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From K.D., Seattle WA:

"Wow, wow, wow... wow. I have seen Jessica once a couple years ago and once a couple days ago and both times she has been right on and brought me great peace, clarity, and energy to make changes in my life. 
When I visited her for a session last week, she had suggested via email (I'm in Seattle and went on a quest to SF) that she does medium work as well as intuitive astrology; skeptical, I declined. When I arrived, I quickly filled her in on my visit (adopted at birth, I was seeing my biological half-sister for the first time, my biological aunt, and my mother's husband; my mother died several years ago). She was sensitive, compassionate, and very funny.
After we discussed living family members and her impression "hits" (all right on), she told me that my dead mother came in with me. I already had a strong sense of her presence but was kinda floored by this. Jessica just started "interpreting" what she was saying.
I was skeptical at first but Jessica just threw out some mad crazy facts that even I didn't know until the next day when I went to my mother's home. Plus, while I couldn't visually see my mother, the sense of exactly where her location in the room was so strong that I pointed to the area and Jessica concurred that this was the place she was.
Jessica's intuitive astrology was right on as well, although after the medium experience I was just totally wiped and at peace. 
She is an amazing, warm person and I highly, highly, highly recommend her. I used to periodically go to therapy but her sessions are valuable enough for me to skip all that. She is the real deal.

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Psychic Dream Astrology: January 19 - January 25, 2011 


March 21-April 19

Being receptive and open is a strength that can easily feel like a liability. This week, nurture your connection to your heart by validating its perceptions and feeding it on a steady diet of TLC.


April 20-May 20

If you are maxed out don’t add more to your plate or you’ll find yourself messing things up big time, Taurus. Don’t look for solutions when you’re overwhelmed or you’ll just create more troubles.. 



May 21-June 21

You have every piece of the puzzle all laid out in front of you, but the question is will you have the patience and the confidence to put it all together? Trust in what’s playing itself out in your life this week.



June 22-July 22

It’s on you to make things happen. This week make your key word be mobilize, which means you’ll have to put you’re old stand by, criticize, to rest. Create what you want through the power of your own velocity.



July 23-Aug 22

You may be presented with some meaningful choices this week, and it’s important that you are ready to Your independence is a crucial part of your happiness, Leo. If you’re not a friend to your own damn self, problems will be inevitable. This week, invest some QT with you to reignite a love affair with yourself.



Aug 23-Sept 22

Adding to confusion is easy to do, because once you start feeling off all the things you choose come from your crazy place. Take a firm step back and don’t add anything new ‘till you can deal with what’s in front of you.



Sept 23-Oct 22

What you feel is super important, Libra, but what do you do when what you need is different than what you want? This week, compromise in favor of your needs, as hard as that may be. Think in terms of long term gain, pal.



Oct 23-Nov 21

You are in an excellent place to change your fate, but it won’t happen without effort. Instead of lamenting on what isn’t working, focus all of your energies and attention on creating the path you most desire.



Nov 22-Dec 21

Avoidance is natural when you feel crappy, but this week it will only prolong the worst of your problems. Insecurity and wretched self doubt are like rust in the muscle car of your life; don’t let it eat at you, Sag.



Dec 22-Jan 19

Uncertainty is no friend to you, Capricorn, but it doesn’t have to be an enemy, either. Trust in your own ability to turn lemons into tasty lemonade if need be! Make friends with maybe this week.



Jan 20-Feb 18

Exert great effort towards the art of being present. You may have the impulse to predict your future or fix parts of your past, but don’t do it! Instead focus your energy on the here and now, no matter what it looks like.



Feb. 19-March 20

The past can be such a great teacher, and this week you should strive to heed its lessons. You are poised for great happiness- not just pleasure, which can be fleeting, but real joy. Be bold enough to make new mistakes.

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