🌔 Solar Eclipse in Leo


There are really only two choices in life:

fear and love.


🌍This Solar Eclipse is called the Great American Eclipse for a reason – we in the USA are experiencing this Eclipse extra powerfully, as it will be seen across the whole Union. On August 21st the Full Solar Eclipse will occur at 11:30am PST. A Solar Eclipse is an extra powerful New Moon, and this one is hitting the 29th degree of Leo. Your reality is likely to change up on you, and the energy is likely to have you jumpy, quick to react, and totally overwhelmed.

The truth is that there are really only two choices in life: fear and love. If you distill all of your thoughts and all of your actions down to their most essential form, they are the embodiment of one or the other. Fear is pervasive. It promises to make you safe and pretends to be wisdom, but it isn’t. Make no mistake that love comes from a place of strength. It’s always the right choice and will always produce the results that are best for you. The trouble is that this Solar Eclipse is bringing up your shadow, making it hard to know what within you to trust.

Tips For Dealing With Your Shadow Issues:

When you want to start a healing journey, you must first get on the path.

Focus first on the process of getting right with yourself; you don’t need to be perfect, but you do need to be trying. When you seek perfection, you are resonating with imperfections, and that dams the flow of your progress.

Once you're on the path and have released the need for perfection, your work is simple (not easy) – strive to be present. That's all! Stop processing and analyzing, and be here now for whatever’s happening. The most simple stuff can be the most difficult; embrace the journey, even when it’s tinged with grief, my love.  

Look inside yourself and use love – the most powerful force of creation! – to motivate change. Below are meditations to help guide you through this Eclipse. 

Take heart, my love!



March 21-April 19

There is vulnerability in presence. Move at a pace that allows you to feel your progress – the good, the bad, and the confounding. The only way to be truly open to the abundance of your future is by first freeing yourself from the past. It’s time to let go so you can move on, Aries.




April 20-May 20

Peace is not a singular destination, like a comfy chair. It’s an internal state, and one that can only be achieved by being willing to fight for it. Feeling chill is wonderful, but this Eclipse is a call to actively resist your blocks and to redefine your bruises, Taurus.




May 21-June 21

You can focus on what you don’t have; it’s a totally reasonable thing to do. But here’s a better idea: nurture the feelings of loss, doubt, or fear that live within you. You need love and care, not more explanations. Accept your situation as it is so you can heal it, Twin Star.




June 22-July 22

We’re all in this together, Moonchild. This is the time for you to align yourself with the interconnectedness of all life – especially if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, alone, or frightened. Seek a bigger perspective, not perfection, in this Solar Eclipse time.




July 23-Aug. 22

If you are too identified with your agenda, you’ll miss out on what’s happening in the here and now.  Surrender to this moment, and learn how to be present in new ways. This is your time to take a new course and create a greater flow in your life. Be here for it.




Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You can see things clearly, Virgo, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve changed anything. This is the time to make adjustments, even if you’re not totally comfortable with change. Stepping outside of your comfort zone in the name of love and truth will reward you well, my love.




Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Attaining inner peace requires consistent adjustments. When you get too attached to how things are, you stop co-creating how you truly want them to be, and your flow gets blocked. Make the shifts necessary to be right with yourself and the world around you, Libra.




Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The more you give, the more you have, Scorpio. Choose to align yourself with the abundance that’s inherent in your life so that you have more to share. You lose energy when you compare yourself to others or to where you want to be. Be here for your gifts and accomplishments, my love.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21

It’s time to turn to the material world and (re)invest in it. Reinforce your wellness so that you can tend to the rest of your life. You’re being called to preform a service of some kind, and in order to do it, you first need your self-care in place, Sagittarius.




Dec. 22-Jan. 19

If your actions are aligned with your integrity, you’re doing alright, Capricorn. It’s when you get rigid with yourself or others that you get stuck. This is the time to manifest what you want by getting your heart and your head pointed in the same direction, my love.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18

When you’re overwhelmed, it’s hard to see anything clearly, but that’s exactly when your need clarity the most. You’re on call to clear emotional blockages by confronting the places that you’re stagnant and stuck. Start by setting some limits; clear out distractions and focus on what matters most, Aquarius.




Feb. 19-March 20

Trusting your intuition is good, while putting it before all of the evidence in front of you kinda sucks. Learn the difference between what you think could or should be and what actually is. Start bringing about improvements from where you are in the here and now, not where you wish you were, Pisces.



🌔 Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

On August 7th we have a Lunar Eclipse (a Full Moon that feels hecka extra) in Aquarius that will be exact at 11:11am PST. A tsunami of feels has been building us up to this point and will continue to gain momentum as we approach the upcoming Solar Eclipse on 8/21. Here are some tips for making the most of this fertile time!

When you grow, change is inevitable. The best way to protect your flow is by staying with it. Don't compare yourself or the pace of your progress to anyone else. Be your own self. Love yourself, and when you can't do that, have compassion for that pain.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius will help you to better understand what you need to clear out of your head or get rid of. It'll bring up so many feels, but it's a time to let go – not to come up with an action plan, and that's OK! A Lunar Eclipse is the time to ride the wave of your feels and to be interested in what they reveal to you. Don't jump to conclusions over the next few days; be an investigator, not a persecutor.

You count📍.  Your feelings and needs count, and it's time to get intimate with them –even if it requires you to slow down and turn inwards. Remember that we're all in this Eclipse mishegas together! Strive to be your best self, a pro-creative agent for good in your life, as well as in the world around you. The August Eclipses are coming at a profound time in history, and when we see Aquarian themes, you know that we're dealing with humanitarian shifts. Show up for your cousin, your neighbor, the planet, and your fellow life forms (I'm looking at you kittens and sloths!) in ways that reflect your values and beliefs.




⑅You don't need to make it work. 
⑅You don't need to make people like you. 
⑅You don't need to orchestrate anything or anyone into the position you want them to be in. 
Just do you. 
⑅By acting in integrity with yourself, you get *exactly* what you need. Align with your heart's truth – even if that means being present with grief or fear. 



If you always got what you wanted, you’d be in serious trouble. Be here for what you've got, no matter what that is rn. 

No matter what it feels like, not having what you want in the here & now isn’t evidence that you'll never get it. In truth you don’t need things to move quickly – you need them to move in the right direction. Heartfelt growth takes time, and emotional transitions tend to be slow when they're not spontaneous. 
It’s easy to shut down and get weird when your feels get to a certain level of intensity, but it’s a missed opportunity. 
Let light into your darkest parts by feeling your feels this Eclipse Season, even if you need to sequester yourself to do it.

Your heart is a part worth protecting, my love. 🖤



Not all problems are created equally!

Make sure your problems are creative and promote your overall growth, instead of being destructive and keeping you stuck. 

Don't participate in dynamics in which you can't be true to yourself. You can control very little in this world, but your time and energy are precious and belong to you. 

Remember that you've made your choices – even if they're compromises – and own them. If you can't do that, it's on you to reclaim your damn time and realign.


This is not a test – this is real life. Show all the way up for your felt experience of it 🌊. 

Tap out so you can tune in when you need to, my love.