this.




Feb. 19-March 20

There are so many intense feels in the air this Eclipse season that it’s likely to spark a real sense of overload for you this month. Instead of distracting yourself, get real about what’s not working, versus where your anxieties are fixating. Don’t trust your most powerful emotions without investigation; the worst stuff is not necessarily the most true, even though it does tend to be the most compelling. There’s some pretty big changes coming for you, but if you’re disoriented and overwhelmed you won’t be able to handle them with grace. Get present, get calm, and then carry on, Pisces.





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